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New - Site Hawk Test Kit

Designed for radio system installation & maintenance engineers to ensure they have everything they need once they get on-site, the Site Hawk Test Kit features the Bird model SK-4500-TC Site Hawk. 
Covering the frequency range from 1MHz to 4500MHz the Bird Site Hawk is a light weight, easy to use RF cable analyser suited for all radio systems from HF / VHF & UHF, Cellular & Avionics bands up to S-Band radar.
The Bird Site Hawk can make swept VSWR/Return Loss measurements on any cable length and show VSWR / Return loss plus Distance to Fault and Cable Loss. The ability to quick ly record and save results allows users to compare results; for example at time of installation and then during maintenance visits, checking the feeder cables for any problems that may have occurred , such as water ingress or lossy connections.
The Site Hawk kit contains the SK-4500-TC Site Hawk, Calibration Combo, 25W Termination, Coax cable and connector adapter kit, all packaged in rugged flight case. Plus,there is the option to include a compatible power sensor for transmitter power measurements. 

RF Power Measurement of Complex Waveforms

Since the start of "digital" RF, design engineers, and particularly those working with amplifiers and transmitters, have had to design products to ensure specified performance whilst dealing with an increasing number of complex modulation schemes. 

Today's digital TV, Radio and cellular systems use complex digital modulation to achieve the data rates and bandwidths demanded by customers. Ensuring your amplifier or transmitter can deal with the high peak to average ratios seen with these new digital modulation schemes, faultlessly and efficiently , needs a new breed of RF power meter to accurately measure your products performance.

The Bird Model 7022 Statistical Power Meter is ideal for making power measurements on any digital system. Operating up to 6GHz, with a power measurement range from 250mW to 500W, the 7022 Statistical Power Meter is a stand-alone Thruline┬« power meter needing no additional components such as directional couplers or power attenuators. The 7022 Statistical Power Meter can be used with a lap-top computer running the free VPM3 software or with the Bird Model XT-5000 hand held power meter.


Monitoring your radio system to achieve the ultimate reliability

Today's radio systems are often installed on crowded towers where antenna space is limited, needing transmitter multicouplers and / or duplexers to meet system design objectives. While multicouplers and duplexers free up tower space, they often add to the complexity of the cable feeder system between transmitter and antenna.

Many modern transmitters feature built-in power monitoring equipment to alert the user to transmitter and feeder problems. However, it is often the case that built-in power monitors will have limited use, just telling you the output power of your transmitter as it enters the feeder network. Due to the additional feeder components you will not be able to see exactly what is happening within the feeder system or if the antenna has a problem. Worst case scenario is your built-in transmitter power monitor says everything is OK, but your customer receives a poor or no signal, due to an antenna or feeder fault.

The Bird Channel Power Monitor system provides all the power monitoring components your system needs to ensure you have a complete picture of your systems efficiency and operation. By installing low cost sensors at critical points within your feeder system , you can accurately determine power levels throughout the system. The Bird Model 3141 takes all the information from the sensors and presents this either on the integral display, or feeds the information to your control system using built-in SNMP signalling.
If you are designing or responsible for a "mission critical" radio system then the Bird Channel Power Monitor is a must.

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