We Are Going!
Faith Development News letter
To acknowledge our ancestors means we are aware that we did not make ourselves.
-Alice Walker
Greetings Families of First UU!
October is drawing to a close but we're not quite done with our series of outdoor gatherings (see below). We have already shared some wonderful fall days outside together!
It is still uncertain what comes next, so if you can join us in the next few weeks, please do. We continue to hope that something closer to "normal" will be possible in the new year, but for now we'll stay creative and flexible as we find ways to grow in faith and community.
Many blessings,
Halloween Fall Festival
October 31, 11-1

As I write this the weather report is a tad discouraging, but rain or shine we plan to be out on the grounds celebrating the season this Sunday! We'll have snacks, warm soup, tea, and coffee; decorations, music, stories, and games from the YUUth group; rocks to paint for our more isolated neighbors; a canopy to stay dry under; and candy for kids to bring home.
So put on your boots and raincoat and we'll brave the weather together! (At least come take some of this candy off our hands!)
November outdoors!
November 7th & 14th 11 am
We have been asked to keep the Sunday morning outdoor gatherings going as long as possible, so that's what we'll do!
it will be chilly, so we'll bundle up and stay active, and enjoy being together! (No more canopy, so only in dry (or snowy!) weather.)
Watch At Home Faith Development
Story Song for November Holding History

As we move into a new month here is a wonderful way to start a family discussion about Holding History!
Keeping the Abenaki Language Alive!
As we "hold our history" we need to recognize that the native people of Vermont have long been erased from it; a myth has been perpetuated that the indigenous people of this region no longer inhabit this space. It is important that we have conversations with our children about Abenaki people in the present tense. Let's talk to them about how present day Abenaki leaders are working to preserve and promote their language.
Our Meeting House grounds are a great, public place to expose ourselves and passers-by to some words in the Western Abenaki language. You can help illustrate a word with a colorful illustration. Join in this multigenerational effort (that's right - parents, too!) by choosing a word and painting, coloring, or collaging ands illustration. Get it to us and we'll laminate it and hang it on the grounds. We're hoping to keep them up throughout November which is Native American heritage Month. Get instructions and choose your word(s) here.
FUUSB Camping Trip
June 10-12, 2022 Camping at Elmore State Park
I know it may seem early to start making plugs for June, but we are hoping to revive this beloved FUUSB tradition that took a hiatus during the pandemic and the best campgrounds fill up fast!
Join other members of the congregation (not limited to families with children) in a whole different setting. We'll deepen our connection to each other while having fun in the fresh air. Friday night we share a potluck feast, there's swimming, hiking, kayaking, campfires and s'mores aplenty. We'll even fit in a little al fresco worship.
Seven families have reserved sites already, and Faith Development is holding several other sites(spreadsheet here.) Consider booking a site now. The most one can lose for cancelling a reservation if something comes up is 18$, and likely we can find another family to fill your spot. If you want one of the sites we've already set aside, or for more information, contact erika@uusociety.org otherwise make a reservation with Vermont State Parks and then let Erika know!
[Pictured: Happy campers past]
Parents and Caregivers As Sexuality Educators: Small Group Ministry

"The information and attitudes that adults share with their children—intentionally or by default—carry extraordinary power...[These] sessions invite parents and caregivers to explore their role as the primary sexuality educators of their elementary through teenage children...[using] a small group ministry format to engage adults in topics including Gender Identity, Relationships, Social Media, and Consent." UUA webpage

We would love to offer this new program over Zoom in the near future. Several have now expressed interest, but we are seeking a few more parents to make this happen! If you think you would be interested (not a commitment at this point), please fill out this quick form.