The Donegal Summer Festival of Worship is in Full Swing!
Sign Your Congregation Up to “Attend” Now!

What is the Summer Festival of Worship!
Each Sunday from June 28, 2020 – September 13, 2020 one of our congregations is hosting online worship for the presbytery. All other congregations are invited to join that church for worship that week. This is a great way to connect as a presbytery as we join together in worship. It is a terrific way to handle the Sundays when a pastor is on vacation, study leave, or on other projects.

Line-Up for the Next Two Weeks
An email will be sent each week with the links for the following two Sundays. You can always find information and the full summer schedule at

Sunday, July 12 – Paoli Presbyterian Church
This is a pre-recorded service and is available on Sunday morning at 7:00am or later at

Sunday, July 19 – Oxford Presbyterian Church
Our worship stream premiers on YouTube each Sunday at 10:25am. Additionally, we utilize Zoom Webinar to provide an audio feed for worship that those without home internet can utilize by phone.

We also have a group of “on-demand”  or “encore worship” services. (Thanks to those who provided them. If you have not yet sent some, please send links to Chrissy Wells.)
To register your congregation to attend on your chosen Sundays, simply fill out the SurveyMonkey form below. This will let the presbytery and the host congregation know you are planning to join them and allow your congregation to be greeted by name. If you need to have your congregation join at the last minute and have not signed up, that is fine too.

Coming Up:
Associate Pastor's Clergy Group
Serving as an associate or assistant pastor provides its own set of unique challenges and opportunities in ministry. Having a safe environment with others who understand your position can be extremely helpful, particularly during difficult seasons.

That’s why for the next two months, Samaritan’s Clergy and Congregation Care program is waiving the fee for associate pastors and assistant pastors to meet in an ecumenical, facilitated group with peers.

The group will provide an arena to talk about the challenges, joys and sorrows related to ministry, as well as to test ideas of how to best serve congregations. Additionally, these sessions will provide a safe space for clergy to be vulnerable with trusted colleagues who know where they’re coming from.

Sessions will be facilitated on Zoom by the Rev. Don Hackett. The group will be limited to 6 participants, who will collaboratively determine the frequency and tone of these sessions. After the initial free sessions, participants can elect to continue with the group for a monthly fee.

If you’re feeling stressed amid this trying time, or just want to join with others, click below today to email Don and sign up for one of the 6 openings.
Westminster Presbyterian Church is Hosting the Global Leadership Summit Via Livestream
August 6 & 7, 2020
The Global Leadership Summit will give you an infusion of fresh ideas, actionable concepts and leadership principles. This is your opportunity to access a wealth of insights from a world-class faculty (see the attachment - you’ll probably recognize a few of the names). You will come away with Fresh, Actionable Leadership Insights

You can register for The Global Leadership Summit, by visiting our website

  • Interim Pastor Position - The First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, PA
  • Transitional Pastor Position – Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Felton, PA & Pine Grove Presbyterian Church, Airville, PA 
  • Half Time Pastor Position - Westminster Presbyterian Church of York, PA
  • Half Time Pastor Position Available - Bethany Presbyterian Church, Mendenhall, PA
  • Preschool Director - Part Time – Central Presbyterian Church, Downingtown, PA
  • Part-time Director of Worship Arts - Highland Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, PA
  • Executive Director - Friends of Presbyterian Education Board, Thorndale, PA
For detailed information about these positions,
visit the Donegal Presbytery website HERE