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How Watershed Can Improve Your Crystal Harvesting
Crystals being harvested from a 96-well plate using the Watershed™ Flex Directed Nozzle
Comparison of two drops after 10 minutes of being opened to air
Simply Prevent Drops from Drying Out
  • Harvest carefully without skins forming
  • Avoid losing crystals to precipitation & degradation
  • Reduce dehydration and crystal non-isomorphism
  • Controllably dehydrate crystals to improve diffraction

If you have ever tried harvesting protein crystals, you know how challenging it can be to mount crystals before the drop starts to dry out. Exposed drops quickly develop skins, precipitate out, or have the crystals deteriorate right before your eyes. You can now easily avoid these undesired outcomes, that can frustrate researchers and reduce the quality of diffraction data. Don't let hard work setting up all of those plates to get crystals go to waste.

Take control of every aspect of crystal harvesting. Avoid dehydration, increase drop working time, prevent degradation, and harvest more crystals from each drop by using the Watershed™ System. The system utilizes a controlled stream of humidified air that helps protect samples from unwanted evaporation and allows users full control of their harvesting parameters.
Learn About Polyvalans Crystallophore Agents - Video Recap
Did you miss our meeting concerning the uses of Polyvalan's Crystallophore Pre-Screening and Experimental Phasing Agents? Then watch the recorded version of the meeting.

After watching the video you will know:

  • What these pre-screening and experimental phasing agents are
  • Why they can be valuable to your workflow
  • How they have helped other researchers
5th Annual Southern California Cryo-EM Symposium - Virtual
The 5th Annual Southern California Cryo-EM Symposium is on October 30th. This years format is virtual and there is no cost to attend.

Topics include cryo-EM technological advancements, tomography, and cellular studies and single-particle applications. There will also be a virtual product booth where you can stop by and see our latest developments in cryo-EM. We are co-sponsoring this event.
BHT2020 - Buffalo-Hamilton-Toronto Crystallography - Cryo-EM Symposium - Virtual
The BHT2020 Symposium will be held on November 6th. This years format is virtual and there is no cost to attend.

The theme of the symposium is cryo-EM related. We are co-sponsoring this event.
2nd Annual CRBS Symposium - Virtual
The 2nd Annual CRBS Symposium will be held November 8th and 9th. This years format is virtual and there is no cost to attend.

The primary theme of the symposium is cryo-EM related. There will also be a virtual product booth where you can stop by and see our latest developments in cryo-EM. We are co-sponsoring this event.
3rd LACA School on Small Molecule Crystallography - Virtual
The 3rd LACA School on Small Molecule Crystallography Virtual Edition will held Nov 23rd to 27th & Dec 7th to 11th. This years format is virtual and there is no cost to attend.

It offers several days of training, workshops as well as speakers. Registration and sponsorship is now open. We are co-sponsoring this event.
Industry Job Openings
Given the importance of structural biology and related fields, there are numerous job openings available. Listed below are some of the latest ones we are aware of:

  • Tsan Sam Xiao Lab in the Department of Pathology, Case Western Reserve University has a postdoctoral fellow position funded by NIH is immediately available at the . Areas of NIH-funded research are: 1). Autophagy and gasdermin signaling networks in mediating cytokine release; 2). Molecular mechanism of pyroptosis mediated by the gasdermin family of pore-forming proteins; 3). Regulation of inflammatory caspases using chemical biology approaches - Learn More
  • The Case Western Reserve University Center for Synchrotron Biosciences (CSB) seeks an enthusiastic postdoc with experience in mass spectrometry and interest in synchrotron structural biology to join the CSB's XFP Partner Beamline team based at NSLS-II, to pursue research projects applying X-ray footprinting to biomedical problems, contribute to user support, and develop experimental apparatus for novel footprinting experiments - Learn More
  • The Chazin laboratory at Vanderbilt University has 2 Postdoctoral/Research Associate positions available for motivated biologists, biochemists, or structural biologists. Positions involve state of the art integrative structural biology (NMR, crystallography, SAXS, cryo EM, and modeling) in two key areas of biomedical research. Opportunities are also available to pursue fragment-based discovery of small molecule inhibitors of critical protein-protein interactions. From more information contact walter.chazin@vanderbilt.edu
  • The Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) Facility at Human Technopole (HT) seeks to recruit two Electron Microscopy (EM) Specialists to support facility operations, which include electron tomography (ET), correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and single-particle EM workflows - Learn More
  • The Kaelber lab at Rutgers is recruiting a scientist to work on the boundaries of structural biology and virology, using cryo-electron microscopy and in situ electron tomography to answer fundamental questions in virus disassembly and infection of mammalian cells, and to contribute toward structure-based rational design of viral nanotechnologies such as gene therapy vectors - Learn More
Industry Resources and News
Here is a small selection of hand picked industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • FERMI (Elettra) call for proposals deadline is November 30th - Learn More
  • SSRL (SLAC) call for macromolecular crystallography proposals deadline is December 1st - Learn More
  • Berlin Science Week - From proteins to medicine (HZB) - Learn More
  • PHELIX beamline is now open and ready to research - Learn More
  • Synchrotrons face a data deluge - Learn More
  • ALS Summer 2020 Shutdown Recap - Learn More
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory will host a virtual workshop for industry researchers to showcase the capabilities and expertise available at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facilities located at Brookhaven Lab - Learn More
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