Volume 8, #42
We Are Church
Dear Members of St. Joseph the Worker Parish,
We are Church, and we are better together—our community is important. Right now all of us struggle with the isolation and separation that this current COVID-19 pandemic has created. But, we are not alone-- we are a parish.
To this end, I collaborated with parishioner, Kenda Jochimsen, to create a phone tree program to maintain some contact with certain groupings within the parish: our “seniors", young adults, and families with school age children. 
We have a small team of parish volunteers drawn from our parish organizations to begin this program. What were the requirements? We looked for stewards who:
  • Are out-going individuals and who love to chat
  • Are individuals with time on their hands
  • Are parishioners who value our community
The main message we want to leave with our members is that we care; that we know this is a time of isolation; that they are not alone; that we want to hear about their lives, their joys, and support them in their cares. We want to share that God loves them, and because He loves us, we care and love them.
Please pray for the success of this new program at SJW. Please contact Kenda at: kendastjos@gmail.com with any questions.
Fr. John Nolan
St. Joseph the Worker
700 E Spruce St
Chatham, IL 62629
Phone: 217-483-3772
Fax: 217-483-4581
Email: stjos@comcast.net
If you have moved or are no longer a member of
St. Joseph the Worker, please contact our office or email us HERE so that we may make the necessary changes
to our database.