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Wazzup!?! Where's Waldo?
Where's Waldo?
Have you every played Where's Waldo? The object is to find Waldo [shown right] in a sea of faces. To me it sounds like quilters looking for a longarmers. They say "Oh where, oh where can my longarmer be...."

There are a ton of longarmers. But, which one, if any, is the one you want? Which ones are close by? Which ones use the techniques that you want? How do you get a hold of them.. . . And, the list goes on!
Where's Forever In Stitches?
Forever In Stitches is easy to find on The site lists capabilities, web-site, and Facebook page along with a brief outline of capabilities [shown right].

The basic listings are free. However, if you want to be verbose, like me, and where I can display our work, then there are modest upgrades. We have the lowest level and pay $25 per year.

The web-site is quite user friendly. Once there, either search / look-up my longarmer or submit a listing [advertise].

There are two other options for those readers who are longarmers. The first is Longarm Tech where you can find techs to help you with your longarm issues. The second is to Edit My Listing to update or upgrade your listing.

The main screen of some description. This is followed by a world map and featured longarmers [shown below].
Place your cursor on the map at the location in which you are interested and start scrolling in. Double click on the marker of interest and a snap-shot, similar to the one shown above, or upgraded page of the company appears.

FindMyLongarmer is sponsored by, a source of technical information supporting longarm quilting machines, frames, and the Longarm artists that make works of beauty with creative stitching.

FindMyLongarmer has been available since the beginning of February and already has over 200 listings, mostly in the US. If you are looking for longarmers in England, South Africa or Australia this is also the place to look.

The site was started by Keith H. His wife was [you guessed it] a longarmer. As such, he maintained her machine. He was surprised that there was so little in the way of forums, etc. like motorcycle enthusiasts [of which he is one] enjoy to support the sport and maintain the equipment. And, so these sites were born.

I agree, better information is helpful to a community of quilters. I trust thus is helpful.

We trust that this information will be of benefit to you and the art of quilting!

May the Lord richly bless you.

Rick & Ruth Grihalva

Enjoy your blessings!
At Forever In Stitches our goal is to further the art of quilting and longarming.
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