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Dave Spaulding
Celebrating the People that Make US Great    
The Fourth of July holiday unofficially marks the midpoint of the summer-does summer really go that fast? And it's a time to celebrate many things: the courage of the U.S. founders, our shared American values and the good life that we lead.
Here at Smart Vision Lights, I also like to think about the talent and dedication of the people who help make this company an innovative leader in machine vision. As with every good business, our employees are SVL's greatest asset. Their hard work makes our success possible. And all of us can take pride that our machine vision products and services help to make the world a better place, contributing in small ways to the pursuit of happiness that is at the core of Fourth of July celebrations.
On behalf of SVL, I want to wish all of you a glorious Fourth, filled with family, friends and the best of times.
Dave Spaulding, President 
Smart Vision Lights 
EMVA Conference Illuminates Future of Vision
Tony Carpenter, Smart Vision Lights' Director of Sales in Europe and Asia, attended the 16th EMVA Business Conference earlier this month in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Presentations and panel discussions offered thoughts about the future direction of the machine vision future. Read more. 
SVL Support Helps Students Become Robotics World Champions
The Muskegon Area Robotics Students (M.A.R.S.) Rovers recently won the Industrial Design Award at the 2018 FIRSTĀ® Championship, a world robotics competition. Smart Vision Lights has supported the M.A.R.S. Rovers by providing materials, equipment, and funding over the past few years.  Read more.
New IP65 Ring Projects 500 mm
The RMX75, the newest mini ring light product from Smart Vision Lights is designed for radial and bright field applications with a working distance of 100-500 mm. Like the RM75, the RMX75 features 72 high-output LEDs, overcurrent protection, and a built-in Multi-DriveTM
controller, which allows the light to operate continuously or in OverDrive TM strobe mode. Read more.
Shining a Light on Solar Panel Inspections        
Vision Systems Design magazine recently explored how multiple light configurations are being used during solar panel inspection. Matt Pinter, Smart Vision Lights' Director of Engineering, along with Paul Sommers, ATS Automation Tooling Systems Senior Imaging Engineer, explain how various lights integrate with software in a multi-step process to ensure that solar panel cells and the panel surface are correct before the inspection procedure is completed. Read more.
See How SWIR Enhances Contrast    
Shortwave infrared (SWIR) is an option when visible lighting is not practical for your application. SWIR wavelengths range from 1050 nm to 250 nm. Smart Vision Lights offers SWIR wavelengths in a number of products, including the prox lights and brick lights series. Learn more.
Events Calendar
August 1-4, 2018: Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition, Taipei City, Taiwan. Email Tony at if you would like to meet at this event.  
August 20-21, 2018: Advanced Manufacturing Expo, Novi, Michigan. Email Paul at if you would like to meet at this event.  
August 22--24, 2018: Advanced Manufacturing Expo, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Email Paul at if you would like to meet at this event. 
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