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Below Grade Water Table and Methane Gas
Waterproofing Experts can provide design services for Owners, Architects, and Contractors for below grade structures. Our expertise include methane gas and high level water tables that can safeguard the entire foundation. In many cities, developers are contending with limited lot sizes by creating extended basements or other below grade spaces built deep in the ground. It’s common to see multi-level parking garages or mixed use spaces several basements deep. In these situations, it’s prudent to apply high performing waterproofing systems to combat the great external pressures on the foundation and aggressive soil conditions that can easily lead to water infiltration and corrosion.

Watch our Video from our Recently Completed Project's Below
Here are some of our most recent completed projects that were located in a High Level Water Table:
Malcom, Westwood

This 23,000 square foot project contains a 4 story condominium with 14 units. The water table was an extreme challenge for the project as the historic height was only 12 feet underground. Additionally, the project had back lagging conditions and raker shoring system supporting the subterranean structure.
Heat Welded Seams and Termination Bars
Heat welding seams and termination bars alongside shoring piles can help provide a dependable waterproofing solution. This process produces results six times stronger than most adhesives. With heat welding, system seams will be even stronger than the durable waterproofing membrane around them.
Raker Penetration Welding
I-Beam Termination Bar
Edinburgh, West Hollywood
Blind-Side Dual Waterproofing System
Waterproofing Experts used a dual layer system for the a residential project in West Hollywood. We applied one layer of a heavy-duty high strength Bentonite Composite Sheet Waterproofing Membrane and another layer of Puncture Resistant Sheet Waterproofing Membrane.
Dewatering System
The contractor consulted with Waterproofing Experts on the De-Watering System. We found him a cost effective and ground water control system that let the project remain dry until the concrete was poured.
Here is our most recent completed project that fell under a Methane Zone and Water Table:

Locust Avenue, Long Beach
Located in the Heart of Long Beach, Locust is 7 Story Apartment Building that will contain 97 Residential Units. The project was extremely challenging as it fell in the Methane Zone along with a high water table due to proximity of the ocean. The subterranean parking garage totaled 24,000 SQFT .

Protection Coat for Waterproofing Slab
Due to the high level of Methane and Water, the Structual Engineer designed a 36" Mat Slab with heavy reinforcing steel. In order to protect the bottom layer of our waterproofing membrane, Waterproofing Experts poured over 200 yards of a protection coat and leveled the surface.
If you missed our video in the beginning of our newsletter - please check out our video down below for more details about our below grade waterproofing: