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New Signage!

It seems that almost all new housing developments in our area have an HOA [Home Owners' Association]. Our new house was not different.

Before we bought our house we got permission from the HOA to have our longarming business in the house. However, there was no verbiage in the HOA covenants regarding signage.

When we were in Ohio, we always purchased our signs and signage from Fultz Sign Company in Lima, Ohio [(419) 225-6000]. But, we were now in Indiana. So, Ruth purchased a nice looking sign from VistaPrint.

It looked nice. The purpose of the sign was to find out if any one would object to the sign. We did not receive a single objection during the couple of months that it was up. But, it lasted only a short time in the rain and the five storms that we had.

So, I contacted Futz Sign for a sturdy, metal sign. We even went for the magnetic sign for our car. The price was good and the delivery was fast [one week from design to delivery].

The sign is now permanently implanted in our front yard and we have a moving billboard.
Have you ever had times when you are following the car in front of you through every twist and turn? That happened to us today on our way to Church. Every turn that they took, we took. We both even went to Burger King for breakfast [you can sit down and eat inside!] and we both parked in disabled parking spots! When we stopped, she stared at us as we got out of the car. [I thought she was going to call the cops!]

We went inside and stood behind her in line and said a polite hello. She looked at us and asked "What is 'longarming'"?

We trust this has been informative.
Enjoy your blessings!
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