April 30, 2017 
Dear (Contact First Name),  

Beneath all the polarization, we are all God consciousness.
Quote from Unfolding Mystery of Self- We Are Never Alone

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Unfolding the Mystery of Self is available at
New: Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshop series

Workshop 1 I Am Infinite
Workshop 2 Recognizing Self as an Eternal Luminous Being
Workshop 3 Noticing the stillness
Workshop 4 In Oneness

The meditations are meant to transform your awareness from identifying with your body as self to the awareness that you are the energy, the consciousness that extends beyond your body - that which is seen in aura photos. You are a being much larger than your body - in fact you can experience yourself as infinite.

Unfolding the Mystery of Self workshops and videos will be available on my website  in May.     The workshops will include downloads, affirmations, guided meditations and guided exercises.  Visit my site today to see and introduction and then check back as I load a new workshop every few weeks in May. 

May you find everything you desire for to move you ahead in your awareness today.
Upcoming events:

Unfolding the Mystery of Self: Available starting May 1, online
Basic ThetaHealing: May 11 - 13, Phoenix, Arizona
Basic ThetaHealing: June 14 - 16,Phoenix, Arizona
Advanced ThetaHealing: July 12 -14, Phoenix, Arizona
Dig Deeper ThetaHealing:   July 18 - 19, Phoenix, Arizona
EVE Consciousness Presentations, Nov. 9-12, Lugano, Switzerland


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