We Appreciate Your Resiliency During This Pandemic
Business Owners –
We understand that the current restrictions on Birmingham businesses are painful for you and your employees, and we appreciate the way you have complied with these restrictions to ensure the health of our community. 
Unfortunately, there is no way for us to predict when this situation will end. As we work through this pandemic, you can rest assured that your businesses are secure as police patrols continue to monitor the business district. We are promoting the carry-out option for our restaurants through the media, our websites and social media. We are working with the BSD to support you through this period, and we are moving forward thoughtfully with planned construction activity in the area. 
Last week, you were notified that the City Commission had approved the agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for Maple Road construction. We anticipate MDOT approval later this month, and hope to start the project in early to mid-April. Our intent is to move carefully but decisively on reconstruction. 
Early site-work will begin next week with the removal of trees on Maple between Woodward and Chester. You may have already noticed the removal of some banners and bike racks. We will keep you apprised of any changes to the project and site through this email, and welcome your feedback. 
Again, we appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work together through this situation, hoping for a safe resolution and a swift return to normal.

If you know someone else who would benefit from receiving these email updates, please forward the sign-up information to them: bit.ly/bhamnews . Learn more at www.bhamgov.org/MapleReconstruction .