Engaging with
The Mountain
Many Ways to Stay In Community

We miss connecting with all of you, our Mountain community. There are a variety of ways to stay connected and even deepen your engagement with The Mountain. We look forward to hearing from you and building for the future together.
Virtual Coffee with the new Acting Executive Director
We want to connect with you and hear your thoughts. The first ten people to respond to this invitation will be invited to have a one hour ZOOM virtual coffee with Beverly Cree. We will discuss your hopes, dreams and intentions as we build the future of our beloved Mountain. 

Please sign up below and as names are recorded, you will be contacted to schedule a chat. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Shop Local
Virtual Silent Auction
Virtual Opportunity to shop with some of the finest boutiques, hotels, restaurants in Highlands, NC while supporting The Mountain. This year our silent auction is online and open to YOU to participate from home! The Mountain has partnered with our small business neighbors to bring you some exciting, tasty, beautiful items perfect for gifts or treating yourself. All proceeds will support The Mountain to help us further our mission.

Become a Mountain Manifester
Set up an automatic monthly contribution to support the work of The Mountain.
Come for a
 Personal Retreat
We are very disappointed that with Covid we can only do limited programing, but you are always welcome to come to The Mountain for a personal retreat with family and friends.
Keepers of the Flame
Who are the Keepers of the Flame for The Mountain?

As the winds of change and circumstance blow, and the rains of challenge pound us, and the shrieks of uncertainty wail from time to time, there is the Flame that warms our souls, that sustains and nurtures us through this storm. Truly, as it has done so for other storms in The Mountain’s 42 year history, be they little, or existential.

Sometimes we may feel as though lashed to the mast of a once-upon-a-time schooner while the storm rages and tosses us about. When will it end? Then, we remember the flame. Wonder if it is still burning, still keeping us on course. And it is. Because of the Keepers...
Giving Tuesday
After Thanksgiving, we have Black Friday and Cyber-Monday for shopping, and then Giving Tuesday, December 1st, for supporting the work of charitable organizations. Please consider making a special gift to The Mountain as we work together, building for the future. 
Supporting The Mountain through Amazon Smile
As you shop online, please designate The Mountain as a beneficiary of your purchases. The Mountain will receive a small portion of all expenditures through this process.
42nd Anniversary of
The Mountain
We are celebrating the 42nd anniversary of The Mountain, and having fun thinking of “42” related ways to contribute to The Mountain. 

You might want to contribute $42, $420, or $4,200. 
We are delighted to have already received one donation of $42,000. 

We would love to have 42 mattresses, 42 sets of silverware, 420 new guests at The Mountain, 420 new Mountain members, or 42 volunteers. Or, come to 4 new Mountain programs, or have a cup of coffee or tea with 4 staff or volunteers and learn more about our Mountain team and what we do. 

What ideas do you have about how we could do 42 of something to celebrate The Mountain? 
Building for the Future

There are so many exciting things happening at The Mountain -- major renovation of the Tree House and Rec Room, cabin upgrades, repairing the dam and preserving our lake, in addition to general infrastructure work to care for Mountain facilities. We are delighted to be welcoming back a few small groups and look forward to seeing all of you back at The Mountain for a variety of inspiring programming.

In support of these projects at The Mountain in preparation for fully re-opening, I am donating about $100,000 as a stock transfer. I invite others to join me in this initiative -- transferring appreciated stock, minimizing tax exposure -- to make these special projects a reality.

The possibilities are created by all of us working together.

-Beverly Cree
Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

The RMD for retirement accounts could be donated to The Mountain to fund a special project or for the Endowment Fund. Those of us over 70 ½ may donate up to $100,000 without penalty to a non-profit organization. These larger donations make a difference, especially for ongoing infrastructure projects.
Virtual Mountain Programs
Join us Online

We have completed two very successful programs: Adaptive Living (summer 2020) and White Privilege and Anti-Racism (Fall 2020). In the winter, we are offering the program “Living Your Purpose” – please join us to reconnect with Mountain friends, make new connections, and engage with thoughtful presentations and discussions.
Personal calls from The Mountain

We miss our Mountain friends who have not been able to spend time here recently. To extend our relationship with all of you who care about The Mountain, we will be making phone calls to learn how you are doing in these challenging times, to share what is happening here and to learn about your thoughts for the future of The Mountain. We look forward to talking with you! 
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