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Wazzup!?! Another Granddaughter?
Talk About Coincidences!

Previously I wrote about my two thirteen year-old granddaughters, Bella and Sierra. Each one created a quilt and DIY Longarmed them with their grandmother, Raggedy Ruth.

A week ago I was contacted by Stephanie about longarming her thirteen year-old's quilt. After a short discussion, Stephanie decided to have her granddaughter, Payton, quilt her own quilt, although she was a bit concerned about how enthusiastic Payton would be!

Payton had chosen a layer cake for her new quilt. Payton worked under Stephanie's guidance through all of the steps in making her quilt. Payton proudly brought her top and backing into the shop on Friday.
Under the guidance of Ruth, she loaded the top, batting, and backing onto the longarm, chose a pattern and pressed "Go!"

Bingo! An immediate smile!

After three hours and several rows of longarming, Payton was all smiles and had her new quilt! Stephanie was also all smiles and signed up for a day this week to DIY Longarm another quilt.
I subsequently talked to Stephanie [who was sewing on the binding with haste!] and discovered that Payton's mom was also all smiles. Also, it seems that Payton is on the hunt for more fabric! It appears that a quilter is born.
Enjoy your blessings!
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