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January 18th - February 28th

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March 4th, 7:00 p.m.

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January - March

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Wednesdays in March

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by Asha Lemmie

Submitted by Cabrina L.
Set in 1940's Japan, the main character Noriko Kamiza is the product of an affair between an African American man and her mother, who was a married Japanese aristocrat. Abandoned by her mother, Noriko is forced to live with her Japanese Grandmother who locked Noriko away in an attic. That is just the beginning of her heart wrenching lonely life.
This book was beautifully written yet tragic at the same time. Through it all Nori persevered.
I can't stop thinking about this book and I am looking forward to this author's next one. A great read!
by Anne Helen Petersen

Submitted by Stefanie M.
This is a depressing yet informative look at all of the conditions that led to the current challenges that many millennials are facing in various aspects of their lives. Although she didn’t offer any concrete solutions, Petersen’s comprehensive, well-researched work offers validation for millennials like myself to at least feel seen and heard in their struggles.
by Andrew McDonald

Submitted by Patty G.
Fans of The Bad Guys or Dog Man will love these crime fighting pigeons. The illustrations on every page are helpful for reluctant chapter book readers. 
Each book has 3 mini stories, all equally entertaining. 
by Todd Parr

Submitted by Lauri C.
Author Todd Parr reminds us that if we are feeling worried there are many ways to feel better! I love the message in this bold, colorful, children's picture book!
Happy reading!
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