Waukesha County Newsletter | May 20, 2021
By every measure, we are beating COVID-19, and you can see that each day as the world returns closer to normal. I want to thank all our residents who have worked hard to protect themselves and others throughout the pandemic, and our community partners who have helped us get this far.
We continue to take a measured approach to easing some of the emergency mitigation efforts that our staff have engaged in for over a year.
Of All County Residents have One Vaccine Dose
Of County Residents have Completed their Vaccine Series
The County is expediting the process to remove its State of Emergency Declaration. The Declaration gives the County access to federal and state emergency funding sources; it is not tied to any orders or mandates that impact residents. Now that the County is resuming normal operations, tapping into these emergency funds is no longer necessary.
Waukesha County has reached the milestone of over 60% of residents 16 and older being vaccinated, and our Expo Center Community Vaccination Clinic has closed. Our healthcare partners and more than 130 local vaccinators are prepared to accommodate all remaining residents.

You’ll also notice that events that paused last summer are back in full force, like our series of Pop Up Beer Gardens and our beach swimming season.
Please read on for more information about our Countywide efforts, and to learn about the events going on over the next month. I look forward to an exciting summer. 

Paul Farrow
Waukesha County Executive
Waukesha County will Vote to End to State of Emergency Next Week
The vote to end Waukesha County's State of Emergency Declaration will take place next Tuesday, May 25. Waukesha County Executive Farrow requested that the Board of Supervisors expedite consideration of the resolution one month early. If passed, the County Executive can sign to end the Declaration on Wednesday, May 26.

The State of Emergency Declaration was issued in March, 2020 to allow the County to access state and federal funds for expenses incurred during the COVID-19 emergency response. This declaration does not have an impact on the operations of any organizations other than Waukesha County government.

The resolution is not tied to any mandates or public health orders that impact residents. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Waukesha County has not issued any public health mandates or orders. All public health guidelines have been issued as recommendations, rather than orders, to allow Waukesha County businesses and organizations to serve residents in a safe, flexible way.
Waukesha County Expo Center Vaccination Clinic Closes
The Waukesha County Expo Center Community Vaccination Clinic administered its last vaccines yesterday. The County planned to begin transitioning COVID-19 vaccination operations from Public Health to local healthcare systems’ clinics and pharmacies once 60% of the County’s eligible population is vaccinated. That goal was met at the end of April, with several additional clinics being held to be able to complete the two-dose series required for Moderna vaccines.

Since the clinic opened its doors on February 8, the Expo Center Community Vaccination Clinic has administered 38,088 doses of vaccine to 20,940 people. It took the dedication and hard work of more than 450 staff and volunteers to operate this clinic.

Waukesha County currently has one of the most vaccinated populations in southeast Wisconsin, with 50.8% of all residents with at least one dose of the vaccine, and 44.3% of residents who have completed the series. All residents are encouraged to be vaccinated to continue to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Where to Get Vaccinated
Anyone who is currently looking for a vaccine still has many options to find one. There are more than 130 registered vaccinators in our area. Many clinics allow walk-ins.

You can find a location to get vaccinated near you at www.vaccinefinder.org
Waukesha County Programs and Events
Beer Gardens Kick-off in Waukesha County Parks on May 21
The 2021 Beer Garden series will rotate through popular parks from May 21 - September 18.
Park entrance fees apply during the event, you can pay the daily entrance fee or use your annual park entrance sticker to access the park and beer garden. Beer tokens are not included with park entrance fees. Purchase annual park stickers online.
Raised Grain Pop-up Beer Garden Hours
  • Thursdays/Fridays: 4-9 pm
  • Saturdays: 3-9 pm 
Brewfinity Beer Garden Hours
  • Fridays: 4-9 pm
  • Saturdays: 2-8 pm 
Beer Garden Schedule
Fox Brook Park
June 17–19: Raised Grain
July 8–10: Raised Grain
July 23–24: Brewfinity
Aug. 26–28: Raised Grain
Sept. 10–11: Raised Grain
Fox River Park
June 3–5: Raised Grain
July 15–17: Raised Grain
July 30–31: Brewfinity
Aug. 19–21: Raised Grain
Menomonee Park
June 10–12: Raised Grain
June 25–26: Brewfinity
July 22–24: Raised Grain
Aug. 6–7: Brewfinity 
Sept. 17–18: Raised Grain
Minooka Park
May 28–30: Raised Grain
June 11–12: Brewfinity
July 1–3: Raised Grain
Aug. 12–14: Raised Grain
Aug. 27–28: Brewfinity
Mukwonago Park
June 4–5: Brewfinity
June 24–26: Raised Grain
July 29–31: Raised Grain
Sept. 3–4: Raised Grain
Naga-Waukee Park
May 21–22: Brewfinity
Muskego Park
May 21–22: Raised Grain
July 9–10: Brewfinity
Aug. 5–7: Raised Grain
Aug. 20–21: Brewfinity
Park Beaches Open May 28
The beach swimming season will open with Swim at Your Own Risk (SAYOR) hours on Friday, May 28:
·    Fox Brook Park
·    Menomonee Park
·    Minooka Park
·    Mukwonago Park
·    Muskego Park
·    Naga-Waukee Park

Lifeguard On Duty hours will be available at Fox Brook and Menomonee Parks during set times.
Conservation in the Parks Program
Create healthier natural areas throughout Waukesha County!

Help collect data as a Citizen Scientist or work to improve wildlife habitat and assist with local conservation efforts. No prior experience is necessary.

Upcoming Programs
  • Spring Bird Surveys
  • Snake Surveys
  • Turtle Surveys
  • Asian Clam Surveys
  • Bumble Bee Surveys
  • Bat Surveys
  • Dragonfly & Damselfly Surveys
  • Habitat Restoration Workdays
Waukesha County Environmental Education Summer Activity Guide
Check out the newest edition of Waukesha County's online Environmental Education Activity Guide for great things to do this summer!
There are programs, special events, and activities for kids, adults, scouts, 4-H, families, volunteers, and more.
Virtual Event - Identity Theft: Prevent & Protect
Identity theft continues to be the fastest growing crime in the United States. The more you learn about it, the less vulnerable you are. In a virtual event hosted by the ADRC of Waukesha County, the Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection will explain the different types of identity theft, how to recognize it and how to prevent it – including information about Fraud Alerts and Security Freezes. Receive tips for safeguarding personal information and how to spot the red flags of a scam.

Do you have questions or comments for Waukesha County? Please send us an email to pio@waukeshacounty.gov.