Dredged Material Management Facility

Public Information Meeting

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the May 18th public information meeting for the Dredged Material Management Facility project. If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can access the recording by clicking on the button below.

Low Hazard Exemption

Some wastes pose fewer hazards to humans and the environment than other wastes and if managed properly, they can get an exemption from the solid waste regulation. Department of Natural Resources allows waste generators to submit a 'low hazard exemption' request for such wastes.

Dredge material is one type of waste that can classify under 'low hazard' and the facilities that manage dredge materials can apply for 'low hazard exemption'. More details on low hazard waste exemptions can be found here.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District submitted a Low Hazard Exemption request to the Department of Natural Resources for the Dredged Material Management Facility.

Some of you may have attended the public meeting hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on May 20th to talk about this request.The recording of that meeting can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Written comments on this request are welcome from the public until June 19, 2021 at 4:30 PM. You can send your comments to Gerald DeMers, DNR Waste Management Engineer, at 262-226-0552 or Gerald.DeMers@wisconsin.gov.
Improving Aesthetics of Milwaukee Waterways

The Waterway Restoration Partners are working towards making the Milwaukee waterways more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the residents. Several factors have limited the recreational use and diminished scenic values of these waterways including trash, oil, and grease flowing into the waterways, and overdevelopment along the shores.

To make the waterways more enjoyable, both visually and recreationally, several local initiatives have taken places, such as the Lynyrd Skymmr and the Adopt-A-River program. The results from recent data show that these projects have been beneficial and the aesthetics have improved over the years!

Therefore, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is recommending removing Degradation of Aesthetics Beneficial Use Impairment from the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern. The draft recommendation is open for public comments until June 21, 2021.

The document can be accessed here for your review:
Please submit all questions and comments to:

Brennan Dow
Milwaukee Estuary and Sheboygan River AOC Coordinator
Upcoming Projects

Milwaukee River Habitat Enhancement

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District is joining hands with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Milwaukee County Parks to re-create habitat for native fish and wildlife to thrive near the Milwaukee Estuary. The project benefits include improving fish and wildlife habitat, improving fish migration, and enhancing recreational opportunities and maintaining public access at the Lincoln Park Oxbow and Estabrook Falls!
A community meeting is being planned to present the preliminary design and gather your feedback. Watch for a Save-The-Date in the coming weeks!

If you have questions about the Waterway Restoration Partnership or want to learn more about other Area of Concern projects, please email us at wrp@mkewaterwaypartners.org or click the "Ask Us" button below.