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Why Were We Closed For Continuing Education? 
What Does This Mean For You?
We've Upgraded! 
On August 23 & 24 we were closed for "Continuing Education". The education was on our new "Creative Studio" software for our two Gammill Optimum/Statler Stitcher longarms. Our two day private class was conducted by our longtime friend Bekki Lund of At The Heart Of Quilting at their Michigan shop in St. Joseph, Michigan.
This upgrade was costly for us as we were closed for two day for the training. In addition, it took an additional two days to switch out one computer for the new one from Gammill and Dell, upgrade the other computer, upgrade firmware, and install the software.
Prior to this, we were on the older software, which could do the same things if you were really good at math and visualization. After doing over 7,300 paid quilts and 700 others on the old software, we were accomplished at doing everything, but at times it was nerve-wracking. The new software eliminates most of the guess-work and thus is easier on our nerves.
So, what does that mean to you? This upgrade provides us with a way of doing more stitching in less time, which saves you money, especially on semi-custom, custom, and heirloom quilting.
Here are some of the benefits that we've found in the last week:
  • Borders and corners are integrated. This reduces the tie-offs and the need for "Corner-Stones" when borders don't tie together seamlessly.
  • It gives us the ability to demonstrate the look and the size of the stitching rather than just looking at the patterns in the book. This is important for any quilts other than Edge-To-Edge.
  • There is a "trim" capability to allow stitching around applique.
  • Patterns can be "morphed" to fit inexact blocks and block sizes.
  • Edge-To-Edge patterns are kept straight and in-line with the quilt without doing all of the "stuffing" of the frames.
  • We now have the ability to connect different patterns without tie-offs.
  • Better stitch and pattern control when borders are of uneven width.
  • The precision of pattern placement is improved. This allows placement that gives the "heirloom" look.
  • There are fewer tie-offs required on custom quilts.
  • There is more control over point-to-point patterns where the same pattern is connected and centered in repeating blocks or design elements.
  • Patterns can be easily rotated and "cropped" to fit in edge blocks.
The above is a partial list of the benefits that we've encountered. All of the items on our check-list to upgrade were met and more than satisfied.
We trust that you will be more satisfied with the results as are we.
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