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Indiana Customers!

We've had lots of quilts from Ohio [thank you!], and Mississippi [thank you] to quilt. This week we had our first customers from Indiana.

I have included this photo [with permission] of our first Indiana customer.

Meet Sandie S. on the right. [Now that I seen my picture, I shouldn't have given permission to print it!]


It's interesting that our first three customers from Indiana came to us through different sources: The Northwest Indiana Times [NWI Times], Facebook, and Google.

We have spent a lot of time making newspaper ads for the area. We have and will have at least one ad in the NWI Times every week from the middle of May to the end of June. The NWI Times has a good circulation, it has local content, and it is well read.

This is one of our weekly ads.
We also have tried to contact all of the quilt guilds and clubs in the area. This is a difficult task because so many of them have been closed down due to COVID19. In spite of this Ruth has three speaking engagements coming up. Woo Hoo!

Don't Forget

We are offering 15% off all longarming that postmarked or received by June 30, 2020 with Free Return Postage for longarming over $75 .

It's A Policy

The Free Return Postage is our policy regardless of having a sale or not. Sew, if you can't get the treasure finished in time, you will still have the Free Return Postage.
Enjoy your blessings!
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