Call me a Valentine’s Day skeptic. Is it just a ploy to sell me some stuff? Just the day I can make up for the 364 when I didn’t say I care? Maybe. But this month I’m taking a new look at it, and It occurs to me that Valentine’s Day is, rightly, the day to celebrate love and commitment in all their forms.  

Agree? If so, please write to us, post on social media, send us your photos and your donations! Pour out your hearts for what you love, what you have committed to: our planet, the living beings we share it with, the moments of beauty you find in each day, and especially for the other great hearts who will never stop until we have protected all that we love from the climate crisis.

For the grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Nadine, ECA Communications Committee Member
My love letter to my friends and fellow warriors at Elders Climate Action, by an ECA member

"How could I not love you? You give so generously of your precious time and energy. Every day you seek the best strategies, the right messages to reach all of us… elders, seniors, boomers, grandparents… and bring us together.  You have given us a vision of the power we have, if we act together, by voting (we cast nearly 70 million votes in 2018), by marching (we account for over 180 million feet), and by deploying our trillions of dollars   to end the age of fossil fuel destruction. . You have articulated our duty to work beside the younger generations in their effort to build a sustainable future. You… no, we… together because of you, are the vehicle through which our hopes become commitments, our commitments become action. I never feel alone with my climate worries and grief because I can join an ECA call or catch your latest social media posts or make use of the valuable resources on your website. You’ve committed to my grandchildren’s future, and I’m committed to rise with you."
~ With love, Nadine, (PA) (photo of Nadine and granddaughter)
"I 💚 being involved in ECA because it feels so good to be inspired by others of my generation and to get ideas and insights that I can build on in my work for life on the planet.
~Katherine (CA)

"I 💚 ECA because it’s leadership endured the difficulties associated with an all volunteer startup and is finally seeing the fruits of its persistence." 
~ David (DC)

“I 💚 being involved in ECA because I love my children, grandchildren, community and planet, and want to protect them."
~Bill (CA)

We 💚 ECA because it gives a voice to us, the Elders! It provides a forum so that we can use our life experience and wisdom gained over the years to address the global climate crisis.Thank you ECA!”   
~Shirley & Bill (CA)
“I 💚 being part of ECA because not only is it a great resource for climate news, it connects me with like minded individuals and makes me feel like I'm not alone in my concern for this crisis.”
~ Rose (MA)

“I 💚 the posts on the Elders Climate Action FaceBook page and share many of them with members of our Florence Climate Emergency Campaign in Oregon .
~Michael (OR)

“I 💚 being involved in ECA because I feel like I'm doing something meaningful for my grandchildren's grandchildren.” 
~Sue (FL)

"I 💚 being involved in ECA because standing shoulder to shoulder with like-minded seniors who care deeply about preserving life and a future for our grandchildren enables me to have hope and sustains my belief that action can have significant and critical impact! "
~ Maxine (FL)
Thank You Jane Fonda!!!

ECA Maryland/DMV Chapter Members presented Jane Fonda with a Certificate of Appreciation for her work amplifying the climate emergency through Fire Drill Fridays.

Fire Drill Fridays will continue nationally in 2020. Learn more. Photo: Jane Fonda (center) with ECA Members Sylvia and Leslie.
Tell us what you have been doing for climate action. Send a 150 word (max) summary of what you've been doing and we'll share it in a future newsletter. Send to info@eldersclimateaction.org
Climate change is scary. Talking about it productively doesn't have to be . Convincing someone to adopt your values and worldview is basically impossible. Instead, look for places where your values are already aligned by Karin Kirk in the USA Today (January 24, 2019) Read the full article here.
Climate Reality Leadership Corps
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Train with former Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader and learn how you can inspire action for climate solutions in your community and beyond

Las Vegas, Nevada: March 8-10, 2020. Apply for the Las Vegas training , San Antonio: April 14-16, 2020, Raleigh, North Carolina: June 29-July 1, 2020, Detroit, Michigan: August 11-13, 2020, Orlando, Florida – September 3 - 4, 2020

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Elders Promote the Vote

Elders Climate Action is committed to increasing the power of pro-climate, pro-environment voters in the 2020 election and all future elections. That is why ECA has formed  Elders Promote the Vote,  a partnership with the Environmental Voter Project - to contact millions of these pro-environment voters with a clear get-out-the-vote message. Join us and get started -- (anonymously) text voters from home!
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There’s Something Funny About Climate Change with Peterson Toscano

Comedian, Storyteller, and Climate Action Figure, Peterson Toscano will lead a lively discussion about the roles storytelling and comedy can play in our climate work.
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