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February 20, 2012



Happy Presidents' Day!  The Library is closed to in observance of the holiday.


There have been a number of residential break-ins in recent weeks in Wayland and surrounding towns.  One arrest was made, but there have been other break-ins which are not related.  Click here for details on the most recent break-ins, and suggestions from the police on keeping safe.


Congratulations to the WHS Girls' Swim & Dive team who won the Division 2 state championship on Sunday night, and to the WHS Boys' Basketball team who won the Dual County League Championship on Friday.


Among happenings this week:

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Kim Reichelt, Executive Director &   
Ian Hecker, Editor-in-Chief
Larry Krakauer and Sonja Strong, Editorial Board


Town Elections and Town Meeting
  • Four residents return nomination papers for selectmen race . The following residents returned nomination papers on Tuesday to run for office in the annual Town Election on Tuesday, April 3. They will appear on the Town Election ballot unless they withdraw their nomination papers by Feb. 28. Positions in bold note a contested race.
    • Board of Selectmen (two openings, three-year term) - Susan Pope, Christopher Brown, Douglas Leard, Edward Collins 
    • School Committee (two openings, three-year term) - Malcolm Astley, Ellen Grieco 
    • Board of Assessors (two openings, three-year term) - Zachariah Ventress, Mary Upton
    • Planning Board (one opening, five-year term) - Kevin Murphy 
    • Board of Health (two openings, three-year term) - Michael James Bean, Cynthia Hill 
    • Commissioner of Trust Funds (one opening, three-year term) - David D'Orlando
    • Library Trustees (two openings, three-year term) - Sally Cartwright, Nancy Jahnke
    • Board of Public Works (two openings, three-year term) - Jonathan Mishara, Robert Goldsmith
    • Board of Public Works (one opening to fill a vacancy, one-year term) - Michael Lowery
    • Recreation Commissioner (two openings, three-year term) - Mark Lucier, Thruston Wright III, Stas Gayshan, Gary Carvalho
    • Housing Authority (one opening, five-year term) - Mary Antes
    • Housing Authority (one opening to fill a vacancy, two-year term) - Kevin Goodwin
    • Housing Authority (one opening to fill a vacancy, one-year term) - Jacqueline Ducharme, Laurie Hojlo


  • FinCom Presents $73.5 Million FY13 Omnibus Budget. Wayland's Finance Committee Monday night presented a draft FY13 omnibus budget of $73.5 million, a 3 percent increase from the FY12 budget. Expected town expenses exceed expected revenue by an adjusted $3.7 million, but the FinCom presented a balanced budget reached through the use of ambulance receipts, bond premium dollars and $3.2 million from the town's free cash account.

  • Zoning, Design Review Discussed at Planning Board Hearing. The Wayland Planning Board Thursday night held a public hearing to discuss articles proposed for the upcoming town meeting warrant, including efforts to adjust the zoning bylaw for the town's Refuse Disposal District and establish a Design Review Board.

  • Enhanced Financial Reports Posted on Finance Pages. In keeping with the commitment of the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee, enhanced financial reports have been posted on the Town website. By visiting the Finance Department page and clicking on the link for interim financial reports, you can review detailed revenue and ezxpenditure reports for FY2012 as of December 31, 2012. These reports will be updated quarterly. In addition, posted here are semi-annual reports on the status of all capital projects and every special revenue and revolving fund. These reports will be updated December 31 and June 30 each year.  The Board of Selectmen will be posting versions of the enhanced financial reports and supplemental graphics to illustrate monthly changes in key revenue lines and department expenditures. A narrative will accompany the reports to explain variances between budgeted and actual experience and to help readers better understand the date being presented. Watch this space for details on these reports and how to access each on the website. In addition, the Finance Committee has posted budget comparison documents that were used in evaluating the proposed FY2013 budget at the department and expenditure level, as well as the detailed sources of revenue. These reports can be accessed by visiting the Finance Committee page, and clicking the budget documents link for FY2013 budget reports. This same link can be used to access the proposed FY2013 operating and capital budgets that will be presented by the Finance Committee on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the Large Hearing Room in Town Building.  Together, these reports provide historical trends, year-to-date spending and revenue collection data, and some narrative explanation for variances between budget and actual for the current year.

    Annual Town Meeting and Town Election Process.  Key dates include:

    • Tuesday, January 17 at 4:30pm - deadline for submission of articles at Selectmen's Office
    • Monday, January 23 at 7pm - Finance Committee article hearing, Town Building
    • Wednesday, February 15 at 4pm - deadline for submission of sponsor's and petitioner's comments for publication in ATM Warrant
    • Tuesday, February 14 at 4pm - last day for candidates to submit nomination papers for offices contested at town election
    • Wednesday, February 15 at 4pm - deadline for submission of sponsor's and petitioner's comments for publication in ATM Warrant
    • Wednesday, March 14 - last day to register to vote in town election 
    • Tuesday, March 20 or Wednesday, March 21 - postal delivery of 2012 Annual Town Meeting Warrant
    • Wednesday, March 28 at 7:30pm - Annual Town Meeting Warrant Hearing, Large Hearing Room in Town Building
    • Tuesday, April 3 - Annual Town Election - polls open 7am-8pm. 
    • Monday, April 9 at 7:30pm - Annual Town Meeting begins, Middle School gymnasium  
    A complete schedule of Annual Town Meeting and Annual Town Election activities and events is posted online here.  The Town will post town meeting-related documents as each becomes available. You can also find links and background information for major projects destined for this or future town meetings at the quick link on the left-hand side of the home page entitled Projects Destined for Town Meeting
In the News...

News from the past week 
  • Whats With All That Construction in Town? . Brief updates on the Pelham Island Road Bridge, traffic signal at 126 and 27, Town Center, 20 and 27, and others.

  • Wayland residents enjoy prescreening of 'In Transition 2.0'. In the early evening of Feb. 2, the Senior Center at Wayland Town Building filled up with over 50 people. They had come from near and far to attend the prescreening of "In Transition 2.0." Transition Wayland co-founder Kaat Vander Straeten introduced the movie by pointing out that Wayland was one of only 15 communities in the world to prescreen it before the official release at the end of March. The honor, she said, is due to Transition Wayland having contributed footage. The crowd settled in with popcorn donated by the local Whole Foods and watched the one-hour film, which shows neighbors helping neighbors move beyond fossil fuels and build a resilient and sustainable local economy and community in the face of climate change, peak oil and economic uncertainty.

  • Wayland Veterans Memorial designer remembered. George Dergalis, designer of the Wayland Veterans Memorial, died last week at the age of 83 after a brief period of declining health.

  • A Minor Car Accident, Multiple Charges. A minor motor vehicle accident Monday afternoon in Wayland led to an arrest and multiple charges for a Framingham man suspected of fleeing the scene. Wayland Police responded to a minor motor vehicle accident Monday at 4 p.m. near the intersection of Bent Avenue and West Plain Street in Cochituate.

  • Wayland Superintendent Responds to NCLB Waiver. Wayland Public Schools Superintendent Paul Stein said the recently granted waiver of the No Child Left Behind law will allow Wayland schools to more appropriately tailor its efforts to improving and meeting the needs of its students. President Barack Obama announced last week that he will free 10 states, including Massachusetts, from the "strict and sweeping" requirements of the controversial No Child Left Behind law, according to The Associated Press.

  • Khalidi appointed assistant district attorney. Aliya Khalidi has been appointed assistant district attorney in Middlesex District Attorney's Office. Khalidi, who is from Wayland, Mass., will work out of Framingham District Attorney. She is a graduate of Wellesley College and Suffolk University Law School.

  • Laptop Security System Leads to Arrest in Home Break-In. Wayland Police have arrested Keyon Hallman, 33, in connection with a Trout Brook Road residential break-in that occured on Nov. 15.

  • The Montauk Grifter: How One Con Man Used OkCupid for Fun, Fraud, and Profit. He is Dan Kaufman, Dan Kay, Dan Katze. He is a celebrity chef, an internet entrepreneur, a television producer. He has worked for Apple, Google, AOL, the Rainbow Room. He hangs out with Steve Case, Gordon Ramsey, Tim Armstrong. He's a world-class surfer, a AAA baseball legend, the founder of a seminal punk band. He's one of the more persistent and obsessive grifters to ply the streets of New York City-not to mention online dating sites-in recent decades. And he'd like you to invest in his scheme to restore trust and credibility to the internet. Daniel Kaufman is 37 years old. He is from Wayland, Mass., a suburb of Boston. He filed for bankruptcy in Vermont in 1995, when he was 21. He currently resides at the Manhattan Detention Complex in downtown Manhattan, awaiting arraignment on grand larceny charges.

  • Wayland - Beyond X. Although current discussion of the Linux desktop tends to focus on the disharmony around Unity and the GNOME shell, the true revolution on the desktop is taking place out of sight of users. The Wayland display server is expected to reach version 1.0 later this year, and is seen by many as the long term replacement for the X Window System, with real potential to improve and transform the performance of the desktop for Linux users. Wayland is a Linux program intended to replace X Windows, and is named after the town of Wayland.

  • Metco tour for Wayland and Weston legislators. A bus tour of the Wayland METCO program took place for state legislators on Jan. 30. The tour began at 7 a.m. in Boston at the Forest Hills MBTA station, the first stop of the Wayland METCO elementary bus. Later at Wayland High School, they were greeted by tour guides Narcissa Plummer and Misha McCoy, two Boston resident students who made a presentation about their experiences in the Wayland Public Schools. Finally the group went back to Boston for a tour of residential neighborhoods, and ended with a debriefing session at Darryl's Corner Restaurant.

  • Police Make Arrest for Residential Breaking & Entering, Larceny over $250. On Tuesday, November 15, 2011, a resident of Troutbrook Road reported her residence being broken into and items being stolen. During the investigation, Detective Christopher Cohen identified a suspect. During the investigation, Detective Cohen was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Keyon Hallman of Hyde Park. On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Hallman came to the Wayland Police Department, where he was interviewed. Subsequent to the interview, he was arrested and booked. Hallman was charged with the above offenses. He was later transported to Framingham District Court for arraignment.

  • Retiring chief reflects on long career with Wayland Fire Department. Fire Chief Bob Loomer, who retired Friday after eight years at the helm, knew from an early age exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up.

  • Ogilvie's management stays in the family. Kevin Whittemore of Wayland faces a few challenges as he takes over his family-run hardware business, B.L. Ogilvie and Sons, at the edge of Weston Center. Not the least of them is the advent of big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's, which have come on the scene like gangbusters during the past several decades.

PhilanthropyPhilanthropy, Fundraising & Volunteering

How you can help...     



Habitat Foundation Blocks for Sale. One way you can help the Wayland Habitat project is to purchase an ICF-Insulated Concrete Form. These blocks will be used for the foundations of the duplexes that will be built on Stonebridge Road. The blocks fit together like Lego's and make a warm, dry basement. For only $75 you can purchase a block and place it in the foundation, with or without your name or a message for the family. For $125 you can buy two blocks! Contact Mary Antes at 508 358-2571 or Dan Sharry at 508 358-3524. You can see the blocks in the Town Building and at the Russell's Farmer's Market.


Youth Are The Key To Success. While at the CADCA (Community Anti Drug Coalitions of America) Conference with new Youth Officer Shane Bowles, there were over a hundred and fifty students in attendance who participated in CADCA's Youth Leadership Initiative and then returned home to become "change agents" in their community. WaylandCares has a group of "change agents," students that have been instrumental in changing the course of WaylandCares since they attended the CADCA conference in Pheonix Arizona in 2010, and they have been joined by students who attended the Youth to Youth Conference in the summer of 2011. Together they have worked hard on substance-free events like STOMP, 5th Quarter, Open Mic Night, and the very WAYGLO dance. If you are currently a Wayland High student or an 8th grader at Wayland Middle School you can become a "change agent" at WaylandCares. WaylandCares also provides volunteer opportunities for adults interested in becoming "change agents" helping to promote healthy youth decision making. Check their webpage for more information.


Kids Night Out (okay, Parents Night Out!) to benefit WHS Sailing Team, Saturday, March 24, 6-9:30pm (check in starts at 5:45pm) at the Wayland High School Field House. Cost:  $20-first child, $5 each additional child with a $30 family limit  (Any checks should be made out to Wayland High School.) Ages:  age 4 - grade 7  (Note:  This program is available for any child from any town!!). Supervision will be provided by the Wayland High School Sailing Team.  Cost includes a drink and a slice of pizza from Wayland House of Pizza or hotdog.  Activities include arts and crafts, board games and organized games.  A concession stand will be available for snacks and drinks.  If you do not want your child to carry cash, they can bank money to be used at the concession stand.    Each child must have a signed parent permission form (available online here) in order to participate in the evening.  Please bring your payment and permission form to the event.  The permission form will cover your child for the entire school year.   If you have any questions, please e-mail Susan Memoli. Note:  Due to the demolition of the old high school, you will need drive to the back of the campus towards the turf field.  Kids will enter the KNO event through the back door of the Field House, which is directly across from the turf field.


ScrubaDub ~ A Great Car Wash 2012 FUNdraiser to Benefit WBSA now through April 11. Donate $10 to WBSA = receive ONE ScrubaDub Express Wash; donate $100, receive TEN ScrubaDub Express Washes. ScrubaDub is helping WBSA FUNdraise by creating a web page designed just for us. Simply go to WBSA Fundraising page and DONATE. WBSA unique donor page address is:online here.  With your donation, WBSA can keep adding development programs and improving our playing fields. Please forward The WBSA link and let's get your family, friends, neighbors and business associates to go online and DONATE and get a clean car.  Everybody washes their car & these make great gifts & WBSA receives $5 for every wash purchased. And, NO Expiration date.



Sudbury Valley Trustees 18th Annual Benefit Saturday, March 10, 6-11pm at Framingham Sheraton.  Sudbury Valley Trustees' 40 miles of trails in 19 different towns are at center stage for SVT's 18th Annual Benefit, to be held Saturday March 10, 2012. This year's theme, "Hike on Down to the Trail Mixer" will celebrate the trail systems SVT members and the general public roam, ramble, and trek year round. SVT works to keep trails in safe and usable condition.  The evening's festivities will include cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, dining, and dancing. A perennial favorite of the program is a lively silent auction, which is supported by local businesses and artisans. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, last year's auction raised over $24,000, which supports SVT's land conservation efforts. Area residents are invited to attend the benefit to support the land protection efforts of Sudbury Valley Trustees in our community. To purchase tickets, or to inquire about auction donations, corporate sponsorship, or hosting a table, please contact Nancy Hallen or Michael Sanders at 978-443-5588 or go to www.svtweb.org/benefit


Planning under way for Late Night 2012 at Wayland High. Planning under way for Late Night 2012 at Wayland High. Saturday, May 19 will be a big night for Wayland High School juniors - the night of the Junior Prom, where excitement is high and memories will be made that last a lifetime. "Late Night" is a 16-year Wayland tradition. Every year since 1997, Wayland High School parents and local businesses have contributed to create a fun, alcohol and drug-free chaperoned party for the Wayland High School juniors to be together immediately afterthe Junior Prom. All Wayland High School juniors are invited to this event, whether they attend the prom or not. The event is produced with no charge to students to make attendance as easy as possible for this memorable night of entertainment, refreshments, activities and prizes. The Late Night committee is looking for volunteers - anyone interested should please contact Late Night 2012 Committee Chairs Deb Mead or Susan Longfritz. Tax-deductible donations are also welcome. Please send donations via check payable to Wayland PTO and send to JoAnn Leavitt, 9 Woodridge Road, Wayland MA 01778, or feel free to visit the Wayland PTO website to make an online donation.


WHS Sailing Team seeks boat trailer donation. The WHS Sailing Team is preparing for its second season on Lake Cochituate.  We are in need of a boat trailer in order to get the boats back to the water.  If you have an unused boat trailer that you are willing to donate, we would greatly appreciate it and will provide a tax donation receipt in return!  The trailer needs to have at least a 56' wheel base and be rated for 1500 pounds.  Contact Susan Memoli, WHS Sailing Team Faculty Advisor at 508-358-7746.


Selectmen seek volunteers for Substance Abuse Prevention Committee. The Wayland Board of Selectmen approved a resolution establishing a 5 person committee to report to the Town any action that should be taken with regard to the community's substance abuse prevention efforts through WaylandCares, and what steps it recommends the Town take to assure that this community-wide coalition work continue. The committee shall be comprised of FIVE (5) members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen for ten months, ending October 31, 2012 of with preference given to individuals with professional expertise in substance abuse prevention; social work; strategic planning; business and non-profit organization development and grant writing. If you or someone you know would like a position on this committee we urge you to contact us for more information about the work of this committee, or apply to the Board of Selectmen.


Apply now! Interviewing for SOAR 55 Nonprofit Management Consultant Spring Training. Training begins in March. SOAR 55 is currently accepting applications from former and current (part-time) executives/professionals with consulting expertise (marketing/development experience a plus) whose purpose is to provide management and capacity building assistance to nonprofits through the award winning SOAR 55 Nonprofit Management Consulting Group program, generously funded through the Tufts Health Plan Foundation. The group works in teams of 3 on assignments lasting 6-9 months and requires approximately 25 hours a month when on assignment. Qualified candidates will be interviewed and those selected will participate in a comprehensive 55-hour training program over a 10-week period beginning in March. Ongoing support is provided while on assignment. This is an opportunity to join a group of executive leaders who enjoy working as part of a team and are excited by bringing ideas to solving organizational problems. Use your skills, connect with others in purposeful endeavor and make a difference in your community. Please email Sharon Levinson or call 617-969-5906, ext. 356 . Please visit us at online here. Click here for details.


375th Celebration Committee invites involvement. Wayland is going to have a year-long celebration-a 375th birthday bash-and we need your help to plan the party! The 375th committee will host a year-long celebration for our town beginning in June 2013 and ending in June 2014. The committee will plan some major events and we invite all Wayland groups, organizations, and individuals to plan events for your own group or for the whole town related to the larger celebration. Some activities will be free while the cost of others will be paid by those attending the events. With the celebration beginning in about 18 months, it is time to shift to a higher gear. Each of our meetings for the next few months will focus on a specific theme of the celebration. We invite anyone or any organization interested in that area to come to that meeting to share your ideas. Click here to learn more about the themes and plans. We hope you will leave the meeting committed to carrying out an activity or event for the big celebration. All meetings are held in the Town Building at 7pm.


February is COA Food Drive Month for the Parmenter Food Pantry.  Please bring in any items you would like to donate and place them in the decorated box at the COA. Needed items include canned fruits, vegetables and soups. Also needed is cereal, tea, pasta, pasta sauce, canned tuna,  peanut butter, paper goods (including toilet paper and paper towels).  


Wayland Resident Volunteers with American Cancer Society Key Gala. Wayland resident Cindy Lombardo is serving as a volunteer committee member to the American Cancer Society's seventh annual Key Gala. Lombardo is helping to coordinate and plan the Key Gala, which raises funds to benefit the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston, a program of the American Cancer Society. The Key Gala begins at 6pm on Thursday, March 29, at Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts. The Key Gala Late Night Party begins at 9pm, special priced tickets are available for the Late Night Party. For more information, or to purchase tickets, contact Melanie Barton or visit gala.acsevents.org/key.


Becoming a tutor of English. Have you ever thought about tutoring someone in English? Most people who decide to become tutors are thinking of the good it can do, helping others become more proficient in English and better able to cope with employment, landlords, schools or the medical profession. But then they discover the rewards, the satisfaction that comes as progress is made and a relationship develops that enriches both learner and tutor. Tutors often speak of their pleasure in learning about another culture and their greater appreciation for the challenges facing those who are adapting to ours. Because of the constant demand for tutoring, all available tutors are now working with students, and the next tutor-training course has been scheduled. Program director Ginny Steel is currently enrolling prospective tutors for the five-session course that starts on February 29. The class will meet in the Raytheon Room at the Wayland Library on five consecutive Wednesday mornings, from 9:30 - 12:30. No prior knowledge of a foreign language is needed, just an openness to other cultures and the desire to share your knowledge of English. The training is free, although it is necessary to purchase a textbook for about $20. For more information or to enroll in the tutor-training course, you can email Ginny Steel or call her at 508-358-7517.


newsletterYoga Reaches Out was founded in 2009 by Wayland resident Sarah Gardner. The Yoga Reaches Out 2012 Yogathon will benefit Children's Hospital Boston and Africa Yoga Project. It is a day long event at Gillette Stadium's Field House in Foxboro, MA on Sunday, May 6, 2012. Featured presenter will be the internationally known teacher and best-selling author Baron Baptiste along with many talented yoga teachers from all over New England. $25 registration fee and raise a minimum of $250. All levels welcome! For details and more information, please visit: www.yogareachesout.org For questions or sponsorship information, please email laurin@yogareachesout.org. 



MeetingsUpcoming Meetings  
See the Town Website's Calendar online here.  Check there for the latest updates, as meetings noted below could have been updated since we captured them on February 17. 


Meetings for the upcoming weeks.  [Note: all meetings are at Town Building unless otherwise noted.]  


Tuesday, February 21

  • Board of Assessors, 7:15pm.  Agenda includes FY12 abatement application review, overlay review, Town Meeting warrant articles
  • Cable Advisory Committee, 7:30pm.  Agenda includes: Tour of Facilities, WayCAM Studio Relocation, Status of Video Return over Town & School Municipal Area Networks, Status of conversion of Comcast, Subscriber drops to digital format, Status of required Verizon Subscriber drops, Status of Verizon Buildout and Mission and Mission Statement.

Wednesday, February 22

  • Finance Committee, 7pm.  Agenda includes: continued discussion of warrant articles for Annual Town Meeting, vote FinCom positions, FY2013 budget discussion (operating and capital) including general discussion of items and funding sources, if necessary 
  • Board of Health, 7:30pm.  Agenda includes: discussion regarding Wayland Water Department proposed Network Meter Reading System, prepare memo to Finance Committee  

Thursday, Feb 23

    Town Meeting Procedures Subcommittee  Agenda includes: Review of Moderator's Rules, general discussion of Town Meeting Procedures, discussion of Town Meeting venue and logistics.  

Monday, February 27

  • Board of Public Works, 7pm.  Agenda includes: CPC Discussion, effects of service road near Town Building on April 2010 floods,  salt/sand use policy, sodium levels at HH Wells, cemetery expansion discussion, discussion about Wireless Meter Reading Program, discussion of OML Complaint response, availability of presentations at Town Meeting
  • Board of Selectmen, 7pm
  • Board of Health, 7:30pm

Tuesday, February 28

  • Planning Board, 7:30pm.  Agenda includes: continuation of Zoning Public Hearing for Spring Town Meeting
    Articles, Town Center Project Site Plan continuation of public hearing, Town Center Project Bonding requirement, Summer Lane Lot Release and Bond Amount, Resolution establishing Town Center Public Green Design, Town Planners report of projects and meetings including: Design Review Board Panel discussion, Annual Warrant Hearing, Recommendations of other Warrant Articles, Group Home Project and Habitat Project


Wayland Democratic Caucus to select 2012 MA Democratic Convention Delegates Saturday February 25 at the Wayland Public Safety Building at 1pm (Doors open at 12:30pm). To participate, you must be in the sign-up line by 1:15 pm. Contact Michael Gilbreath, Caucus Chair, at 508-942-8095 or by e-mail with any questions. For complete details: click here.


The Wayland Republican Town Committee meets this Thursday, February 23 at 7:30pm in the Great Room of Traditions of Wayland, 10 Green Way.  Current political issues will be discussed including: "Republican values are time-honored American values, but what do Democrats value?" .  Republican residents are invited to join us and assist in our planning for the important 2012 elections. If you would like to become a member of the Wayland Republican Town Committee or have questions please contact Chairman John Toto at 508-380-5932. Visit us at www.waylandgop.com.


Wayland Public Schools Kindergarten Registration Form 2012 -2013. Sign up between now and March 9 for Kindergarten for the 2012-13 school year. There two registration options: Traditional Half Day and Tuition Based Full Day. Enrollment in the Full Day Program will occur on a first come, first serve basis. Tuition for the Full Day program is $4,000.00. There is no cost for the Traditional Half Day program.


Wayland Community Pool this Summer.  Make your summer plans now! REDUCED SUMMER PRICES from now until May 15th. Swim all summer for one low price. Family rates as low as $395 and senior rates as low as $175. Visit www.waylandcommunitypool.org for other specials and more information on spring swim lessons, spring swim team, and our Discover Scuba fundraiser.


Selectmens Office Hours, Saturday, March 3, 2012. In an effort to improve communication with residents, the Board of Selectmen holds office hours each month. While selectmen are available by telephone at home, can be contacted by email, and hold public comment at the beginning of each regular meeting, these office hours will afford citizens another opportunity to express opinions on town issues or to discuss an individual concern directly with two members of the Board. The next opportunity to meet with Selectmen will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2012, 8-9am at Mel's Commonwealth Cafe, 310 Commonwealth Road, Wayland. As the sessions will be held on a drop-in basis, no appointment is necessary. Selectmen Tom Fay and Joe Nolan will be available to meet with interested citizens. Should you prefer to confer directly with any member of the Board of Selectmen on any matter, please email selectmen@wayland.ma.us to share your comments, pose a question, or request an appointment.


News and Events from the Council on Aging, including:  

  • Friday Movie Matinee (2/24 Dolphin Tale, 2/29 (a Wednesday), Leap Year) 
  • $2 Warm Up Luncheon 
  • Vokes Theater Free Dress Rehearsal 
  • Wayland Community Pool Open House and Aqua Fit Class
  • What's In Your Attic? 
  • COA's Annual Wearing O' The Green 
  • Drive Through Free Recycling Event

Passport to Paris and Beyond: After-School Program Registering Now. An after-school program for Wayland Middle School students interested in cooking together and exploring French culture, music, and language is being offered once again for Grades 6, 7, and 8 students. The class - Passport to Paris and Beyond, An Exploration of Francophone Cuisine, Culture, and Language - debuted in the fall, and many of the students expressed interest in continuing. All new projects and recipes will be tried in the second round of classes set to begin Friday, March 2. Held in the Wayland Middle School from 3:15-4:30 pm, the class is led by Wabe Yurek, who is on staff at Loker School and with the BASE program. Prior to joining the Wayland school district, he taught French toseventh and eighth graders at the Lincoln School in Brookline. He has also taught English in France and Guadeloupe to Grades 3-12 students. The fee for the six classes is $90. Dates are March 2 through April 13, and the class is offered through Community Education, Wayland School Community Programs. Fall students are welcome to return since the program will be different from the recently completed one. Through the program, children have a chance to learn about a culture through its food. Those already studying French can expand their knowledge while newcomers can explore a new language. Preparing food and dining together as they explore new and different recipes offers many socialization opportunities for the middle school student as well. To register: Call 508-655-6403 or go to the website for forms. Registration forms are available online here.


Wayland Youth Soccer Registration for Spring 2012. Registration for the spring 2012 season is available on-line at http://www.waylandsoccer.org/ or can be picked up at the Recreation Department at the Town Building. Don't delay! We will be starting to form the intramural teams (K through 2) very soon. We expect to have teams this spring for all grade levels Kindergarten through the 12. Our emphasis at all levels is for kids to have fun learning to play soccer and to making new friends. And it is never too late to begin! For further information go to their website.


Wayland Police Offering 'Cop Cards' Again. "Cop Cards" are back. A new set of collectible trading cards featuring members of the Wayland Police Department are now available at Claypit Hill School, Happy Hollow School, Loker School, Liberty Pizza and The Public Safety Building.


WSCP Announces Special Events for Vacation Week Program. The four-day February Vacation Week program offered through Wayland School Community Programs at Loker School will feature a field trip or special event each day. The Schedule includes Big Joe, Ryan Family Amusement, Animal Adventures and Trombetta's Farm. For information, call 508-655-6403, email Rosemarie Teti, or check here for registration forms. The week's calendar is online here.


Business and Finance Information Survey Attention Wayland Library Business Collection users. We're trying to make the Business and Finance collection work better for you, and we're interested in what sources you use in print and electronically, and what sources and/or subjects you'd like us to develop further. It would really help us out if you would fill out our survey about this on Facebook. And while you're here, please like our Facebook page. We use the page to post items of interest and we wouldn't want you to miss out on programming, reader's advisory, or any odds and ends. To complete the survey, go to our Facebook page or follow the links on our website.


State Representative Conroy Announces Upcoming "Ask the Rep" Show on Local Cable. Representative Tom Conroy is pleased to announce the next broadcast of "Ask the Rep" on Wednesday, February 29 from 7:30 - 8:00 pm. "Ask The Rep" is a live call-in show that provides constituents with the opportunity to ask questions on-air regarding local and state issues. Call in during the show at 508-358-3472 or email your questions before February 28 to Thomas.Conroy@mahouse.gov. The show will broadcast on Comcast channel 8 and Verizon channel 37 for Wayland residents, and will be rebroadcast in all three towns.


Library Art Exhibits:

  • Kazarian Photographs:  In February, the library foyer features the photographs of Ronna Horwitz Kazarian. Kazarian is a resident of Wayland whose interest in photography dates back to her college days. She has developed her photographic vision by combining photography with her yoga and meditation practice. She says that her focus is capturing that special moment, truly seeing, and being in the present. In 2011, Ronna embarked on a year-long project photographing daily: people, places, and the natural world.
  • Arts/Wayland Photographers: In February the Raytheon Room will contain the work of photographers who are members of Arts/Wayland. 

Wayland resident's photos on display in Cambridge. Rick Colson photographs secrets, unveiling our fears and fantasies in eerie intriguing images. The Wayland resident juxtaposes color photos of offbeat scenes from everyday life with ironic snippets of text that subvert viewers' expectations, leaving them to wonder what they're seeing and how they're supposed to feel about it.


Call for Nominations for 2012 Lydia Maria Childs Award. The Wayland Public Ceremonies Committee has traditionally brought to the Town's Annual Meeting, under Article 1, the names of citizens and/or volunteer organizations to be recognized for their contributions to the Town's governance, to our community's quality of life, or to serving important needs among our townspeople. In 2009 this honor was named the Lydia Maria Child for outstanding citizenship. Maria was a national heroine for abolition, equality and human rights who resided in Wayland in the mid nineteenth century. In response to citizen request, any resident may submit nominations for this award. The candidate nominated may be a resident or local group, an organization or an employee of the town. The Public Ceremonies Committee invites all Wayland residents to offer nominations for this honor. Each candidate is given serious deliberation. For consideration this year a nomination must be received by March 1, 2012. For complete details, click here.


2012 Open Burning Permits now available on line at town's website. Open Burning in Massachusetts is regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and enforced by the local Fire Department. Open burning season runs from January 15 to May 1, 2012. A valid permit obtained from the local fire department is required. The Fire Chief reserves the right to deny open burning on any day due to weather or environmental conditions. The Wayland Fire Department is now accepting open burning permit applications on line via the Town of Wayland website (click here). Residents will find a link to the registration page both on the Fire department page as well as the site's home page. There is no cost for the burn permit. After a successful first year of our online Burn Permit registration, we believe you will find the online system an easy way to obtain and use your open burning permit. The fire department will continue to offer the traditional walk-in registration for those that do not have computer access.


CPC Mainstone Appraisal documents available at the Library. The Community Preservation (CPC) recently had a firm do an appraisal of Mainstone Farm in connection with a proposed purchase of a conservation restriction on a large portion of the property. The appraisal is a substantial document that the Town has paid for with CPA funds. It is available in the Library for residents to review.


Athletic Concussion Policy Under Review by School Committee. The Wayland School Committee is reviewing the Athletic Concussion Policy (JJIF). If you would like to review the current and proposed wording of this policy, the policy is posted online (or available from the Superintendent's office in the Wayland Town Building). Wayland residents and other interested parties are encouraged to offer oral and/or written comments and reactions to the School Committee regarding the proposed policy changes. At a future meeting, it is the intent of the School Committee to take action on Policy JJIF. All School Committee meetings begin at 7pm in the School Committee Room on the second floor of the Town Building and are open to the public. The School Committee reviews all of its policies annually and periodically writes new ones or revises existing ones. For more information concerning these changes call Superintendent Paul Stein at 508-358-3763.



newsletterPegasus Summer Program Announcements:  New Pool and New TV Studio in Town; Great Amenities for Pegasus 2012, Programming Dates Expanded to Seven Weeks in 2012.  Mark your calendars now for summer fun. Pegasus will start on Monday, June 25, and continue until Friday, August 10. That's seven weeks of a soaring summer experience for preschool through Entering Grade Seven children. This year's location is Happy Hollow School. We'll be swimming at the beautiful, new Wayland Community Pool just minutes away from Happy Hollow School.Registration information will be available in December and distributed to all families. Watch for programming details. New in 2012: a new specialty area for Grades 1 -5: "Web Design" For complete details, click here.    


Save the Date


Wayland Wellness Summit, Sunday, March 18.  The first Wellness Summit is being planned for all adults and Middle and High School Students in the Wayland Community.  A variety of topics will be presented, including nutrition, concussion-related risks, sexuality, managing stress, preparing teens for college life, information regarding alcohol and marijuana, social host laws, marijuana legislation, in-control driving, and toxins in personal products, among others.  Complete details will be posted on WaylandCares' website, www.waylandcares.org, and registration will be open in January.  This program is sponsored by WaylandCares, The Friends of Wayland Youth and Family Services, Wayland Public Schools, and the Board of Health.  


EventsEvents & Happenings


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Upcoming Events: 


Most Tuesdays, Tuesday Morning Storytime, Wayland Library, 10:30-11am. Morning Storytimes continue most Tuesdays from 10:30-11 a.m. for ages 0-5. Our interactive program encourages learning, socialization, and fun. Registration is not required. We ask that parents and care givers participate in the storytime activities with their children. For more information, contact the Youth Services Department at 508-358-2308.


Tuesday, February 21, Jimmy Tingle on "Using Humor to Participate in the National Conversation", First Parish Meeting House, 7:30pm. Join us for a discussion with political comedian Jimmy Tingle, as he addresses the Walden Forum at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. The Walden Forum is held at the First Parish Meeting House, at the intersection of Routes 20 and 27. For 30 years Jimmy Tingle has been writing, performing, booking, marketing, and producing his one-person comedy and theatrical shows for colleges, corporations, social groups, and audiences from America and Great Britain to Canada and Australia. He is one of the top social and political humorists in America and will discuss his career and the fact that comedians can sometimes drive political debate. They are doing the job in ways that journalists cannot. He also will talk to us about his bid for the Presidency of the United States of America. It is no joke, or is it? With the crazy spin cycle of news today can humor and satire be our real source for the facts? This will be a serious discussion about political humor today in Jimmy Tingle's unique and inimitable funny way. It's about the importance of humor in politics today from his perspective. Are comedians today truly driving political debate? Is it a sign of the times? For complete details, click here.


Wednesday, February 22, Toe Jam Puppet Band, Wayland Library, 3-4pm. The Youth Services Department will host the Toe Jam Puppet Band's Winter Variety Show, featuring an appearance from Vinny's extraordinary puppet creation who blows a snowstorm through its nose! The show also includes a Penguin Line Dance and a variety of Toe Jam's favorite interactive songs, dances and puppet shows. Ages 3 and up. Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


Wednesday, February 22, Jenny the Juggler, Country School in Weston, 3pm. Bring your family to celebrate the Weston Community Children Association's 30th birthday party with a variety show by Jenny the Juggler. Jenny will wow you with a fabulous performance of juggling, comedy, singing, balloon sculptures, face painting and more. Tickets are $5 for WCCA members, $10 for non-members, and babies under 1 are free. Contact Alisa Taylor-Kapoor for more information.


Thursday, February 23, Founding Fathers' Faith, , Islamic Center of Boston, 7:30pm. What were the spiritual beliefs and core convictions of America's Founding Fathers? What did men like Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Paine believe about God, the Bible, and other matters of faith? How did their religious principles shape their vision for the newly established United States of America? Would any of these figures be electable today? Gary Kowalski, author of Revolutionary Spirits: The Enlightened Faith of America's Founding Fathers will answer questions like these. The Islamic Center of Boston is located at 126 Boston Post Road, Wayland. The program is sponsored by the Interfaith Book Club of the Islamic Center. The book group is committed to promoting discussions among people of all faiths. The program is open to the public. If you have questions or would like to join the book club, contact Shaheen Akhtar. For complete details, click here 


Friday, February 24, Holiday Week Craft Program, Wayland Library, 1-3pm. Using paper, kids will create a winter scene, play with origami fortune tellers, make a room decoration, and more. This is a drop-in craft program for children ages 4 and up, with librarian Elise Katz. Children 8 and under must be attended by an adult.


Monday, February 27, Wading Through the Paper Mess, Wayland Library, 10-11:30am.. Are you drowning in catalogs, magazines, and other mail? Can you find the warrantee for your overflowing washer? Tax time is here-are your records in order? Learn a quick and easy system for reducing the height of your paper stacks, and preventing new ones, at this hands-on workshop, led by professional organizer Gail R. Shapiro. Bring a large pile of papers, which will be organized by the time you leave. Space is limited in the workshop, so please contact Gail Shapiro (508-655-4473 or gail@gailshapiro.com) to register. 


starting Thursday, March 1, Frank Smith: Boccaccio and His Age, Wayland Library.   This session will mark the start of a six-week course with Frank Smith. He will take us to Italy in the 1300's, the century of transition from the medieval era to the dawn of the Renaissance. Attendees are encouraged to read The Decameron by Boccaccio (Penguin Classics, 2nd edition, translated by G.H. McWilliams). You may sign up at Circulation Desk. 


Tuesday, March 6, Great Presenter's Series: Write to Remember, Wayland Library, 7:30pm.  At the Library's next Great Presenters program, Misha Chowdhury, a local artist and teacher, will lead us in an exploration about how we can begin to put ourselves and our communities back together through the act of writing. Misha describes himself as a queer Bengali poet, singer, and performer. He says that he received his mantra, "Story Comes First," in a Wayland High School theater rehearsal and has been living his responsibility to story ever since. Misha is a Kundiman Fellow, and he recently returned from a Fulbright Creative Writing Fellowship in Calcutta, his city of origin, resulting in a collection of new poems. He currently teaches humanities, music, and theater at Meridian Academy in Brookline. 


Wednesday, March 7, Holistic Moms Network Education Session, First Parish, 7-9pm. Come and learn about Montessori, Waldorf, cooperative, farm-based and homeschooling options as representatives from several holistically-oriented schools and preschools in the area speak and answer questions. To RSVP or learn more: hmnmetrowestboston@gmail.com.


Wednesday, March 7, Selling Your Home in Perilous Times, Wayland Library, 7-8:30pm. Local realtor Brian Cichella will present information on understanding the relationship between the assessed value of your home versus its current fair market value and pricing your home with full knowledge of the current housing market to realize the greatest return. He will also talk about things both large and small that you can do to prepare your home for sale at the highest amount possible.

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