Welcome to the Summer 2015 edition of WaveForce News! It has been an exciting year at WaveForce with new products, smart partnerships, and diverse industry projects. Read about the highlights below and check out our new website.


WaveForce Partners with RPS ASA       

A partnership between WaveForce and RPS ASA is supporting the development, marketing and application of WaveForce products. This is a win-win for both companies, as WaveForce benefits from RPS ASA expertise in oceanographic software, and RPS ASA benefits by adding WaveForce ocean wave analyses to a growing suite of metocean products and services. Most importantly - this is great news for our customers, who can expect improved product performance and outstanding customer care! 

Metocean Studies for ConocoPhillips
WaveForce has performed metocean analyses for ConocoPhillips using observed and hindcast data sets at multiple sites in the Indian Ocean off Northwest Australia and the adjacent Timor Sea. The project required synthesis of tropical and non-tropical storm reconstructions into a background wave climate. Our industry-standard sea and swell separation and spectral fitting capabilities provided essential metocean parameters for use in offshore site evaluations.

Wave Analysis Tools for Falmouth Scientific 

WaveForce has developed custom Data Formatters for loading Falmouth Scientific Incorporated (FSI) ACM-WAVE-PLUS and WAVE-TIDE-PLUS data files into XWaves, Wavector and AutoWaves.  FSI customers can now easily explore their wave data with the full complement of WaveForce tools including interactive graphical displays, sea and swell analyses, climate investigations, and metocean design studies.  We are pleased to have FSI as a new business partner!

Wave Forecasting for Offshore Wind

As the U.S. prepares to develop offshore wind power capabilities, the Virginia Department of Mines Minerals and Energy (DMME) foresaw the need for detailed wave forecasting to support planning and installation activities. Hence, DMME contracted WaveForce to develop a high-resolution wave modeling capability for the region.  The resulting SWAN wave modeling application uses high-resolution bathymetry collected by FUGRO and is forced by Weatherflow wind products. The modeling system was validated by WaveForce using historical storm events.

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New Software and Better Service

WaveForce and RPS ASA are pleased to announce the latest release of XWaves, Wavector and AutoWaves! This is great news for our customers, as all packages are updated and modernized with new features including interactive online user's guides, automatic error logging, and streamlined installation procedures. Check out all latest features and put our modern ocean wave analysis tools to work for you!

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