Fall 2020
As we move into fall and the election season deepens, we want you to know that we are praying for each of our congregations and our pastors. You are a remarkable group, and we appreciate your wise leadership during this time. If we can be of support, please be in contact.
At the September Presbytery Gathering, we heard from Pastor Eugene Cho, President of Bread for the World. 
If you would like to view the worship video, you may do so here: www.donegalpby.org/presbytery-gatherings/
Pastor Eugene’s sermon is available for congregations in Donegal Presbytery to use this fall. You may use it during your worship time as the sermon, post it for people to watch and or use it for discussion groups. Because this is a large download, please contact the Presbytery Office to receive the file. (christine@donegalpby.org). We encourage you to use this resource. Please contact us with any questions – we are happy to work through any technical details to make this available to you. The paragraph below is from Pastor Eugene, with parameters of how long the video may be available publicly through your website:  
The sermon video may live on a church’s website, but the church must agree to remove the sermon from any public video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) after 30 days. In other words, a church can stream their services on video platforms, but we are requesting that the ‘service’ be removed after 30 days.
If you do use the sermon from Pastor Eugene, we are asking that you consider a gift to the Presbytery Mission budget to help with the cost of having Pastor Eugene join us.
Blessings to each and all of you during this time.
Michael and Erin