Dear Kevin,

All of us know what has happened in recent days in Ukraine. 


Many people have been writing to us with the question: How can we help?


We wanted to send you an opportunity to help.  


Below is a letter from Jaroslaw Lukasik from Ukraine. Jaroslaw is a European Leadership Forum Steering Committee member and leader of the Eastern European Leadership Forum.

He lays out some practical ways we can help Ukrainians right now.  See his letter below.  


Please join us in supporting our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. 


Under the Mercy,


Greg Pritchard

Director, European Leadership Forum

Dear Forum family, 


If you want to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine – the things you can do now are:


1.  Pray 


We write this not because it must be written, but because we believe that only God can help Ukraine and the rest of the world in this turmoil. We recognise that these events might signal the start of World War III.


2.  Influence your governments and societies


Only an uncompromising and united position by the whole free world on sanctions against Putin (Russia) can force him to abandon his plans. Tell your fellow citizens about the situation in Ukraine and demand uncompromising sanctions against Russia from your governments.


3.  Help with funds


We have created a Christians for Ukraine Network which engages people in Ukraine (chaplains, pastors, volunteers who take people away from danger zones, etc.). 


We have people in Poland who will buy things necessary for Ukraine, such as:

  • Communication equipment
  • Medicine and medical supplies (bandages, anti-burn dressings and wound healing)
  • Aid for refugees such as food, clothes, and sleeping bags


Others are committed to transport these resources to Western Ukraine. Ukrainian Christian leaders will distribute them to different places.  


If you want to send funds to help, please see this document which gives instructions on how to give.  


Please pray!  


Jaroslaw Lukasik

Steering Committee Member, European Leadership Forum 

Leader, Eastern European Leadership Forum

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