Waterside Summer Newsletter 2017
Benefits of Community Living
There are numerous benefits to community living.  Benefits include amenities that most owners could not easily afford in a single family home (i.e. swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, shuffleboard courts, basketball courts, volley ball courts, etc.).  Another benefit is less individual maintenance responsibilities. The Association maintains the exterior grounds, common property, etc.

Even though these benefits are many, compromises in community living must be accepted.  Each individual member or resident must give up some degree of freedom or control that would normally be enjoyed in single family ownership, where there is no association.  

When you put people together with different ideas you need guidelines.  One principle in the association concept is to provide a harmonious community atmosphere.  The Board and Management continually face the responsibility of maintaining a balance between individual rights and community-wide plans for the benefit of all owners and residents.

Responsibility of Individual Association Members
Members of community associations have two responsibilities.  One is to themselves and to their individual property; the other is to the association and the community.  Individual responsibility requires the members to occupy, use and maintain their property in accordance with the governing documents of the association.  By complying, the member avoids the possible penalties and sanctions available to the association when enforcing the governing documents.

The goal of the association is to maintain the quality of the property and lifestyle of the community.  Apathy by members can render the association ineffective and invalidate the community concept.  To maintain the quality of life that accompanies a well-maintained community, each member is expected to do his or her part.  The success of the association depends on how well each member upholds the responsibilities established by the covenants creating the overall community concept.
Any resident who sees, hears or feels that something is an issue and needs attention, should contact the guardhouse at 727-823-0783, and ask that the rover be sent to that location.  Too many times the Board and Management hear of problems or issues that could have been resolved by calling the guardhouse to intervene, but the response is "I didn't see anyone so. . ."

The roving security personnel attempts to round the entire property including, but not limited to, all 628 units, parking areas, rear of buildings, both pools, gym, and laundry all spread over 88 acres every hour.  Sometimes an issue may arise that needs immediate attention and security will be off schedule. Please do not assume they "are not doing their job".  The Association has a good group of staff in place and they are working daily as a team, as well as with Board members and Management, to determine if and where improvements and changes to procedures are needed.  

This will only work if all residents take the time to contact the guardhouse if they see, hear or feel there is an issue that needs attention.  It does not matter what the issue is, if, as a resident you feel it needs attention contact the guardhouse at 727-823-0783. 
We ask that everyone please read and understand the pool and spa rules.

There have  been a few requests to add seating in the Yacht Club pool area. Please note that we have capacity load restrictions that prevent us from doing so. The capacity at the Yacht Club pool is 44, plus the hot tub load is 13.  The Lake pool capacity is 45.  This is pursuant to the State of Florida Department of Health Operating Permits.

Pool etiquette reminders:  
  • NO music, except with use of ear buds
  • NO objects to be tossed around
  • NO profanity or loud obnoxious behavior
  • NO glass inside pool fence*
  • DO NOT remove the pool safety divider rope**
  • All residents must display amenity pass while in pool area (if your amenity pass is not displayed Security will ask you to show same)
*Bringing glass inside the pool fence will result in your automatic removal for the remainder of the day . . . zero tolerance policy.

**Removing the Pool Safety Divider Rope is a violation of our Operating Permits and could result in the Health Department shutting down the pool.  Removing the Pool Safety Divider Rope will also result in your automatic removal for the remainder of the day.

Additionally, if you are asked to comply with any of the above rules (or others) and fail or refuse to do so, you will be subject to a violation which could result in a fine up to $100 and a 30-day suspension of your amenity pass and transponder.

IMPORTANT:  If you see or feel that something needs immediate attention, please call the guardhouse at 727-823-0783, and ask them to send the rover to your location.
Drywood Termites
Article by:  Jim Beucher
Beucher & Son Termite and Pest Control, Inc.

Some of you may be experiencing drywood termite issues as this is drywood termite swarming season. This is very common here in Florida and expected if you live here for any length of time. If you do experience a drywood termite swarm or see their “pellets”, here are a few bits of knowledge to help you through it.

Drywood Termites DO NOT:

  1. Bite.  Termites will definitely bite wood and do attack other invasive insects, but they do not bite people.

  2. Travel from one area of the home to another quickly.  If an area is treated and there is another issue across the room or in another room, this is another termite colony.  Termites are not like a cockroach, they do not scurry to a new hiding spot when threatened.

Drywood Termites DO:

  1. Attract to light.  Drywood termites swarm in the evening and at night. They are attracted to any light source and will travel across your home to get to the light source.  The heavy presence of drywood termite swarmer wings by a window or your television does not necessarily mean that the termites are actually in that area, it just means that the termites were attracted to that area. Termite swarmer wings are just an indicator that there is an issue.

  2. Drop pellets.  The drywood termites do have a wonderful way of telling us where they are most active, that is by tossing out their colorful fecal matter. . . "poop".  This item appears to resemble coffee grounds and may consist of several different colors.  When you discover the presence of pellets, please do not remove them as the pellets show us exactly where the termite presence is and where to treat. 
Okay, so you have discovered termite wings and/or pellets in your home, what do you do? 

Simply go to www.watersidepc.com. There you will find more information on these pesky little creatures as well as have access to creating an easy to fill out work order. Please remember to completely fill out the work order form, this includes the building number. The building number is very important and is a critical item for us to have.

Hurricane season begins June 1st through November 30th.  In the event of an impending hurricane strike in our area, please make sure that all of your outdoor furniture or other items are secured.

Additionally, each unit owner is responsible for securing their unit.

Below are some useful links for preparing for Hurricane Season.

Front Gate Access
  • Please remember to notify the guardhouse if you have a guest arriving at the property.  This will allow for a smooth transition for your guest.

  • You must notify the guardhouse to notify them of the arrival of any worker, taxi, Uber, Uber Eats, Pizza delivery, or anyone you would like to enter the property.

  • If you have an extended guest (longer than 3 days) you will need to obtain a pass from the Administrative Office.
  • Please remember that your contractors are only allowed on the property from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday and from 8 am – Noon on Saturday, and no contractors are permitted on the property on Sunday.

  • Please have contractors perform any contracting activities on your patio or balcony.

  • Please remind your contractors that they are not allowed to take construction debris to the trash compactor.
  • Please remember not to park over the sidewalk, this could hinder passage via the sidewalk, as well as hinder emergency services access with equipment.

  • Please remember you are not allowed to back into a parking space.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors and have guests park in the center isles.  

  • Visitors to the pool, pier and yacht club are to park in the center isles.

Traffic Signs
  • Please make sure to comply with all of the traffic signs.  We have quite a few near misses at the roundabout.  Please make sure you adhere to the signs and keep right at the roundabout.

  • Another area of near misses is between building #8 and building #18 where the traffic is to keep right of the median and center isle.  There are numerous vehicles that attempt to exit from the wrong side.

  • The Speed Limited within the community is 15 MPH.
Employee Spotlight
Howard Laucks has been involved with Waterside at Coquina Key South since 1994 when the community was known as Coquina Key Arms, built by the Mahaffey’s in the early 1970s as an apartment community.  In 2005, the community went through a conversion of its 628 units to condominiums.

Howard worked for the developer/association management during the conversion and then on rental unit maintenance for the developer from 2007 through 2010 when the condominium market softened.  Howard left in 2010 with his beautiful wife Ramona to Blue Ridge, Georgia to open a “bed-n-breakfast.”

Fortunately, Waterside South was able to bring Howard back in January 2016 as Maintenance Supervisor for the Association.  He along with his team work diligently daily to maintain the community!

Misrepresenting a dog as a service animal is a second degree misdemeanor. Those who are caught breaking the law face a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail.

Florida Statutes §413.08 states the definition as:  “Service animal” means an animal that is trained to do work or perform tasks. . .  

This law came into effect because of the growing number of "fake" Certification/Registration/ID's began showing up to usurp other regulations. Additionally, some of the organizations fighting against these fake certifications/registrations are compiling a list of what to look for when spotting a fake certificate/registration/ID, including listing the names of the online companies perpetuating the scam.

This Association will ask what is allowed under the law as it relates to Service Animals and if a "fake" certification/registration is suspected in order to usurp the Association's Rules and Regulations, including the breed restrictions, it will be reported to the proper authorities to investigate.
Important Notices
There are few areas that continue to be of concern.  The Trash Compactor and Plumbing remain the biggest issues within the community.  We would like to get everyone to do their part in helping remedy these issues.

Trash Compactor
As previously stated in the “IMPORTANT NOTICE” eblast, as well as at the Annual Meeting presentation, the trash compactor continues to be an area of concern.
Do not push the Emergency Stop button unless it is an emergency.  This causes the compactor to cease operation and fill up.  If you feel there is a problem with the compactor, please do not just leave your trash outside of the compactor, contact the guard house at 727-822-0783, so that the issue can be corrected immediately.

Trash Compactor Rules:

  • Household Trash ONLY!!




  • Construction Materials
  • Flammable OR Toxic Materials
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses or Box Springs
  • TVs or Appliances
Please do not put anything down your toilets.  The top causes of our sewer problems in Waterside are from items that should not be flushed down the toilet even if they are marked as biodegradable:

  • Wipes – Baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, moist wipes, etc.
  • Paper Towels, napkins (paper or cloth), facial tissue
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Dental Floss
  • Condoms
  • Q-Tips
  • Toilet bowl scrub pads or cleaners of any kind
  • Diapers
Renting/Leasing Information & Documents
If you have questions after reviewing the documents below, please contact the Administrative Office for details and requirements for leasing your unit.  It is important that you have the correct information to allow for a smooth transition.

The Administration has received a recent notification from Code Enforcement on "Transient Rentals":  "Transient Rentals are not allowed within the City limits of St. Petersburg. Violation of the ordinance may result in fines of up to $500 per incident in county court."

A transient rental is defined as rental units rented more than three times within any consecutive 365-day period for less than 30 days.

Below is the Ordinance information.  It is located in the Municode.

CHAPTER 16, SEC. AND 16.10.020.


The link below will take you to Chapter 16 of the Municipal Services Code for you to locate the necessary information. 


The Code Compliance Assistance Officer for our area is:

Demetrius Johnson

Codes Compliance Assistance

Phone: (727) 892-5528

Fax: (727) 892-5528

Email: Demetrius.Johnson@stpete.org

Waterside at Coquina Key South Condominium Association, Inc.
 Phone:  727-821-1240 | Fax:  727-895-4158