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Winners on the web-site challenge!
Who Are They?    
To my surprise we had only three errors that were found! I was happy that I hadn't made more errors and unhappy that more people couldn't win a prize.

Today I shipped out the winning prize choices that the winners had specified.

Our winners were: Cathi D., Jerrene S., and Denny B. Denny is not a quilter, but a purchasing manager at Brewer's. His designated quilter was Geri E, and she received his prize of her choice.

This also marks the end of the web-site challenge! 
Thanks To All!

I find that it is incredible how much time it takes to keep a web-site up-to-date [and we have 3]. Then you put a Facebook on top. And Constant Contact. And, Twitter ... and the others [which we do not do]. After all, it was supposed to make communications easier!

We get a lot of feedback on Facebook from our 1,800+ "followers" and "likers." We also have almost 3,000 on Constant Contact with better than industry response results. Our main web-site gets about 2,000 unique visitors per month. Raggedy Ruth Designs and the Perfect Corner Ruler get another 500.

However I recently realized that there are many computer users who do not have Facebook [our primary communication means] and thus cannot "follow" us. Also, there are some who use computers with internet, but no email accounts. That is why we invested my time in updating our web-site so that it contained all of the latest information.

Thank you for using one, some, or all of the electronic communication techniques that we offer! I trust that the information we provide is helpful, informative, and/or interesting. 
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