A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 3, 2020
Hi from all of us at FGS! We are enjoying an overcast couple days and thankful for a small reprieve from the sun. The humidity, however, is another story. Scott and I walked this weekend, and it really was more like swimming through humidity than walking to be honest. I swear our water bill has gone up just from the extra showers needed walking to the mailbox! I threaten weekly to install a water park or pool in the garden during summer. That's probably gonna take a lot of convincing, so feel free to help a girl out.  

In other news, we talked about updating everyone on our neighbors, Dan and Sally, who recently lost their home, cars and belongings in a fire. We have had some amazing businesses step forward with such support, along with incredible monetary gifts through our GoFund Me page. Restore Pro is taking care of the home and one of their contractors has donated the roof. State Farm Insurance partnered with Recycled Rides and donated a car that exceeds all their expectations. Not to mention, Olivia, who is 9 years old, donated $150 from her savings account, because "Everyone deserves a happy life." Seriously.  

In the meantime, we have located a home for them to stay in close to their current home. This allows Dan to be close to what is most familiar to him. This also worked well as the lease is for 6 months and then monthly after which coincides with the build. Restore Pro has begun the process of permitting and all that goes along with this, so the ball is officially rolling.  

Sally continues her treatments and Dan is still tinkering in his garage. We have learned that Dan loves to repair everything from toasters to cars! Sally loves to sew and watch golf.  As Sally takes the time for self-care, she also spends time keeping Dan safe and out of trouble. :)  

As we get further into knowing what their needs are as it relates to the house being completed, we will keep everyone posted. Immediate needs right now would be a full size bed and a small kitchen table and chairs.  You can also donate monetarily at our GoFundMe page. This is such a new fresh beginning for them, and we are helping them with their needs, style and functionality. This is the first time they will ever have a new home with new paint, new flooring, etc. It's overwhelming to them, and they are truly grateful for every little thing everyone has done.  Every single gesture is truly a blessing.  

Be amazing every day. And we will continue to be amazing by helping you with all things green and orange and festive!  You make all our hearts smile at FGS.  
The star of the houseplant show this week is Aglaonema. They are known for the striking foliage that almost looks painted. Different varieties can handle different amounts of light, but overall they prefer medium light. Judy has many varieties in stock right now, including Osaka, Tigress, Cutlass (pictured), Firecracker, Stripes, Sparkling Sara (rare), Mary Ann, and Silver Bay. Come pick out your favorite.
Unlike the evergreen Southern Magnolia, deciduous Magnolias may drop their leaves in winter, but they make up for it come spring. Their branches will be covered in either pink, white, or yellow blooms, depending on the variety. We have many in stock right now, including the Waterlily, Oyama, Sunsation, Cleopatra, and Ann. Deciduous Magnolias are small trees perfect for small spaces.
Ok. We know it isn't the first time you've heard that, but we do not want to remain mum about all the gorgeous mums that are occupying our tables and waiting for you to take them home to decorate your porches and patios. We have pinks, oranges, yellows, whites...so many colors. While most of them are not blooming yet, their blooming season is right around the corner. Get ahead of the fall decorating game!
We already told you about our new shed for pottery that is now open for your pottery shopping pleasure! This week we unpacked pallet after pallet of indoor and outdoor pottery. We easily have the largest selection of pots we have ever had in so many sizes and colors. You will be sure to find the perfect pot for your indoor or outdoor spaces.

We have also added a new shade area to add more inventory that is perfect for shaded gardens and landscapes. You will love meandering on the new graveled pathways in this cool, shaded space.

Also, you will notice that our perennial section has moved to the front of the property. We are making room for all the pumpkins, pansies, mums and other cool season annuals that are arriving over the next couple weeks.
September 19-October 24
On Saturdays and some Sundays, September 19-October 24, we will have food trucks here for you to enjoy! Pair a yummy meal with a cold beverage or treat from The Potting Shed, and you have the perfect combination for a fun fall afternoon. Enjoy here, or pick up a meal to take home after picking out pumpkins, pansies and mums at the Garden Center! Who's ready for fall?? See the Food Truck schedule here.
Thursday, September 24, 6:00pm-7:30pm
Do you love houseplants, but don’t really know how to take care of them? Have you recently caught the houseplant bug and discovered caring for them has been a challenge? In this class, you will discover the basics of houseplant care including lighting, watering, feeding, re-potting and more! You will also find out which plants are easy to care for. Come prepared with all your houseplant questions. The cost is $12 and participants will receive a 4-inch Pothos to take home and care for! The Potting Shed will be open selling wine, mimosas, beer, cider, hard seltzer and Sunset Slush. Bring a friend and enjoy a fun evening in our Garden Center! Space is limited so register today.
Presenter: Amanda Henry/FGS Register here today!
Saturday, September 26, 10:00am-11:00am
Growing trees in containers is becoming more and more popular here in North Carolina. Not much space is needed so if you have a porch, patio, deck or balcony a potted tree can make a great focal point. Join us as we teach you how to choose the right container, properly plant your tree as well as maintain it so your tree will stay healthy for years to come. There is no fee for this class.
Presenter: Aurora Cloutier/FGS Register here today!
Happy September, friends! It is a new month and you know what that means...we've got a To Do list for you! In this post, we have included all you need to do out in your lawn and garden this month.

Are you planting a fall garden this year? Now is the time to get started! There is plenty to do to have a successful garden, so we have many suggestions from soil prep to what to plant in this fall gardening post.
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