Waterside South Winter Newsletter 2018
Nancy's Corner
What it means to live in Waterside. . . .
Article by: Nancy Moore
Sitting on my patio, I can look at the gently moving water in the canal, watch a gorgeous great blue heron tiptoe his way down the boardwalk as if worried he's going to disturb someone, listen to the shrill whistle of a magnificent osprey sitting on the mast of a boat, witness an ever-graceful egret as it patiently stalks a gecko in the bushes and then plucks it out with lightning speed, and witness the incredible agility of a pelican as it flies along the top of the water, then suddenly rises high up in the air and dives straight down into the water like a vertical missile, almost instantly then coming up sitting gently on the water and swallowing a fish. I ponder what it means to me to live at Waterside. It means peace. It means beauty. It means being awestruck by nature.  

But, it also means having fun and staying young at 63 years old. (Yes, I’m just putting myself out there because that’s who I am.) There are many ways to remain active in Waterside. We have an incredibly beautiful and large landscape in which to walk (the perimeter around the water’s edge measures approximately 3 miles), we have a great gym, and 2 big, beautiful pools. But, the social fun starts with a bar. The Waterside Yacht Club Bar is open 6 nights a week and during the day on Sunday. The bar is “social central” - the meeting place where people get to know each other and bond. The bartenders are all volunteer residents. We have so many fun events at the Yacht Club with pizza on Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Happy Hour on Fridays, parties inside and outside with live music, sports-watching, live trivia, dancing, conversing, and just becoming really good friends and neighbors. We meet new friends and reunite with old friends every year when the snowbirds come down.  

And it also means community. It has recently touched me how closely knit we really are. There has been a lot of sickness lately and I’m in awe of the love, compassion, and helpfulness that Waterside residents give each other in time of illness or crisis. It is not just a condominium complex. We are a small town. We are family.
The Condominium Lifestyle
Some tend to love condo life and some tend to hate it. Condo life can be great, but only if you spend the time to look into what life will be like in the complex. Don't let unexpected speed bumps, such as condo association fees and bylaws, keep your condo life from being enjoyable. Make sure that you're not creating a situation that will make life at the condo unpleasant.

There is a sense of community. Condo owners tend to live in much closer proximity than single family homeowners. There are always social moments that occur throughout the day. Whether it be when taking the trash out, picking up the mail, taking a walk or walking the dog.

Yes, you have Neighbors! The rule of thumb is to be the type of neighbor you want to have. Some basics include being reasonable with noise levels, especially when it comes to music and televisions. And because this is your home and you spend a lot of time here, it pays to cultivate a good relationship with the people living around you. Whatever problems condo residents encounter with their neighbors, the most important thing to do is communicate personally and politely. According to Reader’s Digest, the number one tip in dealing with neighbors is to get to know them. It is the simplest and most effective solution to problems with next-door neighbors. Just let them know what the problem is and pleasantly offer a solution you both can agree on.

Yes, you have Maintenance Fees! One of the perks of condo-living is that it takes just about the same time to get to your car as it takes to get to a variety of on-site facilities such as the gym, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. And up-keeping the facilities is just a fraction of monthly maintenance fees (maintenance fees also cover things such as management, security, landscaping, garbage/recycling collection and property maintenance, etc.), which all condo owners contribute towards. And because all facilities are communal, it is everyone's responsibility and right to use the facilities for the purpose intended, and to not hinder the rights of other unit owners.

Yes, you have Association Rules! You should expect the association to make and enforce rules that are designed to maintain a harmonious look and feel of the complex and that are basic courtesies that neighbors living in close quarters should offer each other. Rules govern everything from parking to restrictions on visitors. Association Rules and Regulations are in place to allow everyone to live in harmony and aid in helping everyone respect each other's right to enjoy the facilities and their own residence. As an owner, you are required to abide by all of the rules whether you like them or not. 

So the grass is rarely greener on the other side of the fence. But at least on one side of the fence, you'll never have to mow the lawn.
Join Waterside on Facebook, and
Check out our new Website
In an effort to help everyone stay up to date we have a Facebook page. Please click here and "Like" our page to get the updates posted to our Facebook page. During this year's hurricane season the Association was able to give updates via Facebook since it was accessible from a mobile device. Unfortunately, without power, the Association was unable to provide eblast updates or update the website, making Facebook a very important communication tool.

We have also created a website which can be found at watersidesouth.com. The site contains clickable links/buttons to access Association forms (leasing and architectural forms) as well as buttons linking to the Association Governing documents. There is also helpful contact information, a contact form that will go directly the the Management Office when submitted as well as News and Events.

Additionally, watersidepc.com has been created for exterior/common area pest control and interior termite service requests. Please make sure to fill out the form completely. That ensures the pest control company is properly equipped to handle your specific needs.
2017 In-Review
Some substantial changes happened in 2017. Here is a brief overview of some of those items:

  • Settled the Transition and Construction Defect lawsuit
  • Changed property management company to Greenacre Properties (with the Dock Association following in Jan. 2018). This has been an extremely positive change.
  • Change of security to Marksman
  • Repair of pool furniture (remains ongoing)
  • Purchase of a second set of pool cushions for the YC pool to allow for rotation and cleaning
  • Replacement of 21 common area hallway carpets (Phase I)
  • Seawall repair behind bldg. 23 (Phase I) - other areas to follow
  • Mangrove trimming
  • Irrigation system replacement (remains underway)
  • Began the 5 year landscaping plan
  • Sod replacement remains in process to recommence in Spring
  • Painting of the downstairs interior and exterior Yacht Club
  • Painting of the interior and exterior of the Administrative/Gym Building
  • Renovation of the Administrative Office and new computer upgrades (with computer upgrades to the guardhouse to follow shortly)
  • Remodel of the Gym was completed
  • Pressure washing of sidewalks, walkways and curbs (remains underway)
  • Palm tree trimming completed
  • New mulch installed
  • Replacement of the oldest pool heater (out of the three and now under warranty)
  • Repair of the spa heater (under warranty)
  • Replacement of the lake fountain (now under warranty)
Insurance - Association and Unit Owner Responsibilities and Coverage
Recent circumstances have caused quite a few questions regarding insurance coverage. In dealing with the Building 13 fire, it is quite clear that the Association's Fire and Casualty Insurance is approving and following what is set forth in Section 7 of the Declaration of Condominium (which is what the Association expected).

In short, Section 7 of the Declaration of Condominium which specifically sets out the Association's responsibilities and the Unit Owner's responsibilities is: the Association covers the common and limited common areas (balconies and patios), the exterior of the building (excluding the units' exterior doors, windows and screens) up to the drywall, but not the texture, paint or finish of the drywall, as well as any "behind the walls" plumbing (up to the cut-off valve) and electrical (but only from the meter to the box) anything coming from the box to power switches, outlets, fixtures, etc, is the unit owner's responsibility. Please click here for an expanded view of Section 7 of the Declaration of Condominium

Flood Insurance coverage differs from Fire and Casualty coverage. Some items to note covered under the Flood Insurance are listed below. Please click here for an expanded view of the information regarding Flood Insurance coverage.

* UNIT INTERIOR Floor, Wall, & Ceiling Finishes,
Paint, Carpet, Tile, etc.

- Appliances
- Electrical Fixtures
- Water Heaters
- Cabinets

* INTERIOR UNIT Air Conditioners 

One of the things that has been noted in dealing with the current claims in Building 13 is whether the unit owner's policy provides appropriate coverage for loss of use. In other words, make sure that your policy has sufficient coverage to pay for alternative accommodations during the reconstruction/repairs. Depending the amount of damage, it could be an extended period of time.

Everyone should note that all of the buildings in Waterside will have to follow the FEMA Rules. This means that before any permits will be issued for repairs, the City will require an elevation certificate. If the building is below the FEMA elevation requirement then the City will require proof that the repairs being done by the Association and each unit owner will not exceed 50% of the value of the building. The City determines the value of the building by adding together the assessed value of each unit in the building. If a building were to exceed the 50% threshold, the City would require the demolition of the building and that it be rebuilt meeting all current code and FEMA requirements.
Construction Must Comply with Pinellas County Air Quality Division Requirements
The Association and Unit Owners must ensure that a thorough inspection for asbestos (asbestos survey) is complete before performance of any renovation or demolition activities. You must also ensure that a copy of the asbestos survey report is on-site during all renovations or demolition activities.

Judicial imposition of civil penalties up to $10,000 per violation, per day, pursuant to 78-601 and 90-403, Laws of Florida, can be imposed against the Association for violations by Unit Owners. The Association is required to take all necessary steps and actions, which will prevent activities that may be a violation. The Association can be responsible for the aforementioned civil penalties even if it is the fault of the unit owner. The Association will take all necessary action against any unit owner that causes such a penalty to be imposed, as well as any associated attorney's fees and costs.

Below is some helpful documentation provided to the Association by the Pinellas County Air Quality Division.
Waterside Yacht Club Bar
(Waterside Yacht Club, Inc.)
The Waterside Yacht Club Bar hours have changed. Please review the current bar hours below:
Monday (Pizza Night)
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Tuesday (Taco Tuesday)
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Wednesday ($3 Absolut)
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Thursday ($3 Tito's)
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
(Happy Hour 5PM-8PM)
5 p.m. - Midnight
8 p.m. - Midnight
Noon - 6 p.m.
Employee Spotlight
Doug Johnson - Maintenance
Doug moved to Florida in 2001 from Texas and has been a Coquina Key Island resident ever since. Doug joined the Waterside South maintenance team back in June of 2016, and has become an invaluable asset to the team.

Doug has a boat, as well as several friends that don’t have boats, and enjoys saltwater fishing for grouper or fly fishing in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. He also enjoys motorcycling in the Rocky Mountains while on vacation. 

Doug has a son who is married and resides in Austin, so he gets back to Texas to see his two grandchildren.
Renting/Leasing Information & Documentation
All owners who are leasing their unit must provide a copy of the following to the Administrative Office:

  • Executed Lease (signed by all parties)
  • Executed Lease Addendum
  • A copy of the Lease Addendum can be obtained by clicking the button below or from the Waterside Administrative Office
  • Criminal background check results for U.S. citizens
  • In place of the background check for non-U.S. citizens, the office will need a copy the information page of each adult resident's passport
  • All adult residents (ages 18 and older) living in the unit must have a criminal background check/passport
  • Leasing Administration Fee of $100

Owners must be in good standing on their unit Condominium Assessment Account to lease their residence. All required lease documents should be submitted, at least two (2) weeks in advance,  no later than 5 days prior to the commencement of the lease or an additional $100 fee will be charged. All leases and lease addenda must be complete and signed by all parties prior to being submitted to the Association for approval.

No resident shall be registered with the office until all materials are received.

Owners may only lease their unit 3 times per year for less than 30 days.*

Lease Renewals: If a lease is renewed, the owner should complete and return a  Lease Extension to the office.  If renewals are not received in a timely manner, transponders and amenity cards will be deactivated.

*Transient Rentals: "Transient Rentals are not allowed within the City limits of St. Petersburg. Violation of the ordinance may result in fines of up to $500 per incident in county court."

A transient rental is defined as rental units rented more than three times within any consecutive 365-day period for less than 30 days.
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