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Wazzup!?! - Improvements In Customer Service!

All Free Return Shipping Is Via UPS!

Our free return shipping is now being done by UPS!

We had started free return shipping to reward our loyal Ohio customers as a result of our move to Valparaiso. It also rewarded our customers in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Mississippi, Louisiana, etc.

Recently, however, we have been having customers not getting their quilts as timely as expected. It is well known that the "X Day Delivery" by the post office is not a guarantee, but a trademark or salesmark, if you will. Our customers did received their quilts, but the unexplained delays always brought unnecessary anxiety.

As customer satisfaction is priority number one to us, we had to remedy this problem. As such, we worked with UPS to find a solution to our problem. UPS will be picking up your quilts in our shop and delivering them to your doorstep. The UPS ground service will deliver the quilts in Ohio the day after they are picked up from our shop!

This does two things for us:

  1. It improves customer satisfaction; and,
  2. It cuts the in-transit time, dramatically.

Elimination Of Thread Charges

We have eliminated the charges for solid thread, although we do charge for variegated thread due to its increased cost. The cost of the solid color thread is included in the longarming price.

Eliminating Basic Batting Charges

Sixty percent of our quilters who use our batting choose Quilters' Dream Poly Request batting for their quilts. Thus, we are including the cost of Quilter's Dream Poly Request in the longarming price.

Upgrades to other batting such as bamboo, cotton, and higher thicknesses, will be charged at only the increase above Poly Request's price.

There will be no reduction in price for quilters supplying their own batting. Batting quality has an enormous effect on the quality of the finished quilt. It affects is in the thread tension, shrinkage, and uniformity of the resulting quilt.

Supplying your own batting will not reduce your longarming prices as it increases our work.


You may have heard of WYSIWYG in relation to computers and printing. Simply put, "WYSIWYG" [pronounced Whizzy-wig] means "What You See Is What You Get."

This means that you know, up front, what the expectations are for:

  • Charges
  • Batting type and thickness
  • Backing color and manufacturer
  • Thread color [we have 90 colors!]
  • Stitching pattern(s) [we have 5,000!]
  • Type of quilting [E2E, E2E with borders, ...,custom]
  • Trimming
  • Binding

Additionally, we print it all on a sheet and provide it to you upon quilt check-in. This is emailed as a PDF for those customers who are "Mail-In" customers.
What Is "Customer Satisfaction?"

In our previous lives, Ruth and I were owners of Executive Insights. EI, as we referred to it, focused in international, intercompany and intracompany business process flows. One of our customers was a leader in the Dot-Com arena. That introduced us into the concept of "Customer Stats" or "Customer Satisfaction."

In industries where there is little to differentiate your product from others there are two avenues to pursue. The first is to highlight the differences, as exemplified by Burger King's "Have it your way". The other is through Customer Satisfaction.

The idea with Customer Stats is to increase your customers satisfaction and happiness is dealing with you. At Forever In Stitches, just about everything we do is to have high Customer Stats. Our goal is to have customers that look forward to working with us. In our case, this is not only a business requirement, but a religious one as well in order to love our brothers and sisters.

As you read through this newsletter you will have noticed that our primary goal is customer satisfaction. This satisfaction starts when you call us on the phone and continues through quilt check-in and involvement through quilt delivery to the next time you call us. It never ends.
Enjoy your blessings!
At Forever In Stitches our goal is to further the art of quilting and longarming.
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