July 2020
Wayfinding Signs: Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Wayfinding signs are the perfect way to easily communicate with trail users and keep them safe and oriented on the trail. Have all your wayfinding sign questions answered through our resource guide.

More Than a Pet Peeve Dogs Off Leash
Contributing author and equine trail expert Lora Goerlich shares her thoughts on why leash laws need to be taken seriously.
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Give Us Your Outdoor Gear Recommendations!
We want to hear from you all on your favorite gear for the trail! Follow the link and answer any (or all!) of the questions to let us know the best gear according to our readers.
Running the Line – Thoughts from the Trail
Julien Cossette, one of American Trails 2019 Emerging Trail Leaders, shares his thoughts from working on the Great Divide Trail.
Submit Your Outstanding Projects for Recognition

The Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) sponsors the Annual Achievement Awards as part of the ongoing effort to build awareness and appreciation of the highly successful Recreational Trails Program (RTP). Outstanding projects funded by RTP are honored at the awards ceremony. 

The deadline for submitting your projects is July 31, 2020. Unlike previous years, there will not be an in-person awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., but there will be an online “virtual” ceremony in September or October. All award winners will be invited to participate in the next “live” event on Capitol Hill (hopefully in 2021). Special guests, including Members of Congress, will once again be invited to participate in the online celebration.

CRT Annual Achievement Awards page can be found here .

The nomination form can be found here .
Resources and Training

2021 Trails and Outdoor Recreation Summit (TORS) Update: New Fall 2021 Dates
With COVID-19 still being very much on the forefront in so many countries, including the United States, we have decided to push back the 2021 Trails and Outdoor Recreation Summit (TORS) to the Fall of 2021 (from the originally scheduled Spring dates of May 2021). The new 2021 TORS dates will be September 13-17, 2021. Read more…

Solving Policy Issues for Trail Systems
While developing policies and regulations for a trail is not a fun task, it will become a necessity in time with any successful trail project. Read more…

Building Sustainable Trails: Key Design Elements
Designing sustainable contour trails that reduce maintenance needs while providing a good experience for visitors. Read more...

FAQ: Trash on Trails
Solutions to trash on trails.

Job and Volunteer Opportunities
Check out our training calendar for upcoming conferences and events. You can also find volunteer opportunities here . If you have an opportunity for us to post, please email trailhead@americantrails.org .
Seeking Learning Credits?
American Trails offers learning credits for our Advancing Trails Webinar Series, our International Trails Symposium and Training Institute, and other trail-related conferences, workshops, and webinars. Learn more...
Featured Trail Industry Manufacturer: Presto Geosystems
Presto Geosystems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality soil stabilization and porous pavement products. Learn more about this company…

Featured Trail Job: USDA Forest Service: Forestry Technician (OHV/Recreation)
Location: San Bernardino National Forest: 2 vacancies in Lytle Creek and 1 vacancy in Idyllwild. Learn more here...
Advancing Trails Webinar Series
July Webinar Line-Up (all FREE to the public!)
Check out our webinars taking place this month. Most of the webinars are free, and all webinars are recorded, include a closed caption transcript, and offer learning credits. Register or download a recording today…

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For a special rate of $2,000 if you mention this ad, sponsor an American Trails webinar to make it FREE to the public! American Trails is hosting additional webinars over the next several months to bring trainings to many who are stuck at home during COVID-19. There are also opportunities to be a partner sponsor for only $250. Email candace@americantrails.org to become a sponsor today!

Webinars in Need of Sponsorships:

  • August 6 – Trail Analytics and Data Storytelling
  • August 20 – Adaptive Mountain Biking
  • August 27 – The Catalytic Impact of Trails on Parks and Recreation
  • October TBD – Integrating Trails into Park Planning: A How To
  • November 5 – Drones and LIDAR Technology
  • November/December TBD – Estimating Trail Costs and Return on Investment
  • December 10 – Wheels and Legs: How Well Do They Mix? Addressing Nonmotorized Trail User Conflicts