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Hurray! It's the unofficial start of Summer! How great! I get time off! I have time to garden / bar-b-que / Cedar Point / cycle!

It may be the unofficial start of Summer, but it is also the official start of "Me Time!" And, I can't throw stones, because we're going to be taking time off, too!

Sometimes it's hard to remember what our holidays are for. They are not because of us or for what we have done. They are for what others have done for us: Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, and on and on. Yes, even Labor Day is a celebration of others.

It is easy to take these times and use them for our purposes. After all, in a very big way that's what all of the sacrifices are for: for our benefit.

So, as we enjoy this weekend, let us remember what others have done for us. They fought for us. They died for us. They became missing in action for us. They became handicapped for us.

Let us look around us and pray for, bless, and thank those who have given more than we can imagine - for us.
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