Waterside Spring Newsletter 2017
Effective March 1, 2017, Greenacre Properties, Inc. (GPI) will be set up to begin taking the monthly maintenance payments.  Please do not worry if you have already paid your March maintenance to Associa.  It will automatically be forwarded to Greenacre Properties, Inc. and any payments received after the transition will be forwarded to GPI.  There will be a few month grace period on late fees so that we are sure that everyone has had the opportunity to set up their new payment method.

Within the next few days, you will be receiving, in the mail, a welcome packet which will contain a letter from Ryan Greenacre, President/CEO of GPI, a letter from your board president, assessment coupons and a coupon letter explaining the various methods of paying your association dues.  You will need to wait for your welcome packet, which will include your new account number, in order to set up your payment method.  You will have the following options for payment:

1.  Pay by check using the coupon book.   Mailing your payment without your coupon may result in a delay in crediting your account properly.

2.  Pay by credit card. PayLease will charge a convenience fee.
3. Pay by auto-debit. Your welcome packet will contain an automatic debit authorization form. 

4. Pay with a Bill Pay Service
History of Coquina Key Island
Previously known as “Goat Island”, the Lewis family bought the land somewhere around 1920, and unsuccessfully attempted to parcel it for home development. In 1920, Charles Hall (the developer of Lakewood Estates) cut a channel from Big Bayou to Little Bayou and transformed the peninsula into an island...called Lewis Island. 

In 1955, the Mackle brothers (for which Elkcam Boulevard was named) purchased most of the Island and started what is today’s community.  In 1957, the Mackles sold the land they had not developed to Irvin Gree and associates, and after a contest was held to rename the Island, St. Petersburg officials selected the name Coquina Key. 

The Mahaffey family bought property on the southeast end of the island in 1971 and built the first of two apartment complexes.  In 1979 the 2nd complex was built on the northwest end.  Today, the properties are known as Waterside at Coquina Key South and North, respectively. 

In 1973, the city of St. Petersburg acquired land from the Florida Power Employees Club which is now the Coquina Key Park.  The spacious city park is located on Big Bayou offers two lighted soccer fields, four lighted tennis courts, a basketball court, a fitness course, children's playground, dog park area, fishing dock, and a scenic view of the bayou.

History of Our Community
As a member of the Waterside at Coquina Key South Condominium Association, Inc. established in 2005, it is important  to understand the history and how this development underwent the condominium conversion to become what it is today.

In 2005, the Developer, Prospect-Marathon Coquina, LLC began its plans to develop what has now become Waterside at Coquina Key South Condominium Association, Inc.; Waterside at Coquina Key North Condominium Association, Inc.; Waterside at Coquina Key Dock Condominium Association, Inc.; and, Waterside Yacht Club, Inc.

The Developer came in with a vision to convert these once rental properties into beautiful resort style condominiums that would include condominiums, townhouses, dry dock boat parking, wet boat slips, garages, carports, and many amenities, including a private club.  In preparing to do so, the Developer created the four (4) aforementioned corporations and created the governing documents for each to carry out the operations.  The Developers were in control of the Associations until such time as the Condominium Associations were turned over to owner control and as it relates to the Waterside Yacht Club, Inc. upon appointment of a Director or Directors.

To begin the condo conversion, the Developer contracted with a Contractor who would perform the construction of the conversion and hire subcontractors as necessary.  This conversion from rental property to condominiums allowed for individual ownership of units through the sale from the Developer and later from the "Bulk Buyer" and individual sale.

The Waterside Yacht Club, Inc., the private club, was established in 2008 by the Developers as a Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation under F.S. §617, and is  known as the Yacht Club bar.  The Developer had initial control of the Corporation. Membership in Waterside Yacht Club Inc., allows for the use of the private club by owners and renters from Waterside South and Waterside North. The private club operates as an amenity to the residents, just like the pools, tennis courts, volley ball, and all of the other great activities here in the community.

As owners all of us have a responsibility for the community thus increasing value of our investment!
Property Improvements/Plans
We would like to let you know about some the projects that have been going on in the community that you may not have noticed:

  • New cornhole boards were built by maintenance staff
  • New Jenga game was added behind the Yacht Club
  • New pool chair cushions at the Yacht Club pool
  • New irrigation system and flowers at the front entrance
  • Painting of the monument signs and guardhouse
  • Balcony construction is coming to end
  • The golf driving nets have been refurbished
  • Maintenance of the shuffle board
  • Roof repairs, as needed
  • Gutter replacement, as needed
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Irrigation improvements
  • Sod installation
  • Painting of the downstairs Yacht Club
  • Painting of the Yacht Club upstairs patio area
  • Pressure cleaning of the Yacht Club pool area and surrounding area by volunteers
  • Tree pruning and continuous landscaping plans

Future Improvements/Plans:

  • Update security front gate system to include online & mobile access
  • Painting of the upstairs Yacht Club
  • Painting of the Administrative building
  • Transition to the new management company, Greenacre Properties, Inc.
  • Transition of security to Marksman Security
  • We continue to get quotes and expert advice on seawall repairs in a few areas
  • Update the lighting to LED
  • Pressure cleaning of the sidewalks
  • New hallway carpeting and carpet cleaning as needed
  • And much more
Renting/Leasing Documents
If you have questions after reviewing the documents below, please contact the Administrative Office for details and requirements for leasing your unit.  It is important that you have the correct information to allow for a smooth transition.
Employee Spotlight
Sean MacInerny
We would like to recognize Sean MacInerny in this month's Employee Spotlight. Sean is our Security Manager and first point of contact for the security staff and any resident who requires security supervisory attention.

Sean came to St. Petersburg from New Jersey, where he worked in the printing industry and was also a Juvenile Detention Officer.  Sean wanted to put his experience in customer service and corrections together and work in Security.

Please join us in recognizing Sean for his hard work and commitment to Waterside.

Be Courteous to the Staff
Please be courteous to the staff.  Administration, security and maintenance staff are here to help all of us enjoy our property.  The staff should be treated with respect. Treating the staff with respect leads to more productivity.  We are building a stronger workforce to make our community thrive and all of us need to do our part.
Waterside at Coquina Key South Condominium Association, Inc.
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