We Are Back!
Weekend Specials:
Wild Halibut $13.95 Per Pound
Wild Flounder $11.95 Per Pound
Wild Mahi Mahi $9.95 Per Pound
East Coast Oysters $0.50 Each
while supplies last...

Friday Hours: 11am - 4:30pm
Saturday Hours: 9am - 1pm
Local Delivery Will Resume Tomorrow
Shipping Will Resume Monday
We are working towards getting back to normal! Local Deliveries in queue will go out tomorrow as well. We are working on seeing if we will be able to offer our items like ceviche and and shrimp cocktail. It will depend on if we can get our produce in in time. If not we will have to push things on that end to next week.

We also have plenty of things like Quail, Ribeye Steaks, different ground meat, pork tenderloins, gumbos, chowders, stuffed chickens and more if you are looking to replenish your food supply on other items!
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"Coastal Distancing"
Texas Gulf Shrimp Package!
Texas Trio Shrimp Package
Get ready for our new "Coastal Distancing" program! Order one month or subscribe for monthly shipments of Texas Gulf Shrimp delivered directly to your door! Each month will include 2 pounds of Colossal Shrimp, 2 pounds of Jumbo Shrimp, and 2 Pounds of a Boil Size Shrimp! We will also put special recipes, seasonings and other additions in each shipment, free of charge! Not to mention shipping and delivery is free nationwide! You will receive your delivery the first week of every month. All orders are delivered in an insulated cooler packed with multiple ice packs to ensure freshness. If items arrive slightly thawed you can still put them in the freezer and this will not affect the quality. To take part in the upcoming month's shipment you must sign up by the 27th of the month! You will be billed on the 28th day of each month if you subscribe. We do offer a grace period during the first week of the month. If we are able to fit you in to the current batch of orders we will, but we cannot guarantee anything if you miss the deadline of the 27th.
Chilean Sea Bass & Red Snapper Will Be February's Catch Of The Month!
Catch Of The Month -Single
Catch Of The Month -Couple
Catch Of The Month -Family
We Also Have Monthly Salmon Packages
Featuring Regal King Salmon!
Check out this video to see why we exclusively use New Zealand Regal King Salmon in our Salmon Lovers Packages!
Salmon Lovers Package -Single
Salmon Lovers Package -Couple
Salmon Lovers Package -Family
Crawfish Update
As if this crawfish season couldn't get any worse! This week's weather will make crawfish a no go this weekend. We will have to wait and see what happens next week. We are seeing a lot of dead crawfish from the cold at our farms. We will try to fish again next week to see what we get, but we will likely be out for a little while at least.