Monitoring equipment for low frequency magnetic fields
European manufacturer of safety test equipment for the measurement of exposure to magnetic fields, Wavecontrol, has added a new product to its personal monitoring range – the WaveMon LF-400.

Available in the UK from APC Test, the WaveMon LF-400 warns the user of exposure to low frequency magnetic fields from 10 Hz to 400 kHz.
These units can be used to protect workers operating in the following scenarios:
  • Within hospital departments where MRI equipment is used
  • In industrial settings where welding machinery or induction machines are used
  • Within the power industry to measure LF magnetic fields of electric power lines and generators
  • Within the rail industry to measure magnetic fields on trains and lines
Unique in the market place, the WaveMon LF-400 is the currently the only solution available to protect workers from EMF for low frequency applications.

The WaveMon LF400 is part of the portable monitoring family of products , all of which record continuous data and are equipped with a GPS and altimeter for precise geolocation of measurements. Their rugged, lightweight and small design allows the wearer to attach the monitor to a harness, arm, belt or be hand held with a secure carabiner.
The WaveMon LF400 conforms to international electromagnetic field safety standards.

The following exposimeters are now available:

  • WaveMon LF-400 ICN → For the ICNIRP guidelines
  • WaveMon LF-400 EUD → For the European EMF Directive 2013/35/EU
  • WaveMon LF-400 IEEE → For the IEEE standards
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