January 2017

Greetings From Paris from Janine and Family
Happy New Year!
What does 2017 mean to you?    
As few as 8% of all North Americans make resolutions that they actually keep.  Will you be 1 of those?

From the many list I surveyed, the top 3 resolutions were: lose weight, get more active, save more (spend less)

Well, 2017 can be the year you put that resolution into place. 

Join me for CashFlow Planning Workshop on February 21st.
  • Have you ever thought you make great money, but don't know if you have enough to show for it?
  • You feel as if you're constantly meeting other obligations, but not focusing on what's important to you?
  • Retirement is getting closer, but you don't know what it will take to get there?
  • Feel like your meetings are all product, and no plan.
Cash flow planning incorporates a structure that helps you to re-claim your money, and allows you to get more life from your income. 

Call or register here to book your seat.  This exclusive workshop is only available to those that qualify.  Space is limited.

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What's New for 2017:

Tax Preparation:  New Principal Residence Ruling.

 In 2016, a number of items have changed.  The biggest impact on many Canadians, is the new filing requirements for any real estate transaction.  It must now be included in your tax return.  This includes any properties that you sold in 2016.  For more information, please see the following:

New Statements: 
The January statement will include more information than ever before. All this to help you better understand your investments and the costs involved. I look forward to reviewing these new statements with you soon.

Tax Planning:
Tax Receipts will be available over the course of the next 8 weeks.  As usual, with clients that have non-registered accounts, we can provide a summary of receipts that you must have to complete your return.  Call our office for assistance.
All RRSP tax receipts will be printed starting January 9th. Then weekly from Feb. 4th on.  T3's and T5's are usually mailed at the end of February.  However, certain products are not required to issue receipts until March 27th, 2017.  Please verify you have all receipts, and if unsure, give us a call.
2016 RRIF Withdrawals and Receipts
All our RRIF clients will be be contacted regarding the 2016 withdrawal amounts.
RRSP Maximum for 2016:  $25,370
For 2017:  $26, 010 (or 18% of your earned income in the prior year, less any pension adjustment)

Own Foreign Assets, Stocks or Real Estate?:   Be aware of new foreign reporting requirements, and learn more here.

Tax Free Savings Account Contribution Limits for 2017: 
$5,500 is the new limit effective January 4th. The total amount for you is cumulative, so the new total TFSA contributions are $52,000.

We are getting in touch with all clients to ensure you maximize your TFSA as soon as possible.

As a Business Owner, what is your biggest challenge?  We are determining what you need most to soar in 2017. Share your challenges, and we will be providing ideas to help overcome them.

By Popular Demand we will be hosting the Business After 5:  Wine & Cheese

Tuesday January 24th!

Time: 5 to 7 pm
Location: Assante Capital Management Ltd.
9130 Leslie Street, Suite 302 - Richmond Hill

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Markets have been trending up, particularly the US.  What does this mean?  Can this trend continue?

Investing based on reality, not hope   I highly recommend this most recent Portfolio Construction.  It summarizes 2016, 2017 outlooks, international growth and exploring 'Trumponomics' .

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I thank you for the privilege of working with you, and look forward to continuing to help meet your goals in 2017 and beyond.      

Our biggest compliment is your referral.  
We have capacity for 6 new families in 2017.  If you know somebody that can benefit from our services, please pass along my name.  

I enjoyed sponsoring The Richmond Hill Centre For the Performing Arts Christmas Show with Steve Hoffarth and Marie DeBono.

Favorite Event

is a youth-led grassroots community initiative based in Richmond Hill, ON. WCCTWD engages our fellow youth in volunteerism, leadership, and social action through year-round activities.

Truly an inspiring event with local and international artists and performers sharing and working together to create change and showing what can be achieved when a community works together.  Make sure to share this fun and interactive event with family members and friends.

Sunday February 12th, 2:00pm
Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts

Sincerely, Janine  
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