We Are Going!
Faith Development Newsletter
Welcome to 2023!

I hope your holidays had space for slow, peaceful moments as well as with those you love.

As a new year begins at FUUSB, we are leaning into our January theme of "Finding Our Center" in our programs for children and youth. Each of the four remaining Sundays will offer mixed age programming for kindergarten through 8th grade. Three of those weeks we will use a "workshop rotation" model, meaning that many stations will be available for children to choose from and move between, some active, some quiet, some creative, some meditative, all designed to engage them in the month's theme. We'll leave many of these stations in place, hoping that adults will also take the opportunity to find our center in playful and experiential ways.

This week we will revive the tradition of Family Chapel, flip flopping roles, so that parents start in what is often thought of as the kids' space (the Community Room) for 15 minutes of child-centered worship, after which they will head up to the Sanctuary while kids remain in place for their activities. Family Chapel is a great opportunity for families and children to come together as a group and for children to participate directly in UU rituals.

On the 1/15, we (kids and their caregivers) start out upstairs in the Sanctuary, reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr, and the civil rights movement before kids head downstairs where our Director of Youth and Creative Arts Ministries, David Ruffin, will lead them in a full group session on using our voices and bodies to find our center and maintain balance. If you don't know Rev. David yet, this website from his other job will give you some idea of how special a morning this will be!

In the weeks to come we'll find our center, by finding balance, by listening to our inner voice, by loving ourselves and our unique position in the universe, and by examining the shared values at the ever changing core of our Unitarian Universalist movement. We'll talk about how important it is to center and ground ourselves even (and especially) as we attempt to change the world with our love!

I hope you'll join us!

In faith,
Game Night!
Saturday, January 14, 4:30-7:30 p.m.
Community Room

Our multigenerational Game Night is back for the first time in two years! All ages are invited to play, eat, and be together.

We have lots of games at the ready, but feel free to bring the one you hope to play. In the past we've done jigsaw puzzles, Dominoes, Ticket to Ride, Rumikub, Azul, group card games, Pictionary, and more. There are generally several things happening at once. It's okay to come with a group of friends and the intention to play a particular game. You can bring children and play with them or have them play with childcare staff while you try out a game with an older crowd. Make it what you want!

We'll have a "no-stress" potluck; you can wow us with your culinary skills, or pick up a loaf of bread and a tub of hummus from the market or come with just your game-playing enthusiasm. The point is to have fun together and not go hungry! We'll have decaf and tea available, plates and utensils.

Come for a little bit or stay the whole time. Come ready to make new friends and reconnect with the old!

´╗┐Please wear a mask when not eating.
Family Chapel
Jan. 8 at 10 a.m., Community Room
Attention Caregivers! This Sunday will look a bit different for children and families. When you arrive, please make your way down to the Community Room on the lowest level of the Meeting House. We will start the morning with about fifteen minutes of shared, child-centered worship, after which parents can head upstairs for the remainder of the service in the Sanctuary and children (through 8th grade) will move to activity stations to explore the theme of "Finding Our Center," or to the Nursery to for free play.

The themes of Family Chapel reflect the themes used in the sanctuary, and in adult Theme Circles. Children are encouraged to lead some portions of the chapel service: lighting the chalice, striking the chime, reading, singing, and reflecting.
Upcoming Sundays
January 8:
10:00- Families Begin together in the Community Room,
10:15- Mixed age Workshop Rotation on theme for K-8, Preschool/Nursery free play
January 15:
10:00- Families begin together in the Sanctuary
10:00- 8th/0th grade OWL
10:15- Mixed age workshop with David Ruffin for K-8, Preschool/Nursery free play
1:00- Up/Down mount Philo trip for high school YUUth
January 22:
10:00- Families begin together in Sanctuary
10:15- Mixed age Workshop Rotation on theme for K-8, Preschool/Nursery free play
January 29:
10:00- Families begin together in Sanctuary
10:15- Mixed age Workshop Rotation on theme for K-8, Preschool/Nursery free play