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Faith Development Newsletter
This is how change happens, though.
It is a relay race,
and we're very conscious of that,
that our job really is to do
our part of the race,
and then we pass it on,
and then someone picks it up,
and it keeps going.

And that is how it is.

And we can do this, ...
with the consciousness
that we may not get it, you know,
but there's always a tomorrow.

-Alice Walker
Dear Families,
As the sun sets on one chapter of our history, another rises and we begin anew.
So much has happened since our last issue when we anxiously awaited the installation of a new administration. Though still challenged by many obstacles, the promise of re-direction to the ongoing work of building beloved community remains in our values. This has also made its way to the national stage.

Sometimes this charge feels overhwelming, at least to me. How can we possibly bridge some of the cavernous divides that threaten to swallow us up? Where do we focus our energies: our family, our pod, our church, neighborhood, community, state, country...the globe? Alice Walker reassures us that we are aided by fellow travellers, who have come before, and who will follow. And so the pendulum swings wide - from crisis to victory - from division to unity - from despair to hope - from sickness to health. It has always been thus. Through it all, we continue to do "our part" of the race in buildng beloved community with the baton we have been handed, wherever and whenever we can.

We celebrate many things this month, most especially Black History month and auspicious birthdays of forebears John Lewis and Rosa Parks. Lest we forget our sense of play there is also Valentine's Day too, just ahead. We have provided a variety of resources for your family and encourage you to share them with one another.

We also celebrate the return to Family Chapel which begins this Sunday. You can read more about that below and we hope to see you there.
Onward in love,
Live Zoom Family Chapel
February 7, 9:30-10:00
Come join with Margo, Erika, and First UU friends to explore the monthly theme of Beloved Community, in our first online Family Chapel, where we'll light the chalice, share joys and sorrows, sing and play together.
Geared towards children and their families.
Stories and Inspiration
at Home
Black History Month
Celebrate Rosa Park's Birthday on February 4th (or anytime) with this all ages 14 minute video story of a Caldecott Honor winner

The Rosa Parks Story
by Nikki Giovanni
Each Kindness
by Jacqueline Woodson

Winner of a Coretta Scott King award and the Jane Adams Peace award, this story illustrates how a small act of kindness
change the world
For Parents and Youth
A Ted Talk
Jacqueline Woodson
What reading slowly taught me about writing

Long before there was cable or the Internet or even the telephone, there were people sharing ideas and information and memory through story. It’s one of our earliest forms of connective technology.
Parent Resources for Building Beloved Community
      Why talk about race and racism with children? Here’s one helpful article.
       For Parents to explore anti-racism with their children, an entire guide in PDF form: Beyond the Golden Rule by Teaching Tolerance
   The Children's Justice and Diversity Library makes a full book list for each of our monthly themes, broken down from board book to young adult lit. Here is this month's list on Beloved Community
      Building Beloved Community means we don't run away when things get tough, either do we always need to be serious. Laughter allows us to persevere in the face of difficulties. Try a few of these moves from the Laughter Yoga Movement.
Broaden the Circle of Love
Creating beloved community means making our circle of love a little wider. What better way to send the Valentine love a bit further then by making cards for elders and others who are homebound, reminding them that they are part of our Beloved Community. Contact Erika for the name and address of an FUUSB Valentine to send a card or bring one to a neighbor or nursing home.

Or take advantage of the weather and make Snow Valentines as a family project! Outside the windows of a nursing home? in a public place where people could use a smile? Use a spray bottle with red food dye for variety. How about a giant heart made from snowshoe tracks? If you make some, please send pictures!
Snow Valentines

Coming Attractions...
Our First Ever Stuffie Sleepover!

Friday March 12
Old and new stuffed friends are invited to a special overnight at the Meeting House

Mark your calendars now and keep on the lookout for more information!
Games for All!
Keep an eye out later in February for a family game night!
Families, youth, and adults are all welcome to come try some Zoom games together, many with themes dear to our community. (Littles would probably need to be part of a family team.)
Our middle schoolers loved the "Where's Bernie" photo search!
More info soon!
UU Kids Connect
A chance to connect with a broader UU community of kids, sponsored by the Community Church of New York. There's a middle grades gathering tomorrow!

If you want to go quickly, go alone

If you want to go far,
go together...

African Proverb
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