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First-level Hebrew Class with Rabbi Shlomo
Creation Experience with Brad Scott
Sukkot Israel Tour with Kisha Gallagher and Rabbi Shlomo

Thank you.

Regular readers of this newsletter overlook some imperfections in editing and timeliness.   The Creation Gospel newsletters are composed from the content of my online Torah classes, and I piece it together from notes, Powerpoint slides, or memory. With all the other responsibilities of the week, sometimes the newsletter is composed in between Shabbat preparation, in a moving car (if someone else is driving :), or in an airport.

The bad news is that it doesn't always look as professional as I would like. There are still technical parts that I don't understand in Constant Contact. The GOOD news is that when we close up this Torah cycle, I hope to compile all the weekly Torah portion newsletters and "best of" from the online classes and put it all into another book of Torah commentary for weekly study. A professionally EDITED book!  A book helps readers appreciate the continuity of each lesson to the previous one.

Facebook or a single newsletter can be unforgiving when readers see fragments of the whole and lose the bigger contextual picture, and no one wants to have her words taken out of context, especially when the human tendency is to match every word against one's existing belief and judge it without hearing the whole matter. It's scary to hear new insights, only natural to be suspicious, and wise to test everything.

We can't answer every email inquiry or message about a point of doctrine, but we can offer a complete explanatory work, such as a workbook, for those who want to do due diligence in testing the teaching.

This last Creation Gospel Torah teaching cycle emphasized the resurrection in every Torah portion, so my hope is that we, too, can explain resurrection to others the way Yeshua explained to his disciples, starting with Moses.

We treasure every kind email you send, every card we receive in the mail, and every prayer or gift on our behalf or the orphanage.   Thank you for your patience and diligence in looking at the heart of the content 
                             instead of the oddspacing and those stray commas,,,

Our readers are real treasures in the field of the Kingdom.

Below you'll find many opportunities to remove the veils of understanding, especially the one between the printed word or recording, and that unmatched experience of being there.  Join us.

First Level Hebrew Classes

The Creation Gospel is offering an opportunity to learn Biblical Hebrew by connecting you with Rabbi Shlomo Eitan, a Hebrew teacher who lives in Israel.  
The cost will be $80/month, which is a total of $200.  The First-Level class has the prerequisite of reading block letters and writing cursive letters, and will go on to lay out the foundations of the language up through the past tense of  לשמור type verbs.  It will be interactive, and students can ask questions.  There will be downloads, with answer sheets, and homework assignments to be completed on a class-by-class basis. All classes will be recorded in case you want to go over the material, and you should expect to spend one hour on your homework each week.

At the end of the 10 week course students can read and write sentences such as:  "We need to buy a big door. - What is he writing? - He remembers your number."  Above all you'll feel a solid familiarity with the language, and a sense that "I know how it works."  All of the learning will be advancing a student to understanding any text of the Hebrew language, both modern and Biblical.  Provided that there is adequate registration there will be a follow up course at the next level. 
If you are interested in the First-Level class, then please respond with an email to and let Rabbi Shlomo know you want to enroll.  You'll receive an email from Rabbi Shlomo with more details about the class, which will likely be held on Sundays at 12:45 EST starting in approximately three weeks.

I've watched Rabbi Shlomo coach the Introductory class over the last four weeks, and I'm confident that you'll be in expert hands at about the third of the usual cost for personal Hebrew lessons.

The Creation Experience

After his resurrection, Yeshua explained the event to his disciples starting with the Torah.  Believers today are not so skilled at locating the prophecies of resurrection in the first five books of the Bible, especially Genesis One and Two.  By carefully studying the texts, the words in the Gospels, Epistles, and especially the Revelation of John, come to life, and believers can appreciate the richness of their future experience of the afterlife.  

The return to the Garden of Eden, or Paradise, is woven into the Bible from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelation.  The investigation into Genesis One sets prophetic patterns to appreciate the good news of the gospel in the context of the appointed times and the seven assemblies of Revelation.  Genesis Two's mysterious rivers answer the question, "What happens when we die?" and gives shape to the resurrection of the dead.  It help Gospel readers to understand why Yeshua would say to the thief on the cross, "This day you will be with me in Paradise."

This conference with Brad Scott gives us the time to dive deeply into topics that we can never adequately cover in a typical conference, so bring a notebook, bring the kids, and we'll a walk through Creation, the Garden, and the Ark.

Sukkot in Israel 2019
October 10-22, 2019

Ready to walk the paths that Yeshua walked in the Galilee, open your eyes in the Tzin where manna fell each morning, pray at the Kotel, walk in the Sukkot Parade of the Nations in Jerusalem, and gather in the desert sukkah for fellowship, teaching, praise, and worship in the evenings?

Dust off your passport and click on   SUKKOT IN ISRAEL  to read the itinerary.  A $500 deposit will hold your place in a tour that will likely fill up early.  Our maximum number of participants is 40.  Although every Israel tour requires a lot of walking, this one will be easier on the feet because of the open windows of leisure time built in it to honor the sabbaths of Sukkot.  Many thanks to Kisha Gallagher for her hard work on the itinerary to bring together a tour that respects Adonai's holy days.  

Mount Arbel overlooking the Galilee