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New Web-Site & Service!
New Web-Site


It was sad to see the old one go, After all, it was designed by our son, Peter, six years ago as a summer project.

It needed to go, however. It was an HTTP site and all the new ones are HTTPS. "Wow," you say, "That 'S' must be really important!"

It actually is important. It stands for "secure." I never cared about it before because our site does not exchange or collect data. Our web-store, on the other hand, is an HTTPS site.

Nonetheless, Google's rules for ranking web-sites demands that sites are listed as HTTPS is they are to get any ranking at all. When our shop was in Ohio all of our business was repeat or "word of mouth" and we really didn't care about Google's ranking. But, now we must start from the ground up since we moved to Indiana. Hence: "Yes, Sir, Google, Sir."

Where Is The Web-Site? is still our web-site's domain name. In reality it is actually at automatically forwards your request to

For those of you who still use [our first web-site] this automatically forwards to, too.

Why Bring This Up?

Although all this automatic forwarding has been put in place to make it easy for us mere humans, occasionally it doesn't work. Take me, for example. I type in and my computer's electrons time out, or something like that.

There are two reasons that could be happening, but neither you, nor I, want me to go into that.

By The Way...

I think the new web-site is nifty and easier to use. Check it out and let me know what you think.

New Service?

The new site is more oriented to our business. This is because over the last six years, our business has evolved quite a lot.

DIY Longarming

The most striking example of this is "DIY Longarming."

"Do-It-Yourself Longarming" is an expansion of our program with 4H where we let the young quilters use our machines under our supervision. In this case it is for all quilters - young and old!

With DIY Longarming you reserve our automated Innova AutoPilot Mach 3 for a period of time. This block of time is the amount of time that we agree you can finish your longarming at one time.

We differ from other similar services in that:

  • We use automated equipment to make the overall experience faster, better looking, and uniform than free-motion.

  • We offer Ruth's and my assistance. Ruth is a well know Innova instructor.

  • We do not require an expensive class to start out. Our training is on-the-job [OJT] training.

  • We offer three levels of quilting: E2E, E2E with borders, and custom and not just E2E. [To advance from E2E to higher levels you must have experience with the lower levels with us and not with "Suzie Q." Each longarmer seems to have their own "holly grail" of rules that is unique to themselves].

Innova Training

Innova Training is right next to our longarming services because it sets us apart from the crowd. Ruth is the first to develop this type of training for the Longarm Industry.


We hope you enjoy the newsletter, web-site, and DIY Longarming!

Enjoy your blessings!
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