Wavelength for the week of October 25, 2020
This week:
  • Hybrid Rotation will start for A day scholars on October 26 and 27.
  • Hybrid Rotation will start for B day scholars on October 29 and 30.
  • Some seniors and some scholars on campus on Workshop Wednesday for assessments and supports.
  • Link to email about prepping for A and B days: https://conta.cc/31B3DmQ
Other links and info:
  • Help Desk Form. Continue to use the help desk form if you need tech support for chromebooks, passwords reset, or have other concerns you need help with.
  • Next Tuesday, November 3, there is no school. It is election day.
CCSMS Teachers are Super Heroes!
Scholar Expectations and Procedures on Campus
Spread kindness, not Covid.
Scholar Arrival
  • Scholars should arrive on campus between 7:30 and 7:55 am by bus, car, or walking to campus.
  • Car riders should be dropped off in the back of the building in the car rider line. No scholar should be dropped off on King Street or in the Food Lion parking lot.
  • While outside, scholars will have masks on and remain socially distanced.
  • A breakfast pick-up station will be set up in the cafeteria. There will be a one-way entrance for pick up and go, No eating of breakfast items in the cafeteria, outside, or in the hallways.
  • At 7:35 am, scholars will begin entering the building via their assigned entry door and report directly to their 1st block class.
  • Scholars will eat breakfast in their 1st block classroom, sitting in their assigned seat. Eating may not begin prior to being seated.
  • Scholars should arrive with their CCSMS issued Chromebook fully charged, a refillable water bottle with their name on it, and supplies needed for the day.
While in on campus, Scholars will:
  • Be in CCSMS school uniform.
  • Wear their school issued ID at all times.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands often and avoid touching their face and refrain from handshakes, high fives, or other touching of other individuals on campus.
  • Refrain from using cell phones from the time they enter the building until 3:08 pm.
  • Wear masks properly at all times. Disposable masks will be provided, if needed.
  • Keep socially distanced at all times from classmates, teachers, and staff.
  • Sit in the seat/desk assigned by the teacher, unless directed to change location.
  • Avoid sharing personal items and class materials with classmates.
  • Use the restroom closest to the classroom. Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Keep moving in the hallways, stay to the right, walk in single file.
  • Wipe down the desk area when directed to do so, at the end of each class for high school scholars.
Lunch Procedures
  • All high school scholars will report to Crew at 11:00. Most days scholars will eat outside at the picnic tables at their scheduled time.
  • Middle school scholars will have recess outside and eat lunch in their classrooms. Scholars need to remain seated during lunch in their assigned seat/desk. Classes will take turns picking up lunches from the hallway and taking them back into the classroom. 
  • Begins at 3:00 pm and will be called in waves. Scholars should only leave their classroom when directed to by announcements.
  • Car riders and walkers will be called first, followed by bus riders.
  • Bus riders will be called by bus and zone number.
  • All scholars should leave the building via stairwell #1 or #5, whichever is closest to their last block classroom.
  • Scholars will leave the building swiftly and depart from campus directly. 
  • Scholars will not congregate in the hallways or outside after dismissal.
Going to the Nurse, Counselor, Front Office, or an Administrator
  • Inform the teacher you need to see the Nurse. Your teacher will email or call the nurse and wait for a reply before sending you down, unless it is a major emergency.
  • Scholars with regularly scheduled medication times may proceed to the Nurse’s office at their scheduled time.
  • Scholars may email a school counselor or an administrator to request a meeting. The school counselor or administrator will communicate via email with the teacher when they are available to see the scholar.
  • The front office will email or call the teacher if they need to see a scholar. 

Please email Frontoffice@charlestonmathscience.org to ask questions.
Mask Reminders
We will continue to require masks on campus.

Please note that CCSD is not allowing neck scarves, bandanas, gaiters, and masks with exhalation valves or vents.

The following information can be found in the Family Resource Manual and Scholar Code of Conduct:

To reduce the spread of the Covid-19 during the pandemic, CCSMS will require face masks on campus. This is to be effective until further notice and will align with or supersede CCSMS and district policies, including, but not limited to, scholar dress codes related to face coverings.

The school may amend these requirements as necessary to meet health and safety guidelines.

A face covering is a piece of fabric, cloth, or other material that covers the wearer’s nose, mouth, and chin simultaneously and is secured to the wearer’s face by elastic, ties, or other means. Acceptable face coverings may be homemade, and they may be reusable or disposable.

Not Acceptable: Neck scarves, bandanas, gaiters and masks with exhalation valves or vents are not allowed on campus.

All scholars will wear face coverings while on CCSMS and CCSD district property, on CCSMS transportation, or attending a school related activity (e.g. athletic events, field trips, etc.). Certain classes or activities may be granted a limited exception to this requirement at the discretion of the CCSMS administration.

If scholars need a disposable mask for the day one will be provided prior to boarding the bus or coming into the building.

Exceptions for wearing a face covering (both faculty and students) may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:
  • mealtimes
  • outdoor recess where students can maintain a physical distance of at least six (6) feet
  • administration of medication
  • planned and socially distanced mask breaks

Requests for exceptions under this policy for health or developmental conditions or religious exemption will be considered by the superintendent or his/her designee, who may request documentation justifying the exception. The wearing of a face shield or other PPE may be required.
Students (or parents/legal guardians) who request to be exempted from wearing a face covering for other than a health or developmental condition or religious exemption will be offered virtual learning for the period that face coverings are required on district property.

Harassment and Bullying
CCSMS will not tolerate harassment of anyone wearing face coverings or those with recognized exemptions to the face covering requirement and will appropriately discipline students, staff, or visitors who engage in behavior that interferes with any student or staff member’s ability to comply with this policy.

Failure or refusal to wear a face covering by a staff member or student may result in discipline in accordance with CCSMS and district policy and codes of conduct, as applicable.
Athletics Updates
Please find the information about CCSMS Fall Sports on the CCSMS Riptide Athletics site: https://ccsmsathletics.org/

All scholars coming to practice or tryouts should have the following forms. If you plan to try out for basketball, please make sure your physical is up to date and you have the following forms submitted:

High School Basketball Tryouts will start Nov 2. Information is posted at https://ccsmsathletics.org

Middle School Basketball Tryouts: November 7th
Basketball tryouts will be Saturday, November 7th in the CCSMS gym for Trident Basketball Association teams.
  • Please have your scholar fill out this google form in order for staff to plan for tryouts and to check grades for eligibility.
  • We will follow all appropriate Covid 19 protocol. Masks will be worn by those trying out when not on the court. Players may choose to wear masks when playing if they or their family makes that decision. We will provide updated protocol from Trident and state agencies.
  • Scholars must have an average of at least a 70 in all class subject areas in order to be academically eligible.
  • Tryouts are open to all scholars grades 6-8
  • Boys tryouts will begin at 11am and go to 12:30pm
  • Girls tryouts will begin at 12:45 and will run until 2pm
  • Every scholar MUST have an updated physical
  • If at all possible, please print and fill out the registration form along with a copy of his/her birth certificate.
  • There will be a fee to participate but it will be determined by how many participants we have on the team.
  • Each team can only have 15 players max.
  • Teams will be divided among age groups based on participants.
  • CDC guidelines will be maintained at all times.
  • Scholar-Athletes must be changed and ready to tryout when they arrive on campus
  • Scholars must bring their own water bottles and a mask.

E-sports Gaming Club
Mrs. Bailey is getting our CCSMS Gaming Club going again and she is taking it to a new level!!

Email her for more info: Mrs. Bailey