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Brian Hurlburt (Watkins ID#342198)

Thanks for a tremendous 2012!

When I look at what we've accomplished in 3 short years, it truly is amazing.We've developed a Customer Base spanning the US & Canada, with about 80 Watkins Consultants and about 5,000 Customer Orders!!!

In April 2012, I went to Las Vegas, accompanied by my Niece, and now Watkins Manager & All Star, Michelle Hurlburt, on a Trip paid for with Reward Points; earned in addition to our regular commissions! We attended the Watkins Leadership Conference while there, learning about Watkins Products, Industry Trends, Social Media, and last, but certainly not least Customer Service!

I was privileged to speak on Stage in Las Vegas at the Watkins Leadership Conference which was quite an honor! (Watch the Video)

I tell you this, because, I want to thank you, and recognize that without our Customers, we'd never be able to do what we do! Without such loyal Customers our Team would never accomplish what they've accomplished!

We helped develop 3 New Watkins Managers in 2012, and had Team Members earn over 200,000 Reward Points to qualify for many Awards, Weekend Getaways, and even 5 Grand Prize Trips to the luxurious Firesky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale Arizona!

Without You, we'd never enjoy the lifestyle we have with Watkins! I want you to know we appreciate You and everyone of our Customers and Team Members.

I also want to invite You to join us!

have You ever wondered?

"Is there a way to save on our Grocery Bill?"

"Is there a way to earn some extra income?"

"Is there a way I could travel and getaway somewhere?"

"Is there some way I can create some retirement income?"

The answer to all these questions is, Yes!

Please let me know, if You'd like information about Watkins Products and Business Opportunity! 877-822-8463

If not, that's ok! We need people to help look after our growing Customer base, and help us extend it even more...

... but we also need people to continue being Customers!

So, if your happy to remain a Retail Customer, and enjoy the benefits of using Watkins Products that's great too!

In fact, I really want to thank You!

I want to reward You
for being our Watkins Customer!


As a Thank You, I want to help You  

get some Free Watkins Products! 


All I'm going to do is ask You to call Me!

Toll Free of course... 877-822-8463

To discover how you can  

get Free Watkins Products!


I look forward to hearing from you and helping you get some Free Watkins Products! 



Brian Hurlburt  


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Closing Thoughts

I know that as You read through our Newsletter, you may feel it's all about "Getting You to Join Up"

It's not my intention!

Truth is, I'd love to have You on my Team...

Yet, I know it's not for everyone!

Some of you enjoy being Customers, and don't mind paying Retail, and I'm sincere when I say I really appreciate that!

Here's why, as a Manager with Watkins, when you place a Retail Order I earn 39%! (Thank You!)

If You were to place the same order as a Wholesale Shopper, I'd earn 14%. (I still say Thank You!)

However, when you have a Watkins Membership ($39.95) you get 25% of the 39% that I'd earn if you were a Retail Shopper!

So, really, I should just be encouraging everyone to shop and pay full retail... Right?

Another truth is, I'd rather have you get the 25% Discount!

So, please don't feel like I'm just trying to
"Get You to Join Up"

I really do want you to get the best possible customer service, at the best possible price!

Either way, it's a win win situation! You get quality Watkins Products at Retail, or Wholesale, and I get my little piece, and believe me... this is the greatest business, with the best products, and right now it's time for me to stop ...
because I tend to ramble on! (LOL)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Independent Watkins Manager Brian Hurlburt ID#342198Brian Hurlburt

Watkins Manager

Watkins Products

Since 1868

14 Jan 2013 
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