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  The Waldorf School of Cape Cod  Community Newsletter 
April 26, 2017
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Found: Ukulele Tuner
Left in the gym after the variety show. 
Please see Sue in the office if it is yours. 
Spring Cleaning? 
We will be holding a Savers clothing and household items drive
at the end of the school year. 
Bag up your old clothes (any condition) 
Box up your unused housewares, toys, books, tchotchkes, etc. 
Please hold your items at home until we ask you to bring them in. 
More information to follow in Watermarks!
Administrator's Corner

A Golden Age in the Here and Now

As pathetically illustrated in my weekly evening basketball game, getting older does not make you better. It might for a while make you a little wiser, but that's probably something old guys say in the early denial stages of life.  

Getting older does, however, afford one some perspective. I recently attended the passing of my of my dearest colleagues, Donald Bufano, from my years at the Washington Waldorf School. During the celebration (and it was that!) of his life, there were many references to the Golden Age of Waldorf education.  

I woke up this morning thinking about the current 8th grade class. Seeing them in all their wacky Alice in Wonderland costumes caused me to reflect that we may be seeing a certain Golden Age right in our midst. This class of 17 students is the largest class this school has ever graduated in its 33 year history. Of the 17 students, 10 started out in Class One on their 8-year journey together. This is a high number that any Waldorf school would be proud of. It is a testament to the group of students who supported each other through the years, to Mr. Curtin who nurtured both the students and the families through the years, and to the families who formed a strong early bond making the beautiful wooden Class One desks.   

This class has only 31 actual days of school left. In size and spirit, they represent a certain Golden Age for Waldorf education. Aside from catching their Alice in Wonderland play, it's worth a moment to consciously take note of this class and see what it reveals about the fulfillment of our Waldorf education mission.  

~Gary Cannon, Administrator
May Day Celebration
Saturday, May 6,
11 am - 1 pm  
Good morning Lords and Ladies
I wish you a happy day,
Please to smell my garland,
It is so bright and gay.
Oh! It is the first of May!
Traditionally, May Day celebrates the beginning of summer, sacred to Persephone in Greek legend, Flora in Roman and the Beltane Festival in the Celtic lands. The May pole, a slender branch or trunk, was carried by local lads to the village green and decked with flowers. Dressed in green, a village jester often carried a basket for pennies to be thrown in. Wearing white, with a garland of flowers, came the Queen and her maidens to sit on a throne bedecked with flowers to watch the festivities; the dancing around the May pole and the weaving of intricate ribbon designs. May branches, signifying the day, are from the Hawthorne family and bear multitudes of white flowers at the start of the summer. Here at the Waldorf School we have an equally festive day!

Come join us Saturday, May 6, from 11am to 1pm for our wondrous welcome to Spring, among an abundance of flowers, merry children, dancing and music. And who can resist a walk around a colorful May Pole with a ribbon in hand?

King Winter generally arrives to make one last bid to try to overstay his welcome, but Lady Spring, in all her graciousness, will not allow it. What a joyous sound the children make as King Winter is sent on his way by our very own Class 3/4!  We welcome everyone to come and join us. After the younger students have a dance around the pole, Class 3/4 will do their final weaving and community families and friends will be offered a chance to kick up their heels. So don your spring colors, hats, ribbon and wreaths and join us for a celebration of spring!

9-10 am: Volunteers set up tables outdoors and arrange May Crown making supplies. Please see Ms. Sandler or Sue in the office to volunteer.
10-10:50 am: May crowns may be made  
10:50 am: Procession begins from Early Childhood play yard to back of school and the festivities begin.
12 noon: Picnic lunch 

Contributions of flowers, ivy or budding branches are needed and most appreciated!!

The boxes and buckets for contributions will be in the front hall on Thursday and Friday. Wreath making tools are wanted, also: floral tape, wire, scissors.  We love every kind of flower, so be on the look out. It's a wonderful celebration ... hope you can make it.
  ~The Festivals Committee
Weds, April 26
6:30 pm
Board Meeting

Sat, May 6
May Day Festival & Picnic
11am - 1pm

Monday, May 15
First Day Shorts Allowed in Grades 1-8

Weds, May 17
6:30 pm
Board Meeting

Fri, May 26
Special Friends Day
8:30 am: Guests may arrive and visit classes.
10:45 am: EC Dismissal
11 am: Grades Assembly
12 pm: Dismissal

Imagine a World
By Connor McInerney
Imagine a world where everyone thought
About what they would say before they said it,
Imagine a world where people talked
Instead of responding with violence.

Imagine a place where everyone stopped
To say something nice to someone else,
Imagine a world where no one was left
Alone with no one there for them.

But this world we all want to see
Does not come for free,
We must all make a stand
To show what the world should be like.

Peace Poem
By Jamie Goldbach
Peace and War
Light and dark
Two contrasting elements of the universe -
When one succeeds, the other readies itself
To rise back up to power once more.

Greed and hate fuel all wars
A want,
For what we don't have
And a passion,
For the rightful success
That your side deserves.

All this Power
Crashing and Crushing, until one Succeeds
All we can do to sway the tide
Is make our mark
Do our part
Focus our might
From dark, to Light

If every soul focuses on light
Then maybe, just maybe
Light will hear us one day
Fight a little harder
We'll make the tide sway
Till only light shines
A peaceful shore
The dark, no more.
Thank You
Work Day - Thank You!

We would like to thank the O'Neil family for all of their hard work during last weekend's workday: Dina, Tim, and Timmy. Overseeing the effort was Brendan O'Hara, who kept them busy doing the work of ten people!

In addition, Mark O'Neil and Brendan O'Hara have spent quite a few weekends installing exterior lighting on buildings and grounds. We appreciate all of their dedication and hard work, and the entire community will benefit when we attend evening meetings or events at school.

We would also like to thank Johnson Electric, in Sagamore Beach, for their donation of two ground boxes necessary for completing the lighting job.
spotlight2Class Three/Four on "Class Three/Four"
In a combined class like Three/Four, working together in a diverse learning community is part of every student's daily occupation. As a teacher who is thoroughly convinced that my students are capable of absolutely anything, I find that setting impossible tasks before them in small mixed-grade groups gives them opportunities to prove that alchemy is real. For example, this morning they showed that group writing (perhaps the hardest, most leaden of all assignments) can, in fact, transform a blank piece of paper into a lovely and informative Watermarks article. The following is what they created for you.
~Kate Sandler, Class 3/4 Teacher

Fractions by Lucas, Aoife, Cy, and Harper
Our class studied fractions, particularly learning about the numerator and the denominator. We also learned about comparing fractions. Some kids in our class made a rap about fractions. Here's a little bit of it:

Comparing fractions is a lot of action,
so listen now and we'll tell you how:
Whether a fraction is bigger or smaller
Depends on the ratio of shorter to taller.
The one that's above is the numerator
Says how many bits and pieces are there
The denominator is always beneath
Saying the size of each and every piece.
Here's how it's done:
The fraction is closer than halfway to one
If the numerator digit is more
Than half the number on the floor.

Class Three/Four Circle Games by Mathilde, Olivia, Arden, and Madison
After we do our verses and exercises every morning, we say poems and play music and sing. Then we get to go to the back of the classroom and learn new games. This year, we have played hundreds of games and we have a few favorites that people ask to play again and again. We wanted to share one example.

"Do You Love Your Neighbor," is a game we just learned this Spring. When you play, you make a circle of chairs and one person is in the middle. There are not enough chairs for everyone, so someone is always standing. They ask a classmate, "Do you love your neighbor?" This makes us laugh and it is awkward. You can say, "Yes, I love my neighbor." Then the people on either side of you have to switch chairs and the middle person tries to steal a chair. You can also say, "No!" (Don't worry, it is just a game.) If you say no, you add another part like, "but I do love everyone who is wearing stripes." Then all the people wearing stripes have to switch chairs and you try to steal and the last person without a chair is in the middle.

Norse Mythology by Charlie, Scarlet, Lucy, and Standish
In Class Three/Four, we learned about Norse Mythology through stories about the gods who live in Asgard and how they work together. It was funny when the god Loki played tricks and when he got away with things, but it was also very interesting because his tricks are not kind. We loved that the block on Norse Mythology was fun because we could use our imagination. We made many beautiful drawings and wrote the stories in our own words.

Right now, we are working on a play that comes from the Norse Mythology stories. The characters from the stories like Thor, Loki, the Norns, giants, and more, will be played by us and we are very excited. Everyone has ideas for how the play should be presented with creative sound effects and costumes. We hope you will come see it in June!
Summer Fun 3 WSCC Summer Program - Enrolling Now
Our Summer Program offers some of returning favorites, plus new classes this year. Need childcare all day? We are now offering an aftercare program for all ages. Register for aftercare along with your program choices.

Click Brochure Poster for a pdf overview of the program which can be printed and displayed at your favorite local places.

Click Brochure Registration for the detailed pdf and paper registration form. These forms are also available in the school lobby.

Online Registration  is now available. Click the Register Now button and scroll past registration information to see program details, including prices, before registering.  Call 508-420-1005 with any questions.
Outreach & Enrollment News

Volunteers Needed!!

Woods Hole May Day Festival 
Sat, May 27th 
The outreach committee is considering hosting a table at the Woods Hole May Day Festival. Some booth ideas include crown making, wand making, or other craft activity and also selling some hand-made items from our store or from our parents. If you are interested in helping out with this event please contact me. Thank you!

Welcome New Students
The Sunflowers and Morning Glories are each adding a student to their class. The Sunflower class welcomed Wyatt this week. If you see his parents, Anne and Donald, please give them a warm welcome as well. Next week, Ethan will join the Morning Glory class. Please welcome him and his grandmother Edie when you see them.

~ Roxanne King, Director of Admissions & Outreach

Image result for parent baby images
Spring Session 
Parent & Child Classes
'Sprout' Infant classes - start Thurs, April 27
Thursdays, 1-2:30 pm
Last chance to register for the "Sprout" Infant classes on Thursday afternoons, from 1-2:30 pm. Moms, dads or caregivers, come enjoy this time to observe and enjoy your babies in the company of other new parents. The parent educator provides support and information and facilitates discussion on a variety of parenting topics. Practical tips and activities are shared including singing lullabies, reciting soothing rhymes and verses and doing simple infant massage. The class promotes connection with your baby and other parents in a soothing and relaxed environment. Whether this is your first baby or not, you will enjoy the time you share with your babies and other adults.

Call 508-420-1005 to register. Classes begin April 27th and run 6 weeks until June 1st. Cost is $60 for the session.   Spring Parent Child Registration Form

Our Seedling and Blossom programs for children who are crawling to 3.5 years are full for this Spring session. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please call.

Early Childhood Enrollment
Fall enrollment for Nursery and Kindergarten is almost completely full. There are only a handful of spaces left. If you know of anyone who has been thinking of enrolling in these classes please let them know they should contact me right away.
Thursday Morning Tea & Handwork
8:20 in the Enrollment/Outreach office
During the Enrollment Outreach Committee  Thursday morning tea, we will be working on handwork projects to sell in Kindercraft - all are welcome to join!
Upcoming Outreach Events

THIS Saturday, April 29t h - Mini-Makers Fair at Mashpee High School
We will have a booth at this event with hands on activities. If you have an idea or want to help at the booth please let me know. 
A few 
Volunteers are still needed to help with the jump rope maker in the afternoon - if you can give an hour or two after lunch, please see Roxanne!

May 12-13th - Ragnar Relay Overnight
Looking for volunteers to help serve food to the relay runners at our stop on the race. Please see the sign up board in the school lobby, or call or email school.

August 20th - Falmouth Road Race
Our fundraising campaign for the Falmouth Road Race is online and we are off to a great start with ten official team members, take a look at our progress!  
We could still use a few more runners so please let me know if you'd like to join the team.

Follow WSCC on Social Media
Our school now has a presence all over social media so we need your help to spread the word. Click on our profiles and follow each one, writing a review on Yelp or Facebook would also be a helpful way you can support our school.

~Roxanne King, Outreach Coordinator
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Summer Rental Needed
Winter renter seeking housing for July and August. I can house, cat, or dog sit for short or extended periods of time, or can pay for a room in house or apartment. The only time I expect to be away is July 28th to August 6th.  Please contact Gary Cannon at 262-385-6332.  Thanks.  
French Family Looking for Waldorf Au Pair
Hi, we are a French family with two little girls, 6 and 7 and we are looking for an Au Pair from September 2017 (for at least 6 months). We live close to Angers, a beautiful city surrounded by the Loire castles, 1 hr 30 min 
from Paris by train and an hour from the beach.

If you want to be part of our family, learn French, have fun with our girls, travel around France and even further with us, you are more than welcome!

Our girls spent 5 years in a Waldorf school in Paris and we just decided to move to the countryside to be closer to nature. There is no Waldorf school here but we are willing to keep the Waldorf education inside our house, that's why we are looking for an Au Pair who knows the Waldorf education.

To present ourselves:

I'm an Interior Designer and Bertrand, my husband is an art dealer. We love nature, ecology, taking care of animals, art and travelling. We love life and meeting new people. We are very open minded and have already welcome three Au Pairs with whom we've stayed very close.

We live in a beautiful old house 10km from Angers - very green and lovely city.

We both work at home. Our girls are in a little school 5mn walking distance from the house. They come back for lunch everyday and we want to spend a lot of time with them. We eat organic food and are mostly vegetarian. Our girls have a studio in the house where they can freely paint, sew, danse or sing. They practice danse, horse riding and swimming and spend a lot of time outside. We go often to the beach (one a month) and stay there for the week end.

We will consider you as part of our family. We are looking for someone balanced, happy, easy going, open minded and close to nature, sport and art to help us with our sweet girls.

Hope to heard from you.

Marine Garnier
Latin and Ancient Greek Tutor. Available to work with students on an individual or small group basis at a mutually convenient location. The study of classical languages facilitates a more thorough understanding of modern ones such as English, and plays a significant role in producing more sensitive readers and writers. By studying Latin and Greek, students also considerably improve analytical and problem-solving skills, in addition to cultivating their vocabulary and memory. For more information regarding lessons, please contact Julia Messersmith by phone 774-722-0947 or e-mail  (    
Pear Stalk Farm EGGS FOR SALE, at WSCC on Fridays. Farm fresh eggs from chickens and ducks pasture raised on certified organic/non GMO grain.  Chicken eggs $6/dz; Duck eggs $7/dz. Call or email Tim to place your order 508-333-3332 or

Certified Wilson Language tutor with knowledge of Waldorf values and learning philosophies available for individual and small group lessons.  Located in Mashpee, I can meet with children at WSCC or another convenient location.  The Wilson philosophy delivers an evidence-based reading and writing curriculum through a structured, multi-sensory practice.  I will work collaboratively with Class Teachers to assess students' progress and specific needs.  Many Waldorf students have experienced success combining these approaches, especially children with Specific Learning Disabilities such as dyslexia.  Please contact Sharon Baird, or 774-236-9021 for more information.   

Waldorf Teacher Education at Antioch University
As Waldorf Education nears its 100th birthday, transformative teacher education is needed more than ever to ensure the vitality of our schools into the future. Our seven programs currently serve over 120 students. We have a core faculty of five full-time, experienced Waldorf educators, 13 adjuncts and many cooperating teachers actively teaching in schools who play a vital role during our 15 week internships.

1.  Year Round for continuous study in Keene NH over 13 months
2.  Summer Sequence regular with three July sessions and distant learning in between summers
3.  Advanced Track for experienced professionals in healing education, administration and other anthroposophical fields with two July sessions and distant learning in between summers
4.  Building Bridges in partnership with Center for Anthroposophy offered on site at a Waldorf school.  Next year to take place in Denver.
Our year round program began in 1982 and is ideally suited for those beginning a career in Waldorf education or seeking state certification for teaching in a charter or public school.  Students begin in a 3 week July intensive, do 15 weeks of courses in fall and 15 weeks in winter/spring and culminate in a second 3 week July intensive. Those who wish to attain a Masters of Education in addition to their Waldorf Certificate do a second fall.
*  Waldorf Certificate (28 credits):
* Masters of Education (M.Ed.) (32 credits): (includes Waldorf Certification above)
            Second Fall : Master's Project online from a distant teaching position
*  Masters of Education (M.Ed.) with NH State Certification (44 credits)
            Second fall: A second internship (Two required: Public and Waldorf)        

This year's fifteen Year Round students came from all over the country and one from China. Most of them have been 'globe trekkers' (Africa, South America, Japan, etc.) and all come with interesting experience (Peace Corps, Park Ranger, Montessori teaching, cab driver, etc.) Already two students have been hired for class teaching positions in Hawaii and Maine. In the past three years graduates have found positions at 22 Waldorf and charter schools across the country.

Arthur Auer, MEd
Director, Waldorf Teacher Education
Antioch University 

Keene, New Hampshire

Learn more about becoming a Waldorf educator at Antioch New England HERE

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Waldorf School of Cape Cod


Mission Statement

 The Waldorf School of Cape Cod is dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth  of each child so they may continue life's journey as free, capable and independent individuals. We are committed to the ideals, educational philosophy, concept of human development, and spiritual impulses set forth by Rudolf Steiner.


Philosophy Statement

 The Waldorf School of Cape Cod cultivates in the children a feeling of wonder, reverence for life, and respect for self and others through our curriculum, festivals, and sense of community. The teachers, staff, parents  and friends work together to support the children as they move forward in their intellectual, emotional, and social development. 


Watermarks is published on Wednesdays throughout the school year and distributed to all currently enrolled families, faculty, staff, and board members. The deadline for submissions is Monday at 3:00pm. Email articles to Sue Salvesen at All submissions should include your name, phone number, and email address. Submissions are subject to editing, and items that are not time-sensitive are printed as time and space permits. Annual subscriptions for those families not currently enrolled in the school are available for $25 to help offset the direct costs for paper, printing, and postage. Email subscriptions to Watermarks are free.