Waterside South Summer Newsletter 2018
Summertime Skin Care Tips
Article by: Lisa Zimlin, PA-C
Owner, Beach Drive Aesthetics
Summertime is here again and even though year round skincare is essential it’s even more important during summer months to make sure to take care of your skin - it is your largest organ after all. Here’s a few ways to help skin remain healthy.

Moisturize, moisture, moisture!
Did I say moisture? With the increase in heat and humidity, some may think they can skip using moisturizer, but it’s important to continue using a moisturizer daily. Ditch the heavy foundations and makeups and use light tinted moisturizers with SPF. With increased perspiration your skin needs to breathe! If your skin is getting oilier with the warmer temps, consider switching to a lighter formula than you normally use in winter, like an oil-free lotion. Those with oily or acne-prone skin, look for products containing zinc oxide, which won’t clog pores.

To Exfoliate or Not to Exfoliate?
Exfoliation is key for removing surface dry or dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion, but it can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you spend a lot of time outside, you should still exfoliate since dead skin mixed with sweat and sebum is a recipe for clogged pores—just stick to once or twice a week and use a gentle scrub with smooth particles. Also, make sure to discontinue using an acid exfoliator a few days before going to the beach, park or pool to prevent increased irritation. As always, be sure you're using SPF and increase to 50 after each exfoliation!

Drink Up! Hydration is key.
Hydration, as well as a healthy diet is critical to our skin, overall health and well-being. This is especially important to remember during the summer months when we need to increase our fluid intake to counteract warmer temperatures and higher humidity. Drink six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water each day. Bring a reusable water bottle to work and refill it throughout the day. Make sure to pack plenty of water in your coolers along with your other favorite beverage. Avoid drinks containing caffeine, which act as a diuretic and cause you to lose more fluids. Switch out your high salt and dehydrating processed food snacks like chips and crackers. Increase your diet with high water content foods and vegetables like watermelon, strawberries or cantaloupe. Not a huge fan of drinking plain water? Consider flavoring it with slices of fruit like sliced cucumber, lemon, limes, or oranges.

Protection with Sunscreen.
Be sure to always apply SPF before you head outside, even if you are wearing your favorite big brim hat. The AAD recommends using a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 or higher, which blocks 97% of the sun's UVB rays. If you go in the water, exercise, or just work up a sweat then look for water resistant sunscreens that won’t wash off. Reapply every 2-3 hours, especially if you have oily skin or touch your face frequently. Be sure to apply to the back of your neck and top of your ears if you have short hair or wear your hair up and also on your neck, chest and back of your hands – areas that people often skip. Don’t forget your lips with an SPF lip balm.

Use Vitamin C Serum.
Add an antioxidant on a daily basis to fortify your skin against ultraviolet damage. Vitamin C has the most research behind it. Ideal for women of all ages and skin types, the skin care benefits of vitamin C serum are numerous beginning with the most popular – it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C has also been shown to stimulate collagen production, inhibit melanin formation, reduce redness, even out discoloration of skin tone, and helps brighten otherwise dull skin. It is safe even in the summer because it doesn’t have retinol or cause skin sensitivity.

Avoid the Burn.
Burns can harm your cells' DNA, which increases your risk of skin cancers later in life, including melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. While you’re probably okay if you get the odd sunburn, there is a scientific link between unprotected sun exposure, sunburns, and skin cancer. A large cohort study of nearly 109,000 women published in the journal  Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention  in 2014 found that having five or more blistering sunburns before the age of 20 was linked with a 60% higher risk of melanoma. The opposite is also true: A large population-based cohort study published in the  Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2016, found that people who used sunscreen that was SPF 15 or higher had a “significantly decreased” melanoma risk compared to those who used a lesser. Also, always check your medications for sun sensitivities that can increase your chances of a burn.

Repair the Damage.
It's all about getting the inflammation down as soon as possible to calm the redness and curb damage in the skin. If you do get a burn, soak a facecloth in a bowl of skim milk and ice and apply it to the area for five to ten minutes or until it feels warm, then repeat. Taking aspirin or ibuprofen can also help, if your health allows you to take it. Applying pure Aloe Vera gel and Hydrocortisone cream within six hours of the burn can help, but anesthetics like Benzocaine won’t.

Don't Forget Fido!
Summer sun will heat the pavement everywhere (especially blacktop!) to the point that it could significantly burn the skin on Fido's feet and increase dehydration significantly. To see if it’s too hot for them - try it yourself. Take off your flip flop and stand on the pavement barefoot. If you can’t take it, neither can they! Make sure to stay on the grassy areas as much as possible this summer to protect pup’s paws. Also, dogs can get melanoma just as we can so always provide shade, plenty of water, and never leave them alone in the car.

Feel Good.
Lastly, take precautions but don’t be afraid of the sun as it is a mood enhancer. Sunlight helps us produce more serotonin – a mood boosting hormone. That’s exactly why days of no sun during winters can make you feel blue and why you can’t wait to get back home to Waterside! Just make sure you balance the outdoor travel with a good skin care regimen and protect yourself from the harmful impact of sun rays.

Have a happy summer!
Summer is Drywood Termite Season
Article By: Jim Beucher
Owner, Beucher and Son Termite and Pest Control, Inc.

Well, it's not the time of year to be jolly for some people as this is the start of Drywood Termite season. Some of you have already had or presently have Drywood Termite issues.

Here are a few pointers to help with the treatment process:

If you experience Drywood Termites, you should fill out a Termite Work Order at watersidepc.com. There are two types of work orders on the website, one for pest control and the other for termites. The work orders are NOT the same and are customized either for PEST or TERMITES. To prevent delays, make sure to properly fill out the correct work order. This can be a traumatic moment, but without the submission of the proper work order treatment can be delayed and/or cancelled. Please make sure you do the following:

First and foremost, make sure to fill out the proper work order either PEST or TERMITE. The work orders were created specifically for the particular type of treatment needed. Please take your time and fill out the work order completely.

Apply your address correctly with the Building Number, Street Number and Unit (example: 12-1234-A). During the slow months it may be possible to figure out improperly applied addresses, but this time of year, the fast pace to accommodate both pest and termite issues will most likely result in delayed and/or cancelled service.

The last part of the termite work order asks if the tenant will either be present for the treatment; or, if the tenant will not be present. If "will not be present" is marked, the work order requests you check a box that provides Beucher & Son permission to enter the unit and perform the treatment necessary. Beucher & Son will not enter any unit without the tenant present or permission acknowledgment marked. If nothing is checked, the work cannot be performed.
Making your treatment more successful:

Leave the termite evidence where it lays, most have done great with this! The evidence helps locate the area that needs to be treated. The exit “kicker” hole that the termites emerge from and push out their pellets is very small, but can usually be found where the pellets are deposited. If you absolutely cannot wait for the treatment, place blue painter's tape at the location of the exit "kicker" hole so the treatment area can be easily located and treated.

Be accurate and descriptive in your description of where the termite evidence is located. Example, “closet door” is a good start but how many closet doors are in the unit?

Did you know….

The presence of termite swarmer wings only indicates that you have a Drywood Termite issue. Termite swarmer wings located in the window sill or around a lamp or television does NOT necessarily mean that you have termites in all those places… when termites swarm in the evenings, they are attracted to the light. Example, termites coming from the rear bedroom may fly through the whole unit, just to get to the television due to its illumination.

So, in saying that, if you report ONLY visible Drywood Termite swarmer wings (no pellets), it is possible that exit "kicker" hole will not be located. Imagine looking for a small hole the size of a pencil lead or smaller within the entire unit. They have been found in many cases, but without the Drywood Termite pellets, it can be very difficult.

Before you start your work order, take a deep breath and relax, incomplete work orders may only delay the process. Once you are finished, re-read the work order and check for any errors before submitting.

The key to all of this, is to not panic. Yes, they are annoying and maybe even embarrassing to some, but we promise your building will not collapse and slide into Tampa Bay.
Summertime/Community Courtesy/Health/Safety/Well-Being
With summer upon us, remember to be aware of the the following courtesy/health/safety issues:

4th of July
Fireworks are not allowed in the community. Sparklers may be used so long as they are properly and safely handled and disposed of. The Association does not allow anything that violates any state, federal or local laws, statutes, codes or oridances. The City of Saint Petersburg and Pinellas County do not allow fireworks without a proper permit. Additionally, the Association considers fireworks dangerous, hazardous, a liability and can cause damage to units, building, persons, vessels and vehicles.

Fireworks includes any combustible or explosive composition or substance or combination of substances, any article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation. The term includes blank cartridges and toy cannons in which explosives are used, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, dago bombs, and any fireworks containing any explosives or flammable compound or any tablets or other device containing any explosive substance.

Additionally, pursuant to the Declaration of Condominium at Section 18, Unit Owners shall not commit or permit any nuisance , immoral or illegal acts in or about the Condominium Property.  Section 7 of the Rules and Regulations prohibits loud and disturbing noises whether emanating from units, common elements, limited common elements, vehicles or boats, and Section 12, no nuisances.

While you can buy fireworks, it may be illegal to do so. Stores who sell these fireworks are exploiting a loophole that allows them to sell the fireworks for legal, approved uses. When you buy them for your fireworks show, you may be breaking the law.

Cigarette/Cigar Disposal
Although during the summer we have plenty of quick showers passing over, the intense sun can dry out plants and grass very quickly. Please make sure to properly dispose of cigarettes and cigars. They should not be disposed of in planters (around the property or on the patio/balcony), the grass, the parking lot or any other location on or around the property other than a proper container or ashtray meant for such items. Improper disposal is not only a fire hazard, but can also be harmful to pets. Please be courteous and properly disposed of your cigarettes and cigars.

Watercraft Safety
Please use your watercraft safely inside and outside of the community. With summer upon us, watercraft usage will be at a maximum. Remember that a watercraft is not to be docked at the Yacht Club Pier at anytime, unless it is an emergency situation. If you see a watercraft parked at the Yacht Club Pier please contact the front gate. Unknown vessels could jeopardize the community's safety and security.   

Pool Usage
Pool usage will be high during the summer even though the neighborhood census is lower. Please be courteous to other residents and guests. All residents and guests are required to follow the same Rules and Regulations whether you agree with them or not, and whether you have seen others not following the Rules/Regulations. The Pool Rules and Regulations are in place to ensure courtesies to others and the maximum safety to residents and guests, and some must be in place to accommodate local, state and federal rules, laws, statutes, codes and ordinances because we are a community pool and NOT the pool in your backyard.

Here are some general reminders:
  • No private pool parties
  • No profanity
  • No drinks (of any kind) or food in the hot tub
  • No food in the pool (drinks are allowed in appropriate containers)
  • No glass in the fenced pool area (this is an important issue, any glass that breaks inside the fenced pool area will require the Association to close the pool immediately, and the cost of the clean up of even just one broken glass item could exceed $25,000 and the closure could exceed 2 weeks - this type of clean up is required of the Association due to the pools being community pools).
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • No smoking in the pool or hot tub
  • No running on the pool deck
  • No jumping or diving into the pool (this is not only a courtesy to others using the pool, but for the safety of everyone)
  • The divider rope must remain in place at all times (this is a health department requirement and could cause the pool to be shut down if not in place)
  • No music at the pool (you must wear earbuds if you want to listen to your music)

Remember to be courteous around your neighbors with TV/Music volume levels and observe community Quiet Hours 10 p.m. – 8 a.m.

Vehicle Safety
Nice summer weather lends itself to high pedestrian traffic. Please obey the 15 MPH speed limit posted on the property, this is for everyone's safety. Pedestrians should likewise be mindful of traffic when around the property.

The Association has noted several vehicles daily going the wrong way at the round-about in front of the Yacht Club. Please note that you must keep right at the round-about. This is extremely dangerous, not only to other vehicles, but pedestrians, Association employees on golf carts and anyone not expecting a wrong way driver. Additionally, please make sure to follow the directional signs around the property and parking areas. Those signs are in place to prevent a dangerous situation with traffic flow. Please don't get defensive if the courtesy staff should point out a traffic violation they have witnessed, it is their job and it is for everyone's safety. Threatening a staff member or threatening destruction of property is only going to escalate a situation.

Outdoor Cooking
Please remember that NO propane of charcoal grills are allowed on balconies, not even to be stored on an upstairs balcony pursuant to Fire Code. The Association is required to enforce this rule/regulation pursuant to Fire Code, or risk fines.

It should also be noted that patio grills should be kept 10' from the structure. Additionally, the grills behind the Yacht Club, provided as a courtesy, should only be used on the lower level open area. Those grills are NOT to be moved to the upper level covered patio at any time.  

Dock Boxes
Dock boxes are for storage only. Please do not dry towels on dock boxes, or store floats or any other items outside of the dock boxes or any where on the docks. Items stored on the docks outside of a dock box will be removed by the Association as those items are a tripping hazard and must be removed for the health, safety and well-being of others.

Please remember that you must pick up after your animals, and properly dispose of the waste in a proper recepticle or trash. Animal feces or animal feces bags are not to be left on patios/balconies or anywhere on the common elements. This is not only a courtesy to other residents and guests, but for the health, safety and well-being of others and their animals.

All animals must be leashed at all times when outside of the unit or the unit's limited common area patio/balcony. This is again, not only a courtesy to other residents and guests, but for the health, safety and well-being of others and their animals. This is also required by local law/ordinance.

It seems as though the Association reiterates these Rules/Regulations over and over again, but it is necessary to ensure that everyone is aware of the courtesies that need to be afforded to others when living in a shared community setting. The Rules and Regulations, along with the other Governing Documents exist in a shared community to ensure courtesies are afforded to others and that maintenance, health and safety issues are addressed appropriately. No one is "entitled" to forgo the Rules and Regulations because they do not like them, or because they feel there are too many of them. When purchasing a unit in a community with an Association with "deed restrictions" purchasers sign a document saying that they have received the Governing Documents of the the Association (Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and the Rules and Regulations), that they have had an opportunity to review the documents, they understand the documents and they agree to abide by the documents -- like them or NOT. And, the Association, meaning all members, the management, courtesy staff, janitorial, maintenance and the Board, have a duty to make sure that those Governing Documents are being followed. It is up to all of us to make sure that we make Waterside a pleasant, courteous, fun, happy and smoothing running community for ALL to enjoy.
Join Waterside on Facebook, and
Check out our Website
In an effort to help everyone stay up to date we have a Facebook page. Please click here and "Like" our page to get the updates posted to our Facebook page. During the past year's hurricane season the Association was able to give updates via Facebook since it was accessible from a mobile device. Unfortunately, without power, the Association was unable to provide eblast updates or update the website, making Facebook a very important communication tool.

We have also created a website which can be found at watersidesouth.com. The site contains clickable links/buttons to access Association forms (leasing and architectural forms) as well as buttons linking to the Association Governing documents. There is also helpful contact information, a contact form that will go directly the the Management Office when submitted as well as News and Events.

Additionally, watersidepc.com has been created for exterior/common area pest control and interior termite service requests. Please make sure to fill out the form completely. That ensures the pest control company is properly equipped to handle your specific needs.

Also, don't forget more helpful information can be found on the Greenacre website .
The 2018,  Pinellas County ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE   website  can be reached at  www.pinellascounty.org/emergency
Sign up for  Alert Pinellas notifications  by voice or text @  www.pinellascounty.org/alertpinellas
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Call  The Citizen Information Center @ 727-464-4333  before, during and after the storm; open only during emergencies.
Construction: Pinellas County Air Quality Division Requirements; City of Saint Petersburg; and Association Requirements
The Association and Unit Owners must ensure that a thorough inspection for asbestos (asbestos survey) is complete before performance of any renovation or demolition activities. You must also ensure that a copy of the asbestos survey report is on-site during all renovations or demolition activities.

Judicial imposition of civil penalties up to $10,000 per violation, per day, pursuant to 78-601 and 90-403, Laws of Florida, can be imposed against the Association for violations by Unit Owners. The Association is required to take all necessary steps and actions, which will prevent activities that may be a violation. The Association can be responsible for the aforementioned civil penalties even if it is the fault of the unit owner. The Association will take all necessary action against any unit owner that causes such a penalty to be imposed, as well as any associated attorney's fees and costs.

Below is some helpful documentation provided to the Association by the Pinellas County Air Quality Division.
City building officials have been on site recently due to the ongoing work on building 13, and has reminded the Administration that the Association needs to make sure the unit owners are complying with the Code requirements. The failure of the Association to require appropriate compliance could result in the Association receiving violations and/or fines.

Additionally, please remember to fill out your Architectural Approval Form and submit it to the Association for any renovations or other work to be performed.

Further, the Association requires unit owners to notify the Administrative Office for any water shut-offs required for renovations, maintenance or repair. The Administrative Office will post the required 24-hour notice to other unit owners and maintenance will shut off the water for the requested time period and be available should a whole building shut off be required for any reason.
Waterside Yacht Club Bar
(Waterside Yacht Club, Inc.)
The Waterside Yacht Club Bar hours:
Monday ($3 Jack Daniels)
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Tuesday ($2 Margaritas)
Taco Tuesday w/Joy's Kozy Kitchen
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Wednesday ($3 Absolut)
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Thursday ($3 Tito's)
Light Meals w/Joy's Kozy Kitchen
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Happy Hour 5PM-8PM
5 p.m. - Midnight
8 p.m. - Midnight
Noon - 6 p.m.
Employee Spotlight
Allen Alderman - Janitorial
Allen Alderman started his employment with the Mahaffey Group in 1980 at Lynn Lake Apartments, now known as The Reserve at Lake Pointe also located in South St. Petersburg. Allen has been involved with Coquina Key Arms since 1985, now known collectively as Waterside at Coquina Key South & North Village, built by the Mahaffey’s in the early 1970’s as an apartment community with 1,008 apartments. In 2005, the community went through a condominium conversion consisting of 628 units in the South and 284 units in the North Village. 

Growing up, Allen who is known as “Pooh” was so nicked-named by his older sister early on as she would say “Al Pooh” and then “Ally Pooh” which finally gave way to just “Pooh.” Allen has been a St. Petersburg resident since he was 5 years old and has a son and two daughters. Pooh follows NBA’s Golden State Warriors and is a solid Dallas Cowboy fan.

After working for a period for the North Association, Waterside South was fortunate to bring Pooh back at the end of 2016 as he is a dependable and hardworking member of our team!
Renting/Leasing Information & Documentation
All owners who are leasing their unit must provide a copy of the following to the Administrative Office:

  • Executed Lease (signed by all parties)
  • Executed Lease Addendum
  • A copy of the Lease Addendum can be obtained by clicking the button below or from the Waterside Administrative Office
  • Criminal background check results for U.S. citizens
  • In place of the background check for non-U.S. citizens, the office will need a copy the information page of each adult resident's passport
  • All adult residents (ages 18 and older) living in the unit must have a criminal background check/passport
  • Leasing Administration Fee of $100

Owners must be in good standing on their unit Condominium Assessment Account to lease their residence. All required lease documents should be submitted, at least two (2) weeks in advance,  no later than 5 days prior to the commencement of the lease or an additional $100 fee will be charged. All leases and lease addenda must be complete and signed by all parties prior to being submitted to the Association for approval.

No resident shall be registered with the office until all materials are received.

Owners may only lease their unit 3 times per year for less than 30 days.*

Lease Renewals: If a lease is renewed, the owner should complete and return a  Lease Extension to the office.  If renewals are not received in a timely manner, transponders and amenity cards will be deactivated.

*Transient Rentals: "Transient Rentals are not allowed within the City limits of St. Petersburg. Violation of the ordinance may result in fines of up to $500 per incident in county court."

A transient rental is defined as rental units rented more than three times within any consecutive 365-day period for less than 30 days.
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