July 8, 2022

10:00 a.m.
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Sanctuary Choir Notice
The Sanctuary Choir is on hiatus during the month of July
Guest Preacher

This Sunday, we welcome to the pulpit the Rev. Denise Odom. Denise has been in ministry for 20 years, having served the last 6 years at Presbyterian Village North where she is Director of Spiritual Life. She is married to Rev. Andy Odom and has two teen-age daughters.
"Unraveled" Summer Worship
Each week after worship, you are invited to write a prayer on a fabric strip. They will be woven together to create beautiful installation. The project will tangibly portray God’s presence in our moments of unraveling, as well as the promise that God weaves us together in love.

Sunday's prayer prompt: What belief, identity, or practice do you need to shed? Share it with God.
Also After Worship ...
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