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As your business continues to react and respond to the impact of COVID-19, remember we are here for you. If you find yourself wondering how your drug-free workplace policy and program fits in, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help you creatively think through the details. 
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Post-Accident Testing & Those Not-So Obvious Situations

Tara, a new Program Administrator, called looking for clarification about a workplace accident involving an office employee. A week ago one of their employees, Cheryl, injured her foot while setting up for a meeting and sought medical attention. Tara was wondering if Cheryl should have also been sent for a post-accident test. Tara was worried that if additional medical treatment became necessary or a worker’s compensation claim was filed, that as a company representative she might not have fulfilled her duty and obligation around reporting and responding to the workplace accident.

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Get reimbursed by the BWC for updating your drug and alcohol policy

Wondering if your policy is current?
Forget when you last updated your policy?

Through the BWC's Substance Use Recovery and Workplace Safety Program, employers in participating counties can get reimbursed for updating their drug and alcohol policy.

Visit the BWC's website, or give us a call - 614.337.8200 - to see if you can take advantage of this program.

Need help deciding if it's time to update your policy? Use this list of questions to help you review your policy.
One less thing to worry about

2020 has thrown a lot of stressors your way, so don't let issues related to alcohol and other drugs add to your stress.

With Working Partners® Consortium membership you get access to troubleshooting consultation to help address concerns or challenges relating to your drug-free workplace policy and program.

Other benefits include

  • Afforable, federally certified drug testing
  • Affordable employee assistance program services
  • Discounts on Working Partners® products and courses
  • Discounts on legal support related to drug-free workplace issues

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Upcoming DFSP Deadlines

Private Sector Enrollees

Public Sector Enrollees

Check out BWC's Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding this extension and other COVID-19 related changes.

Upcoming Classes

Supervisor Training:

 Boost Camp:

OnDemand 24/7 courses for employees & supervisors are always available

CEUs through HRCI, OCILB and SHRM available for select courses.
¿Habla Español?

On-going employee education about alcohol and other drug issues is important.

To help you provide information to Spanish-speaking employees in their native language, we have compiled a library of Spanish articles and resources on topics about alcohol and other drugs including information on prevention, misuse and treatment.

(we also included English versions of the resources)