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It's In The Numbers!
Peter & Ann Are Getting Married!

When a child is born you're given temporary custody to help them grow to be an adult and provide a basis to guide their lives. Along the way many things happen including graduating from high school and then college, followed by that first real job that give you that warm feeling that maybe you didn't blow it after all!

Then you look ahead to their marriage choice. In this world there are so many examples on "how not to choose your life's mate" it is frightening. It is a real blessing when the right one is found!

So, Peter and Ann are getting married on December 29. Ruth made them a wedding quilt based on her "Striated Star" with two pillow shams from "Sham-a-lot". I was able to get in the act because she used the digitized stitching designs from my "Wrought Iron" series.

She also volunteered to do the table runners for the reception dinner tables. Now, to me a typical table runner is 12" x 24", or there about. It turns out that these are 12" x 88" and we needed 23, and we made an extra 24th [just-in-case].

Ruth asked me to design the stitching. It took me weeks to get my mind around an 88" pattern. I finally came up with a 12" x 88" pattern that stitches in three passes as the edges and center are different. The "P&A" is from their engagement photos. The floral I like to refer to as "Love In Bloom".

So, what are the numbers? It took our Innova 25 minutes to stitch each table runner at 50% speed. Each table runner has over 25,000 stitches! With 24 table runners, that works out to over 600,000 stitches. In the mean time we emptied both Findlay & Lima Jo-Ann's stores of their Rich Red Kona!

The real work came with the trimming and binding. Ruth did 133 yards of binding! I watched her and I can't even believe it!  [It's true - Excel doesn't lie!]

She did all of this in her "off" hours so as not to slow down the delivery of customers' Christmas quilts. Thank you, Ruth!

Colors of Longarming Thread

Just for giggles, I counted the number of colors of our longarming thread. We offer 117 different colors, in stock! When you consider that we have a minimum of two cones of each color - that's a lot!      

Note The Change In The Coming Closure!
We will be closed for the combination of the Ann Wilmsen - Peter Grihalva wedding, Christmas, and New Years from Sunday, December 24, 2017 through Monday, January 1, 2018. This gives you two extra days of quilting pleasure!

Other than these closures, our normal hour will be observed.
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