We value our partnership with you and appreciate the trust you have in our team to serve your clients - both existing and new customers.

As your business grows in 2019, we are prepared to offer additional services to meet your customers where they want to do business. If Live Chat is not on your website as a feature for customers, let's chat! You are losing customers to your competitors, and we can help. The cost is $9.95 per month with a one-time set-up fee of $19.95.

Please feel free to reach out any time with questions or concerns - we'd love to hear from you!

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Customer Service 101
3 Positive Phrases for
Customer Service

  • It's My Pleasure - a staple statement of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. Assisting clients means offering solutions with a smile.

  • I'd Be Happy to Recommend - provide a solution to their objective or find a suitable alternative.

  • Thanks for Choosing Us - always thank a customer for calling your business. There are many businesses that do what you do, but they chose you.
Industry News

Let’s cut right to the chase. The importance of live chat cannot be overstated as witnessed by the results of a  study by Zendesk , which revealed 92% customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature, compared to other communication options like voice (88%), email (85), web form (85%), and social media (Facebook 84%, Twitter 77%).

The customer service industry requires employees to have a number of  soft —or  interpersonal —skills. Whether you interact with customers in person, on the phone, or via email or online chat, it's important that you believe able to relate to them on a human level and that they feel as if they are interacting with someone who genuinely cares and wants to solve the problem.
ASuperior Client Reminders
Emergency Communication

A Superior Contact Center is prepared with our battery backup, generator service and remote agents on standby.

While we do not anticipate any complications, there is risk involved with any natural disaster event.

To be immediately notified of any service issues we may experience, please subscribe to our Emergency Text Notification Service by texting the word ASUPERIOR to the number 41411.   You should receive a reply asking for your name. After entering your name, you should receive a welcome message to confirm sign-up.
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