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Shoulder to Shoulder for Soldiers!
We Redecorated!
Shoulder To Shoulder For Soldiers!
We are very thankful for those who serve us. We don't even know them. They don't even know us. But they serve us anyway and sometimes at any cost!
We are thankful for those who show their thanks by making tributes. The quilters, clubs, and guilds - showing their thanks - giving thanks - by giving.
There are some special ones for whom I am particularly thankful.  
One example of these is Arlene G.  She has been donating Saturdays and some weekdays to longarming the quilts for Bluffton Scrap Artists.
She will longarm 2 to 4 quilts a day. When she is joined by Sylvia P. and/or Ruth G. they can finish 8 to 10 quilts per day.  
That's pretty cool! They get to longarm! Well, that may be fun, but the organizing, planning, purchasing, and coordinating that goes into it is all behind the scenes.
I just wanted to thank Arlene and her compatriots for the over two years of service and thankfulness in quilting well over 50 quilts a year.
We've Redecorated!
From the above photo you can see that we have re-hung our walls. We now have 86 of Ruth 135 quilting items hanging around the shop.
Come in and enjoy the color! 
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