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Who would have thought that ironing would be fun?
See Ruth's new 24" x 120" ironing board!

Ironing boards seem to be going in two directions: really small so they are portable and really large so that large fabric can be ironed efficiently. We sell 60" - 118" wide backing fabric, so we are interested in a LARGE! ironing board.

As most quilters, Ruth started out with a regular ironing board. We then upgraded to the "Big Board", which increased our ironing space to 22" x 60" - which is great for 45" fabric.
What do you do when you are tired of ironing 118" backing with multiple passes on a "big board"? - You build your own 120" "pressing platform", of course.

That's what Ruth did! She went to Lowes and had them cut the lumber. Then, back home to  her trusty "chop saw", layers of cotton batting and the appropriate fabric cover and voila!  
My question to you is "how often do you see someone smiling while they're ironing?" I see Ruth smiling, now, as she irons her large backs for customers who purchase our wide backing! 
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