As we rapidly approach the end of the year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on what Pine Tree Legal has done in 2022. We immediately think of the people who have made that possible; our amazing staff, our dedicated volunteers, and most importantly, you, our committed supporters.

As another year closes, we are reminded that together we will continue to create lasting change in the everyday lives of our clients.

We deeply appreciate your dedication to Pine Tree Legal and want to share with you the impact of your support.


We are pleased to report that we're ended 2022 having served a total of

7,554 clients.

This is a 12.3% increase from the 6,726 cases in 2021, which reflects the increased pressures of those seeking access to justice. 

This year our compassionate and dedicated Pine Tree advocates took over

 10,000 phone calls from Mainers in crisis.

Year after year, our staff continue to rise to the challenge and with your support, we are able to serve more clients than ever.


Our clients are why we do what we do,

you are the how.

You are the essential piece of the puzzle that allows our clients the same safety and protections as everyone else, regardless of economic status. Your support keeps people housed, provides workplace opportunities for low-wage workers, keeps community members protected from abuse, provides a voice to those unheard and breaks down barriers to justice for Maine people experiencing poverty.


We are thankful for your partnership and support and look forward to continued collaboration to ensure access to justice for those in need in Maine. 

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2023!



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