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What a Wonderful 

We received this letter from the winner of this year's raffle quilt, Rose Harrigan.  She said, 

Dear Taeko, It is an honor to win the beautiful Secret Places Quilt. Each square is lovingly sewn by the dedication of Bonnie Chihara and Hiroshi Musselman.  They are truly artists. 

I thank you and the Watsonville Taiko Group for giving me this revered opportunity. My granddaughter and I enjoyed finding the "secret places."

The quilt is treasured and I shall pass it on to my granddaughter as a family heirloom.

Thank you again.

Rose Harrigan

Make a Year-End Donation to Watsonville Taiko
Would you like to make a year-end donation to support the work of Watsonville Taiko and to help us celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2016?  Download this form.  D omo arigato.
Watsonville Taiko is a 501-c3 
 Non-Profit Corporation.
Tax ID# 77-0355439
Watsonville Taiko is grateful for the ongoing community support including
funding from the Arts Council Santa Cruz
What a year it has been for Watsonville Taiko! After a quiet start to the year, in March we began our public performances.  Between then and the end of the year, we performed on 24 weekends with over 30 public performances. We drummed at Japanese festivals, at an ethnic dance festival, and to honor a child who died too soon. We drummed at an elementary school, a high school, and a community school. We drummed on stages and in parks, on the beach and in a campground. We conducted workshops for youth, college students, adults, and seniors.  

We have so many people, businesses, and organizations who have helped make this year such a success. Thanks to the JACL who so generously share Kizuka Hall with us. Thanks to the Arts Council of Santa Cruz for their ongoing financial support. Thanks to all the  local businesses  who have supported us through donations. Thanks to the local press including the Sentinel and KUSP for helping us get word out to the community. Thanks to all the individual donors and supporters who contributed time, donations,  smiles, and kind words. Thanks to our drummers of all ages who work tirelessly learning new songs and improving technique and artistry. And last, but certainly not least, thanks to our artistic director and sensei, Ikuyo Conant, who continues to lead us with grace, patience, and incredible artistry. 

2016 is the 25th Anniversary year for Watsonville Taiko! We will be celebrating with a 25th anniversary show,  Eventide Over the Spring Hill at the Crocker Theater at Cabrillo, April 16th and 17th.  We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events
  • January 27, College Night at Merrill College, UCSC. 6 PM.   These special events, held throughout the year, bring each college community together to enjoy lively entertainment and a festive dinner in the company of friends. Tell your UCSC friends at Merrill College.
  • March 23rd - Symposium at Stevenson School, Pebble Beach
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration!!! April 16 & 17, 2016 at Cabrillo College. Save the dates
  • And, you can expect to see us at so many events around the Bay in 2016 including the Japanese Cultural Fair, Church Street Fair, Obon Festival, and the Wharf to Wharf.  Schedule is being arranged now.
Alliance for  California Traditional Arts!

We received wonderful news this week!  Last summer we applied for a grant to repair some of our drums as well as purchase new uniforms in honor of our 25th anniversary. We are pleased to say that we have received the grant!

ACTA  is "dedicated to sustaining and fostering the growth of cultural traditions.  ACTA ensures that its core values of respect, cultural pluralism, and cultural democracy permeate every aspect of its activity and programming.  ACTA helps people connect to their past and keep traditions a central part of life today and tomorow.  By supporting folk and traditional artists, ACTA supports the health, cultural continuity, and diversity of California."

Thank you ACTA!